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Last Site Update : 8/13/04

|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Chris' Page Forums ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|

~ 7/13/04A new forum I have based off of  Put any comments, questions, suggestions, guide requests, or anything else you want there.  I'll be sure to check often.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- VB Programming Guides ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ A few (right now one) guides I've written about programming for Visual Basic (below .Net), there will be guides in basic programming techniques and also in game programming tips.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- My Games ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ A couple of the games I've made using visual basic. All completely original and completely created my me. If possible I'll one day put up my RPG (Role-Playing-Game) but for now it is far too large to be transferred through this bandwidth. For now, check out my games: Skelly, Dots, and the newly added Yahtzee and Jump rope. Skelly has it's own online help book. Be sure to check it out, and email me your comments
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Slime ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ An awesome two player Java game. Check it out. NOTE: I didn't make this, I just think it's a cool game :)
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Download Page ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ All the downloads on my site conventiently on one page.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Sweet Links ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
  • Addicting ~ Awesome Flash games you can play in your web browser, addicting just as the title suggests. Check them all out, I know I have.
  • Gif ~ Huge set of Gif animations, this is where I got a few of the ones I have on this site
  • Pro ~ Where I got the counters for this site, SO much easier then the Geocities counters, free and fast.
  • ~ The site that I used to get a kind of half domain for free, also gave me free E-mail and the forums above.

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