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What is Win64 Professional Win64 Professional is the completed version of Win64. It fixes many of the bugs in the BETA version and includes many completely new features.
Win64 Professional features not in Win64 beta

    Bug fixes to numerous to mention
    New graphics engine
    New sprite engine
    Improved Commodore disk emulation - play multi part games
    Near perfect sound emulation
    Graphics in borders
    PC joysticks
    Correct timer implementation
    Improved processor emulation
    Smoother keyboard polling
    Better speed control
    Fast full screen mode
    And lots more


Bonus Win64 Professional comes on CD-ROM.  The remaining space on the CD is filled with thousands of Commodore 64 programs, in fact just about every program ever written for the 64. Also on the CD are text versions of the Commodore 64 users guide and programmers reference.  All these are freely available on the Internet but require days of downloading.   Yours for free when you order.

Screen shots of Win64 Professional

Ghost 'n Goblins

WizBall showing graphics in the Border area