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If you DO download any of my games, I'd just appreciate a quick email to me at just so I can know if they are fun/useful to anyone, thanks :)

|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Devolution of the Soul: Ignis Fatuus ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|

~ The game I've spent the longest on, and also, the game that is furthest from being completed. This is  one of those projects that will probably never really be DONE as done as I'd like. It is an RPG that has a great story going for it, written by Wameng Lor. And the best graphics out of anythign I've ever made. Extensive menus, options save/load, great battle system, and constantly getting better. More will be written later, just getting up the link for this update
Screenshots: Menus 1, Menus 2, Start Screen (First screen), Load Screen, Start New Game screen, One of the more impressive game screens (Main Character shown).
----- Skelly -----
~ A game I created based off of an old game played with chalk and bottle caps on my driveway. A unique and well built game. A lot of customization, and up to 8 players can play at a time. I've also built an online help book to help explain the game since it is fairly complex, but once understood it's very fun and takes a lot of skill to master. Check it out!
Random colors button on new game screen, and MUSIC! If you wish to add your own, it must be a mid file (.mid), and it must be numbered in order with the rest of the music.
----- Nosam -----
~ A Space Invader type game (shooter) created using a new tool that I found. DirectX 7. The best graphics thing I've ever made. Has 6 different enemies, up to 10 levels now (just begins at the first, and the game turns itself off if you past the 10th, or die). Currently, has a health bar, ammo slots, score counter, Shield Power up, Health and score pick ups, explosion effects (minor [every missle hit] and complete [enemy death]) as well as explosion sounds and bullets sounds. Using DirectX I'm able to have 100's of enemies and missles on the screen at once at 120 frames per second (on my computer) and it still runs smoothly with many (100's?) of explosions occuring in the backround. Very cool.
5/15/04 Created a menu to act as a pause, also allows editing of the game delay, which will fix the problem of the game running incredibly fast on some computers.
5/15/04 Fixed the problem with the Self extract putting something into the computer that opened the game on startup, o well, just testing out some new things, thanks for finding it rishi.
5/20/04 Updated the download page to include 2 more game downloads. One the first is the game without the starting screen that I'm half working on, the second has it, the reason I list the first, is SOMETIMES, for a reason I'm not quite sure of, it doesn't let you continue, if it doesn't work for you, download the second one, and that'll work. Things I've added in BOTH of the new ones: Spread shot, Cannon shot, and fixed it so it starts on the first level lol.
Screenshots: Page explaining the game screen
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Yahtzee ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ Created in a few hours on Thanksgiving, after given the idea by playing the handheld version of the game. Will be adding a Bonus Yahtzee option (Infinite Bonus Yahtzees/3 Bonus Yahtzees/Bonus Yahtzee not allowed) if I feel necessary. Saves high scores, and runs exactly as the actual game is played. Zip file must be all unzipped into the same folder and must all stay in the same folder, so the game can reach the high scores file. Also, the new sound file must be in the same folder, so the game can reach it.
Added a minimize button.
Added sound effects and dice images
Fixed a few bugs that were annoying, such as the red background color, and the only 3 yahtzees thing, which only one person could have been able to even realize was a problem, and fixed screenshot.
Fixed a few more bugs, such as being able to click the roll button when you are in mid roll.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Trouble ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ 7/15/04A game I made for kelly :).  Made to act as the actual pop-o-matic trouble board game.  I realized just how complicated a seemingly simple game can be when you try to turn it into a computer game.  Played against myself a few times to test it out for bugs.  I think it's all set.  Hope you like it!

7/16/04Fixed a couple bugs and gave it some home-made icons.


----- Cards ----

~ 7/15/04 A card game built to be a combination of many card games.  Current version only has Poker.
Games to be a part of Cards:
  • Poker (Done)
  • Solitaire (working on it)
  • --- 4 more games ---

Estimated Completion date: In a while...
Screenshots: ScreenShot

|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Dots ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ A game based off of the pencil and paper game of the same name. Extremly simple to start playing and easy to understand for everyone.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Jump Rope ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ An interesting game I created, not like any other game. EXTREMLY simple but interesting. Graphics suck, O well. Check it out.

Games Under Construction

- Games listed based on Priority -

|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Monopoly ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ The first true attempt into "real" games, with really hard concepts, soon I'll be attempting to build my first "thinking" computer oppenent...which me luck!

Estimated Completion date: ASAP, moving along quickly
Screenshots: ScreenShot
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Cards ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ A card game built to be a combination of many card games.  Current version only has Poker.
Games to be a part of Cards:
  • Poker
  • Solitaire
  • --- 4 more games ---

Estimated Completion date: Now #2 due to monopoly, more feedback and I'll get more done on this...

----- Nosam (Continually Updating) -----
~ Just put up the first version. Things that will be added (*'s show difficulty, out of 5, ? means I'm not really sure how to do it yet)
  • * - Weapon Pick Ups (Done)
  • * - Stronger Weapons (Done)
  • ** - "Shoot through" Weapons (Done)
  • ** - Multi shot weapons (Done)
  • *** - Shrapnal weapons (Not Done)
  • *** - Slow down weapons (Not Done)
  • **** - Heat seaking weapons (Not Done)
  • *** - Improve Intelligence of enemies (Not Done)
  • **** - "Bosses" (Not Done)
  • ***** - Starting Screen (Half Done)
  • **** - High Score System (Half Done)
  • *****? - Store Screen (Not Done)
  • *** - Pause/Options Menu (Done)
  • ** - Game end (Not Done)
Estimated Completion date: When I get around to it
Screenshots: On Nosam Page
----- Devolution of the Soul: Ignis Fatuus (Next Update) -----
~ Thanks to Carlos I'm sure the last version can be downloaded, AND run on another computer, will work on the errors in that when I found out more about it.
Estimated Completion date: New version will be started when I get to it, now #4 on the list
OLD VERSION Screenshots: Menus 1, Menus 2, Start Screen (First screen), Load Screen, Start New Game screen, One of the more impressive game screens (Main Character shown).
NEW VERSION Screenshots: None
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Risk (ON HOLD)----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ Based off the board game of the same name. I've gotten quite far in it, and hopefully will be done as soon as possible. Currently finished country assignments, and choosing and executing a battle.
Estimated Completion date: ON HOLD Ummm...Dunno, volleyball is coming up, things will get pushed back, need to start scanning my actual game board so I can put it in and get some good graphics in it.

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