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Welcome Thanks for visiting my pages ( Formally Emulation Online!)

In this dark corner of the web I call home, I make available some of the programs I have written.  It used to be devoted to processor emulation but I think that there are other things to be covered also. Still grab yourself a copy of Win64 and have a play.  I love the challenges of machine emulation and creating VM's. 

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Win64 Home

Win64 Homepage
grab yourself a copy!

Win64 Professional

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RUBY -  my new love, meet her yourself.


My Ruby Pages.

WinMac Home

WinMac Homepage

Sadly, due to a chronic shortage of time WinMac has been shelved. (2000-1-1 officially dead!)

Logo for Windows

I wrote this years ago because I wanted to write to try writing a language. Logo is an excellent language for learning some (very) basic programming concepts.

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