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Hi! My name is NUR RACHMAT YULIANTORO. You may call me Rachmat or, just like my old friends and families do, Yuli. Born in Yogyakarta on 24 July 1974, I spent my life growing up in four different cities: Jakarta, Tangerang, Adelaide, and Yogyakarta. Having finished my schooling in Tangerang, I was admitted to the Department of International Relations, Gadjah Mada University, as a student in 1992. While student, I joined several activities, from involving actively in some Islamic organizations (1994-1999) to being a member of the university's delegation to the National Meeting of International Relations Students in Jember (November 1994) to serving as lecture assistant in Magelang's Military Academy (May 1996). Since graduated in 1997, I have been working in the Department as a lecturer. I am now focusing my work on Chinese and American politics. This has been strengthened by my Master of Arts (International Relations) degree from The Flinders University of South Australia (April 2004). To discuss anything about my fields of interest, you may see me in the Department, call (0274) 563362 ext. 210 or send email to nur.rachmat@ugm.ac.id.

I am so fortunate to have my wife Tutiyaningsih (Ning) and my four and a half years old son Muhammad Luthfi Abdul Aziz (Upi) add the happiness in our small house in Ambarketawang, about 7.5 kilometers west of Yogyakarta. I spend most of my leisure time to do my main hobby: reading. I read anything, for reading is not only a need, but also a fun. Besides reading, I am also fond of easy-listening music, comedy movies, and few sports. Even though I play badminton only, I do love watching sport programs in television, especially when the greatest football club of all Manchester United is playing! :-)

I don't have any special motto in this live. The most important of all is taqwa to Allah with a true and real taqwa. You may enjoy and make the best of your life -  accompanied by doa, qanaah to Allah's will, istiqamah in the way of truth, caring about and respecting to each other (especially the poor), and never give up from Allah's mercy. Insyaallah, I will do my best for all of this.

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