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Leon Kennedy
Leon kennedy , an idealistic rookie cop , who burns the need to serve and protect . His life as a cadet was a big experience for him . While reckless and brash , Leon is certainly not as rude and naive as you d think he is . Leon soon arrives at Raccoon city for his first day on the job after being one of the several officers recruited , and his first unofficial mission coud be his last .
Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield , the younger sister of Chris Redfield is
soft - hearted and a articulate modern woman. While she can be a bit of a tomboy at times , she s somewhat wild and intelligent.
Claire is typically the first person to  try something others
wouldn t , enter Raccoon city once again to search for her missing brother Chris Redfield while the dead walks .
Ada Wong
Ada Wong a quiet , insecure and secretive yet at the same time
a professional skilled investigator . Leon stumbles upon this mysterious woman several times in the game. She has a way
of cursing at people she feels are some what of a threat to her
and when she runs into Leon theres some what  of a bond or connection through him and her . But the story she tells Leon is some what of a lie . Shes not what Leon thinks she is , and as you play the game , you ll find that Ada is searching for something else then her lost boyfriend.
Sherry Birkin
Sherry Birkin a insecure 12 - year old whos quite mature for her age . Shes very quiet  , shy , but speaks with a lack of self confidence. She always feels that shes lost . Her parents William and Anne Birkin are always at the Umbrella Corp wrapped up in their work , with no time to spend with Sherry.
William Birkin
William Birkin one of the lead scientists for
Umbrella Corp , and the creator of the G - VIRUS a modified version of the T - VIRUS toxin . William Birkin injects the virus in him shortly after the Umbrella agents raid his lab searching and wanting to steal the virus from him. He then mutates into a tyrant like creature but more stronger , and storms wreaking havoc on the Umbrella agents and for all he encounters.
Special agent Hunk
One of a group of 4 agents sent by Umbrella  to retrieve the
G-VIRUS from paranoid William Birkin . While the stealing of the virus William injects himself with the virus mutating into a tyrant like creature then going mad killing 3 of the 4 Umbrella operators,
but Hunk survives and escapes with the G-VIRUS sample  .
Friends  usually call him Hunk cause of all the missions hes survived.