|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Skelly ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ This is a section devoted to one of the most subtly complex games I've made yet.  Based around a unique game, it runs like nothing else. I'd say almost flawless. I have a help section for it (see below), click the zip icon below to download Skelly.
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Help ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ A help site I've created to assist new Skelly players in how to play this simple, and yet complex, game, any questions unanswered can be asked by clicking the contact me link below
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Download ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
Skelly Version 1.0.0

Comments, Suggestions or Questions (those that aren't answered here) just click here to send me an email. THANKS
|/\/\/\/\/\| ----- Contact me ----- |/\/\/\/\/\|
~ Use this form to contact me with any questions regarding Skelly.

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