Jazz and Blues are the heart beat and Soul of BourbonStreet. Where the Music runs wild and the woman are hot. The beat of the Music pouring out of the many clubs on Bourbonstreet set the tempo. The music the town the street all belong to the the internal music of Jazz and Blues a Soul of feeling on BourbonStreet
Now here is the my slelciton for the month. To get the full Enjoyment of the music on this Page be sure to get the WINGROOVE MIDI player. This MIDI Player and driver add a complet new demension to the Word MIDI.

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Jazz.Man.2 J azz is the music of the soul. The sounds of the inner self. The feeling of time does not exist with in the realm of a true Jazz lover. The Sound of Jazz worked its way out of the dusty back room clubs and bars. To finally find its place on the stage. Jazz the music of the Soul!
The movement of jazz over the years has seen a totally new format of music emerging from the sounds of Jazz. From Soft jazz to Fusion Jazz The sounds of endless chord progressions to small changes in beat. Jazz is not a timed music you play it from the soul to produce the music called Jazz!

W e have added new stories to the BourbonStreet Ghost stories section. Be sure to stop by and read them. I am currently working on a project to publish a book on the things that have happned to me over the years. I hope to have a draft done soon. I will be sure to add some of the stories to the BourbonStreet Ghost Stories for every one to enjoy.

Now a little bit about myself I have lived all over the world. And I have a long background in music. I have been playing guitar for the past 35 years. I have played in bands some you may know and most you don't know. I Love SoftRock and Jazz and can play a mean Blues set. I have been working with computers for the past 20 years and designing my own web pages for the last 5 or so years. So if you need help with HTML I can work with you.



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I would very much like to thank thoes groups and organizations that have seen fit to present BourbonStreet Stories & Jazz their Awards. This means a lot to me to know that my work is reconized Thank you very much!

Thanks To a Great Bunch of BourbonStreet Community Leaders.

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