For Me Domination is a way of life, not a game to spice up sex: I consider Myself the Master of my slave in any time of the day, with its privileges and responsibilities.

I have real time experience and firmly believe that being a good Master requires more than a wonderful whip technique: Domination is before all about honesty, integrity and creativity.


As a relevant digression, the word I hear too much of these days is "respect". Most people, and many here, use it incorrectly. When they ask for respect, they are really demanding to be shown the common courtesies of life. That's fine by me, and that wish will be met if it is reciprocated.
But if they are calling for me to unconditionally display "A feeling of appreciative, often deferential, regard or esteem" then they are unusually self delusional. For that is surely a matter of personal choice. Simply put, respect is earned by ones actions and words, not merely by ones existence.
                                   Rules For Dominants
    1 Be consistent with Your laws
   2 Never stop learning about Yourself and Your slave(s)
   3 Be reliable to Yourself.
   4 Pay attention to Yourself.
   5 Be a man of patience with Yourself and Your slave(s).

   6 Be conscious of Your slaves inner feelings,
   7 Discipline Your slave when required, don't put it off.
   8 Do not let Your Mastery slip under the pressures of life.
   9 Seek to become a better Master for Yourself.
   10 Don't expect Your slave to learn by themself.
   11 Experiment with Your slave(s).

   12 Above all Master over Your life, not just Your slave(s).