R.E. 2 weapons:
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Combat Knife
The standard weapon found in every Resident evil game. Its mainly used to knife weak enemys and to kills
and the helpless ones lying on the ground .
Hekler & koch handgun
The weapon Leon uses in the Resident evil 2 game , and the weapon he starts with. Its able to hold 18 rounds in one clip ; thats pretty good for just a handgun.
Browning handgun
The weapon Claires uses . Its a standard handgun ,
side-armed  , and able to hold 13 rounds in one clip.
Also good against the weaker and lesser enemys.
Remington shotgun M-11
A powerful weapon capable of decapitating an enemy , and a one shot kill on most enemys . Its found in the lockers of the S.T.A.R.S. office in the R.P.D. building ,and very early in the game . Or the weapon can be found near the dead corpse of Kendo the gun shop worker.  It has a ammo capacity of 5 which is enough to
kill 5 enemies .
Desert eagle
This weapon has the ability to kill almost any enemy in only on shot kill . It holds up to 8 rounds per clip which is good enoug to get rid of a pack full of monster like zombies. Leon will eventually find this gun in the game.
M79 Grenade launcher
One of the most powerful weapons in the game , despite its slow loading it has the ability for a one shot kill . Its found only in Claires game. It comes with three variations of grenade rounds which are the normal grenade rounds , acid grenade rounds , and flame rounds.  When using the right type of rounds on the enemy is very helpful , when in big fights. You can combine to using mixing powder so keep that in mind when playing the Resident evil 2 game.
Cross - bow
A weapon found only in Claires game ; not much info is on the weapon but its known that its not that affective like the combat knife using regular bolts and can shoot 3 bolts at a time ; Used to hunt bug game and should be used for a last resort.
Mac 11 - Sub Machine gun
An shaped artillery machine  gun that is basically your second best weapon other then the grenade gun. Its powerful , and its rate of fire is much faster and that makes it a powerful weapon . Its ammo is displayed in % out of 100 which runs down as you shoot . A good addition to your inventory , and very helpful at times . This gun should be kept in invenotry at all times even though it takes two spots in your inventory , ITS WORTH IT!
A weapon thats only found near the ending of the game somewhere in the laboratory . Its basically useless and with its rapid fire and depletion of ammo and short range makes it nearly a worthless gun. Its only found good using it against those alien type creatures , and this weapon is also displayed in % for its ammo. 
A weapon found in the factory . A gun used to control and destroy big animals . Its able to hit multiple enemies
at a time and its powerful electric bolt connected to it is pretty strong . But its really unpowerfull and useless like the Flamethrower . It will take multiple shots to even kill a weaker enemy like a zombie or dog . The best choice is to store this weapon in your trunk or just dont bother picking it up , its useless .