Years and years ago I spent what seemed like forever uploading all of the historical fiction stories we wrote in our 8th grade Language Arts class. So, because I'm stubborn and lazy, they're still here. Click on Mrs. V's favorite story-related interjection to veiw our gorgeous stories.
Caroline's Homepage!
(And the crowd goes wild!)
Once again, lazy...

My friend Xalo and I wrote a Charmed story, like, two years ago. Was it really that long ago? Wow. Well, mostly it's Xalo's story, but I wrote a bunch of the prequel and a little of the Story. The story is based on the TNT TV show Charmed, but it's all about our friends. The main characters are Kathryn (primary author), Karoline (secondary author), Julia, Kelly, Amanda, Vicki, Lindsay, Emily,  Larissa, and Lauren. To read our incredibly long story, click on the triquetra. (For you non-Charmed people, the triquetra is the glowing three-sided clover thing with a circle through it.)
Another product of lazyness and stubborness: It was a coldish school day, and Lauren and I were sitting *cough*sleeping*cough* in our eigth grade math class. For some strange reason, we decided to conduct a survey about mentality. This sounds like a highly advanced theory, but in reality, this was the survey question: If I (Caroline) gave you a sticker, what would you do with it? The answers were all across the board. We had "Give it to my daughter" (Math teacher), but also "Stick it to a paintball, load my paintball gun, and shoot it at Caroline from two feet away." (Ouch.) Click on the survey question to veiw the results and the weird things I've done with them.
Since I'm DEFINITELY not old enough to have any kids, this is my pride and joy: my kitten (okay, cat). This is Christmas Tom  Kitty! For more pictures of our adorable kitty, click on X-mas Kitty!
This one time, at band camp...