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Our goals this year are to create students who involved in their own learning, and who have the organizational and academic skills they will need to be successful. 
You can help me with this goal.
   1.  Let your child know that
school is important.  Tell them how your job uses skills they are learning in school.
    2. Work with your child to develop a
positive attitude about school.  If they hear you talking negatively about teachers, school, etc. they will develop a negative attitude, too.
    3. Encourage your child to be
responsible for his/her own work and materials. (Please check their assignment book each night--they are to have it signed that they have written down the assignments correctly.)  They are not to turn any assignments in until the next day--this gives you a chance to look over their work.  Exceptions are tests and quizzes!
  4.  Encourage your child to
learn from their mistakes.    
5. Respect and be kind to others (teachers and  students!!!!!)
1. Check assignment books every night.   Students should be writing all their assignments  down. It helps if you sign the book  to show you've seen the assignments.  My signature or intials means I have seen their book and the assignments are written down correctly. Students should also be bringing all assignments home as they are not due until the next class day. 
2 If you come to school,
please report to the office in the new elementary (entrance on Monroe Street. Nancy will then give you a visitor's pass.
The building is closed after 3:15..  Please do not send students in to get homework. They have had time to organize at the end of the day, and this is part of teaching them responsibility. It also is a safety issue for our janitors, and ourselves as we are responsible for the materials in our rooms. You may also have a wasted trip as the handbook states if the teacher is not in the room, no admittance.  With meetings and such, we often are at school after hours, but not necessarily in our rooms.
4. We now have phones in our rooms--if you'd like to leave a voice mail,
For Nancy             call 763-2551 ext 300
If you call Nancy--she will be glad to put you through to my voice mail or that of Mrs. Roberts.