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Nosam 1.0 Nosam 1.0 was the first installment of the game.
Nosam 1.1 Nosam 1.1 brought extra weapons including the triple shot, and the cannon shot.  Also created the menu screen.
Nosam 1.2 Nosam 1.2 is an exact copy of Nosam 1.1 except it has the beginnings of my starting screen that will show when the games loads, if you cannot run this version because you can't start the game at the beginning, then try Nosam 1.1.
Nosam 1.3 With Nosam 1.3,  I made the high score system work, and also fixed the problem with the starting screen (temporarily) by just giving an option at the beginning to let you choose to show the starting screen or not, along with a brief explanation.

If your computer runs this and it goes too fast or too slow (make sure you realize the first level IS kind of slow), then tell me, and I'll try to fix it.  DirectX is still a work in progress After all.

Screenshot from the latest version of Nosam (Version 1.2)

  1. This displays the number of frames per second, on faster computers, it will be SLIGHTLY faster, but I will have to set it up to slow itself down on the fast computers. I will probably force it into 60 FPS, that's a good speed for this game.
  2. This is the first of 6 enemies that I have now, who will get progressively more difficult to kill as you go through them. This particular enemy can rotate and animate as you can see in the different images of it.
  3. Above and to the right is a frame of the small explosion which occurs every time your missile hits an enemy (and plays a sound).
  4. Above and to the right is the beginning of the big explosion which occurs every time your missile hits the enemy (and WILL play a sound).
  5. One of your missiles. (temporary image, probably will change, I just needed something bright that shows up on the dark background.)
  6. One of the enemy missiles. (see message above)
  7. Your ship. (MIGHT change, but it is kind of cool :) )
  8. The game works based on an Ammo system, as the game works now, you fire 10 missiles every second, and you regain 4 every second. If you hold down SPACE you can fire, but if you fire too fast too often your reserve of missiles will be depleted and you will shoot a lot less.
  9. Your health bar. (pretty obvious)
  10. This bar will fill when you pick up a bonus TIMER item (not implemented yet, but will be faster reload, faster shooting, both, stronger weapons, shield, or anything else I can think of or I get suggested.) Will go down over time.
  11. Your score. (also obvious)
  12. Small Bonus Score (1000 right now). )
  13. Big Bonus Score (5000 right now).
  14. Health Refill (Refills 10 of 100 health). (also obvious)
  15. Shield Power Up Gives you a shield (see below)
  16. Shield, protects you from enemy attacks, lasts 15 seconds, but can be stacked, meaning if you pick up two shield power ups at once (see above), it goes for 30 seconds.

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