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Resident evil 2 story / plot
The story begins about a month and a half after the incident that occured at the Umbrella mansion lab . Umbrella Corp
developed the T - VIRUS  , a muta - genec toxin  for use in biological weapons .  But one day It escaped and broke loose
turning every living  things, mutating them into decaying creatures " THE UNDEAD" . The case was shortly closed after this.   Now its the worst possible nightmare in
  Raccoon city ; a new virus has been created running rampant and entering Raccoon city infesting every living thing that walks. THE CITY IS INFESTED!
  Blood - thirsty zombies have awaken and come back from the dead ; Every dead or infested living thing has become part of the undead  " ZOMBIES" . Hideous mutations and dieseases spreading through the city have overwhelm the communtiy and no one at there disposal can stop it!
  Two new faces enter the city unaware of the bizarre occurings that have happened .
          Claire Redfield , and Leon Kennedy .
When they arrive in town theres a big surprise for them ;
  and the nightmare is just the beginning.
Their destiny is in the fate of your hands , beware .
Claire Redfield
Leon Kennedy
Height 169 cm
Height 175 cm
Weight 52.4 kg
Weight 64.3 kg
Age 19 years old
Age 21 years old