They laid together silently for a few minutes and then she looked up into his eyes. “Rock.....I want
you to show me how to make you happy. “Sweetheart, I am happy,” he said. “That isn’t what I mean. I want
to make love to you.” The entire time she spoke, her hand was rubbing his chest, and lightly grazing his
nipples. “That feels good,” he whispered. She quickly leaned over him and began to kiss him. She started
at his mouth, kisssing him softly to start with. Then she moved down to his neck. “Mmm, thats nice.”
Feeling his body tensing undereneath her only spurred her on. Angela left a slow trail of kisses across his
chest. When she got to his nipple, she eagerly took it into her mouth and sucked.
“God, you’re so sweet,” she murmured. More than anything she wanted to please him. “Rock, tell
me what you want,” she said. “Touch me,” he rasped. “Please.” With a slow smile, she took him in her
hand and ran her fingers the length of him. “Damn..you’re so hard,” she cried. “Use your mouth,” he
urged her. “Kiss me...use your tongue.” She eagerly followed his instructions causing him to moan in
response. Finally, she needed no further urging. She took him deep in her mouth and savored every inch of
him. Her mouth was everywhere..licking and sucking until he was throbbing for release. “I can’t hold back,”
he told her. “Come on baby,” she urged. “Let go.” With a howl of ectasy he exploded and she smiled at the
sweet, warm taste of him.
When she looked up at him, his hands were tangled in the sheets and his eyes were closed as he
tried to regain his breath. “Was that all right?” she asked. His eyes opened slightly and he watched her
through his eyelashes. “That was incredible.” “I only want to make you happy,” she said, laying her head
on his chest. “I am, ‘ he replied. “Happier than I ever thought I could be.” They were quiet for several
minutes, content to hold each other. Suddenly a low chuckle came from him. “What’s so fuuny?” she asked,
looking up at him. “Fred should know what a big favor he did for me by being such a jerk.” “Well you knew
he had to be good for something,’ she laughed.

“There she is,” he said, smiling and pointing in her direction. “The best agent on the planet.” She
quickly glanced over her shoulder to make sure that Rock meant her. Turning back with a smile, she looked
at the two men with him. “Angela, I don’t know if you’ve been formally introduced, but this is Albert....and
this is Hunter. We were just talking about agents...and it seems both of these guys are in the market for a
new one. She laughed softly. “I guess whatever Fred had is catching.” Rock joined her in laughing, but
neither Albert or Hunter got the joke. “I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s an inside joke. “Why don’t you both sit
down? Maybe we can work something out?”
“I’ll leave you in Angela’s very capable hands,” he said with a wink. “I have a story meeting with
Vince. “I’ll talk to you later,” he said softly to Angela, giving her a quick smile. Hunter looked back and forth
between them quickly. “I wonder if she’s that friendly with all her clients?” he thought to himself.’
She studied both men for a few seconds before she spoke. “What we should probably do is figure
out exactly what kind of representation you want. Some guys like to keep their bookings very light..” “Like
me,”  Albert said with a laugh. “And some guys want all the exposure they can get.” “Like him,” he said,
jerking a thumb in Hunter’s direction. “Hey..I’m only giving the fans what they want,” he said.
“I’d be happy to work with both of you,” she said. “Why don’t you let me make up a couple of
contracts.....you can check them out...and I can start finding some things for you. “Sounds good to me,”
Albert said. He stood up and shook her hand, smiling down at her. “Remind me to ask you about
your....ummm..hardware next time,” she teased. Then she turned to Hunter, surprised to see him staring at
her intently. “If I’m getting too personal, just let me know,” he said. “But...you and Rock? Is something
going on there? “ “Something?” she asked. “You just seem to have a very close relationship.’ “I make it a
policy not to discuss my clients,” she said sweetly. Hunter laughed softly. “That was the longest yes, I’ve
ever heard,’ he thought. “No problem,” he said walking away. “Well Rock, “ he said to himself. “I think I just
found something else for us to feud over.”

Angela was just switching off her cell phone when he came up behind her. “Perfect timing,” he
said, leaning down to nuzzle her neck. “I’m done until the show tonight. That gives us...ummm..4 hours
until I have to be back here.” She turned and gazed up into his deep brown eyes. “I would give anything to
spend the afternoon with you Rock.....but I can’t.” “What do you mean you can’t?” “I set up an autograph
signing for Hunter this afternoon. “It’s a new client and Hunter asked me to go with him.” Rock raised that
famous eyebrow. “Oh really?” “As his agent,” she told him.
“I really should be there to introduce them. This guy has a chain of stores across the country. It’s
really a big deal.” “So how did Hunter end up with a deal like that?” “Are you jealous?” she asked.
“No....I’m not jealous.....just curious.” “I happen to be a good agent,” she said. “I thought it would be
perfect for him....and the client agreed. Rock mumbled something she couldn’t hear. “Oh come on
now....don’t be selfish,’ she teased. “You can’t have every sponsor. Besides, you have more than enough
to keep you busy. I’d like a little time left for me.”
“You’re right,” he said, hugging her gently. “So are you going to be gone all afternoon?” “I think
so,’ she said apologetically. “Oh well,” he sighed. “I guess I can wait until tonight.” He lowered his head
and their lips were just about to touch. “There you are,” he said, walking towards them with a broad smile.
“I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” “No Hunter..you didn’t,” she said, glancing at Rock longingly. “I’m ready
to go if you are,” he said. “Remind me where we left off,” Rock whispered to her as he walked away.
From the moment she had met him, she wasn’t quite sure how to take Hunter. He seemed friendly
enough, but there was something about him that unnerved her. In spite of the fact that they beat each
other up for a living, most of the wrestlers she met genuinely seemed to like each other. But Hunter was
different. He said things about the other guys, that on the surface were supposed to be jokes, but in reality
they were often cruel and cutting. And when it came to Rock, he could barely disguise his contempt.
“Mr. Popularity” he liked to call him. “You know he works hard for everything he gets,” she once
told him. “Yeah..I kind of thought you’d think that,’ he said. It was at that point that she decided that Rock
was a topic they would never discuss...and Hunter was happy to go along with her. When they got to the
autograph signing she stood back and marveled at how charming he could be when he wanted to.
Everyone loved him....and she honestly believed he was enjoying himself.
When they were done, they headed back to her car. “That went faster than I thought,” he said,
looking at his watch. “Why don’t we stop for some coffee?” More than anything she wanted to get back and
see Rock. But she took him up on his offer, only because she had some bookings to discuss with him and
she could get it out of the way. They sat across from one another and he gave her his full attention. He
seemed very agreeable to everything she suggested. When she put her folders back in her bag, she rested
her hand on the table as she stirred her coffee.
“No time like the present,” he thought. He reached out and laid his hand on hers, gently closing
his fingers. “I really appreciate what you’ve done for me,” he said. “My old agent didn’t have a clue.” “It’s
been my pleasure,’ she said, trying unsuccessfully to extricate her hand. “You quite a woman,” he said, his
voice lowered to a whisper. “Thank you,” she replied, finally yanking her hand free. “You know....I think I
could see you as more than my agent,” he said, leaning ever closer. “I’m really flattered,’ she began.
“But....” “Don’t tell me, let me guess. You don’t date clients?” “Well, no, it isn’t that exactly.” “Well what is it
exactly?” “I’m sort of seeing someone,” she said. “Is it serious?” “Well, we’ve only started dating,” she
“I see,” he said quietly. “Like I said, I’m flattered you asked me....” He looked up at her and
smiled. And for some reason it sent a chill through her. “Well, I might as well tell you. I’ll probably be asking
you again. Because if I”m right about this someone you’re seeing? He isn’t famous for being faithful. He’s
got a roving eye if you know what I mean.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,”she said. “But I think
we better leave. It’s getting late.” He stood up and followed her to the car. “Now that the first little seed of
doubt has been planted it shouldn’t be long at all,” he thought with a smile.

The second they got back to the arena, she began to search for him. She checked his dressing
room, the weight room and the cafeteria. She was about to start all over when she heard the sound of his
laughter. She stopped, took a step back and saw him. He was sitting, with his feet up chatting with Terri.
And from the looks of things he was having a very good time. He turned his head and saw her there.
“Angela! When did you get back? “ “A couple of minutes ago,” she said. Standing up he moved to the
door. “I got a couple of calls while you were gone....but I swear I didn’t talk to them,” he said with a grin. “I
told them they had to speak to you.”
“Sure, fine, whatever,” she said, still watching Terri. “We were talking about Summer Slam last
year,” he told her. “God, we all had so much fun,” Terri said. “Well then don’t let me interrupt,” said
Angela, turning to leave. Dwayne looked at Terri and shrugged, turning to follow Angela. “Wait, sweetie. Is
something wrong?” “What could be wrong?” she asked, carefully avoiding any contact with him. “You’re
mad about something, I can tell.” “Look. Why don’t you go back and spend some more time with Terri. You
can talk over all the fun times you’ve had.”
She continued back down the hall, leaving him standing there totally baffled. Across the hall
Hunter peeked through the crack in the door and smiled in triumph. “Thanks Rock,” he thought. “That
couldn’t have gone better if I had planned it myself.”
He followed her into the cafeteria where she found herself a bottle of water and an empty seat.
“Care to explain what that was all about?” “What?” she asked. “That liitle scene back there when you saw
me talking to Terri.” “Rock, you can talk to anybody you want. We don’t own each other. You’re free to
come and go as you please. “ She got up and headed back into the hall. “Damn it Angela, wait..will you
please? I don’t want to come and go....in case you hadn’t noticed...you mean a lot to me.” “Yeah, as long
as I’m around. It’s when I’m not here that I get worried,” she snapped.
“Is that what this is about? You’re worried about me talking to other women? For your
information, I’ve known Terri for years. We’re friends.” “Close friends from the looks of it,” she mumbled.
He laughed and shook his head. “Should I be worried about you?” he asked sarcastically. “I mean you did
just spend the afternoon with Hunter.” “That was business.” “So you say,” he countered. “I guess Hunter
was right....you do have a roving eye. And here I thought we had something special.” “You’re willing to take
Huter’s word over mine?” he said.
“I didn’t say that...but when I saw you and Terri...” “You automatically thought the worst, right?’
“Look Rock, maybe I over reacted a little. “Maybe a lot, “ he shot back. He began to walk away and she
followed him quickly. “Rock, wait. I think we need to talk about this.” “Why? You’ve already made up your
mind about me What’s the point?”


She spent three long days regretting every word she had said. She tried to call him repeatedly but
he was either very busy or simply avoiding her. Her only hope it seemed was to wait until Saturday. She
was going to accompany him to an autograph signing. The client has insisted on supplying them with a
limosine. “At least we’ll be alone at some point,” she thought. Time after time she went over what she
wanted to say to him. Being apart from him these past few days was awful. More than anything she
wanted....needed... to make things right between them.
They rode together silently to the signing. He pretended to be engrossed in the newspaper and
she struggled with what it was she wanted to say to him. She stood by and watched as he smiled and
chatted with the fans. Up until then she hadn’t realized how much she simply missed hearing the sound of
his voice. When the signing was completed she thanked the client and followed him to the limosine. They
were settled into the back seat and he went to pick up his paper once more. “Please don’t,” she said
quietly, pushing the paper down so she could look into his eyes. His gaze met hers and she could see that
he was still hurt by what had happened.
“I know that just saying I’m sorry isn’t good enough,” she said. “You’ve never once given me a
reason not to trust you. I made a terrible mistake.” Did she imagine it, or did she see his eyes softening?
She slid closer to him and rested her hand on his arm. “I’ve missed you so much.” He could feel his breath
beginning to speed up. Just the touch of her hand had served to awaken his desire. “Do you believe me
now?” he asked. “There is one woman in the world that I want....and I’m looking at her.”
Before she could respond he had her in his arms and he was kissing her passionately. He was like
a man dying of thirst and she was his cool drink of water. He simply couldn’t get enough. His hands moved
to caress her breasts through the thin silk of her dress. “Rock,” she whispered, glancing towards the front
of the car. “He can’t see a thing,” he told her. “That’s the beauty of this kind of car. He quickly undid the
top of her dress, slipping it from her shoulders. His lips were so soft and warm as they left a trail of kisses
across the swell of her breasts. He reached behind her, undoing her bra and removing it. Greedily, he took
a nipple into his mouth sucking earnestly.
She held back the cry of pleasure that struggled to escape from her. Moving quickly he reached
up under her dress and pulled down her panties. When his fingers found their way between her legs she
gasped and arched into his touch. As he slid his fingers in and out of her she reached over to stroke him. A
moan of desire passed her lips when she felt how hard he was. Without hesitation he reached down and
undid his pants. As soon as he released himself she climbed up onto his lap and lowered herself.
Immediately they feel into a slow, steady rhythm. Rock held her hips as she moved over him in slow,
enticing cicles. “Mmmm, faster baby,” he urged. She quickened her pace and they both began to whimper
as they felt that wonderful peak approaching. Holding her tight he thrust upward, and with a scream of
delight she found her release. As she tightened around him ,he dropped his head back and surendered as
Minutes later when he had regained enough composure to talk, he looked into her eyes. “Did we
just make up?’ he whspered. “I think so,” she replied, gently kissing his neck. “Do me favor..ok?”
“Anything,’ she told him. “Don’t talk to Hunter anymore.”


The walked into the arena together, hand in hand, laughing at a shared joke. Anyone looking at
them could see how they felt about one another. That’s what annoyed Hunter so much. He stood just out
of sight as they walked by, trying to figure out where he had gone wrong. “Now I know they weren’t
speaking to one another...what the hell happened?” He seethed when he saw Rock lean down to kiss her
before he left to work out. He stepped out of the shadows and walked up behind her. “I see you two have
made up.” “Yeah, I guess you could say that,’ she replied, going to find a quiet place to work.
Hunter stood for a moment trying to decide what to do next when the answer to his problem
walked around the corner. “Trish...just the person I’ve been looking for.” “What’s up Hunter?’ she asked,
not even breaking stride. “How would you like to help me play a little joke on someone?” She stopped and
looked at him. “Who?” she asked. “All you need to do ....” Hunter I asked you....who?” “You like Rock,
don’t you?” “Sure, he’s a nice guy.” “Well he likes you too. I was thinking it would be funny if you just out of
nowhere started flirting with him. He would totally freak out.” “Tell me again....why is this funny?” “It’s a
joke. Rock and I do this to each other all the time.’
“Really?” she said. She had always been under the impression that the two of them barely
tolerated each other. “Trust me. He’ll get a kick out of it.” “When did you want to do this?” Hunter glanced
at his watch. He knew that Rock would finish his workout within the hour. “Meet me in the cafeteria at
5:00.” “Ok,” she said walking off.
“He really thinks i’m stupid,’ she thought. Trish knew full well that Rock was involved with
Angela....any idiot could see it. And the fact was that she liked both of them  and really had very little use
for Hunter. “There’s no way he’s playing a joke....he isn’t that smart.” She decided to play a little joke of
her own.
When 5:00 rolled around Hunter walked through the door and sat next to Trish. “You ready?” he
asked. “You know it,” she said with a wink.” Minutes later Rock and Angela came in and Hunter waved them
over. They approached slowly and Hunter invited them to sit. They engaged in some small talk and Hunter
gave Trish a knowing look. She slid her chair closer to Rock’s and laid her hand on his as she began to talk
to him. He reacted just the way Hunter hoped he would. He smiled, leaned closer and seemed oblivious to
the fact that Angela was sitting right there.
“You know, I’ve always had crush on you,’ she said, running a finger along his arm.” Have you
now?” “And I’m going to tell you a secret. I fantasize about what it would be like to get you in bed.” “Well
who says fantasies can’t come true?” he said, slowly standing. He held out his hand and Trish took it. They
took two steps and he turned to Angela. “You coming honey?” he asked holding out his other hand. She
smiled, stood up and slipped her hand in his “See you later Hunter,” she said.
Hunter sat, his jaw hanging open as Rock walked out, both women clinging to him. When they got
into the hall, they burst into laughter. “You were great,” Rock said to Trish. “I wish I had a camera,”
laughed Angela. “I guess that will teach him.” “We can only hope,” said Rock.


Rock was going over some notes for his upcoming match when she walked in and sat down. “You
busy?” she asked. “Never too busy for you,” he said, looking up. “I just got off the phone with Mr.
McMahon.” “Oh? And what’s on his mind?” He wanted to know if you were free to do a couple of charity
appearances for the WWF. He knows how busy you are...but it seems these people requested you
specifically. “I suppose it would be all right,” he answered. “You do have a couple of free days between
now and the house shows,” she said, glancing at his schedule.
“I thought we were going to spend those days together?” “Well, we still can. I could always tag
along....that is if you don’t mind.” “Of course I don’t mind,” he said, pulling her out of her chair and onto
his lap. He immediately began to nuzzle her neck. “Rock..somebody could see us.” “So what? I have
nothing to hide. Hey everyone,” he shouted. “I have a beautiful woman in here and I’m going to kiss her.”
She quickly clapped her hand over his mouth. “Are you crazy?” “Crazy for you,” he whispered, covering
her mouth with a sensual kiss.
The next day they were shown into Vince’s office by his secretary. “Mr.McMahon was called to an
emergency meeting. But he should be back shortly.” “That’s fine,’ Angela said. Rock smiled as she gazed
around Vince’s office, obviously impressed with what she was seeing. “Not bad huh?” he asked. “It’s
beautiful,” she whispered. “Honey...it’s not a church. You don’t have to whisper.” She giggled softly. “I
guess I’m just easily impressed.
He continued to watch her as she walked around slowly, looking at the pictures on the wall and
running her fingers along the richly polished wood of his desk. “I wonder how much longer he’s gonna be,”
Rock said impatiently. Angela just shrugged. “I guess he’s a busy man.” “Well so am I,’ said Rock. “I can
think of a thousand different things I could be doing right now.” “Oh?’ she said. “And all of them involve
you,” he said, reaching out and pulling her into a deep kiss. For a split second she pushed against him. But
soon his kiss did what it always did, made her ache with desire for him. She reached up, snaking her arms
around his neck when she heard the door open. “Oh, I’m sorry,” the secretary stammered.
Angela jumped back, placing her fingertips on her lips. “That’s all right.” Rock never moved. He
simply stared at the secretary. “Is he coming any time soon?” “Well, he just called. He’s going to be at
least a half an hour.” Angela looked up at Rock. “What should we do?” A slow, sexy smile spread across his
lips. “That’s no problem..we’ll just wait.” “Ok,” said the secretary, closing the door. “What are we going to
do for half an hour?” she asked. Rock walked to the door and quietly turned the lock. “I’ll give you three

He moved toward her, his intentions very plain to see. “Rock...no....we can’t...not in here.” “Why
not? This room looks like it could use a little shaking up.” He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled
her close. “I want you....now,” he whispered. A tremor passed through her as his mouth slowly covered
hers. Before she knew what was happening, he had turned her gently until her back was to Vince’s desk.
Reaching behind her, he slid down the zipper of her dress and pushed the garment from her shoulders.
As it lay puddled on the floor, he looked at her and smiled. Runing his fingers along the pale pink
lace of her bra his eyes traveled up and down her body. “Very sexy,’ he whispered. “Rock...what if
somebody....” “The door is locked,” he said, as he teased her nipples into hardness. “But if you want me
to stop.....” Moaning softly, she arched into his touch. “No....please don’t.” He undid her bra and removed
it, his eyes, filling with desire at the sight of her. Without hesitating he leaned down and took a nipple deep
into his mouth, sucking until she was groaning in need. He leaned back, smiling and she took the
opportunity to start undressing him. Her fingers moved rapidly, unbuttoning his shirt, and unbuckling his
belt. “I guess you changed your mind?” he asked, giving her that famous eyebrow. “Yes, I did,” she said,
reaching down to stroke him softly.
His hips thrust forward as he moved to kiss her once more. Reaching behind her, he pushed the
paper’s from Vince’s desk and lifted her until she was seated on the edge. He picked up her legs, wrapping
them around his waist. Then she reached down to guide him, whimpering in pleasure as he filled her
completely. Leaning her back slightly, he began to rock, drawing a small moan of delight with each sweet
stroke. Angela had long forgotten where they were. Her only thought was of him..and the incredible way he
was making her feel.
‘Harder,” she whispered. “Let me feel you.’ Smiling, he held her hips tightly as he thrust over and
over. She could feel herself ready to explode and she buried her mouth against the side of his neck. With
the power of her response moving him on, he thrust again and again until they were both clinging to one
another in the throes of an overwhelming orgasm. For minutes afterward, they stayed as they were,
languishing in their passion. Finally they moved to get dressed. Rock replaced the articles on Vince’s desk
and went to unlock the door. Minutes later Vince walked in, full of apologies. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”
“No problem, Vince,’ Rock said with a smile. “We managed to keep ourselves busy.”


“I have an interesting proposition for you,” Vince said, settling in behind his desk. “I like
interesting propositions,” Rock said with a devilish grin. “You have several personal appearances coming
up for the WWF...right?” Rock glanced over at Angela. “You’ll have to ask the boss here.” “Yeah, he has
some scheduled...why?” “What I want to do is send out one of the ladies with you....you know to sign some
autographs, be by your side...just be seen with you in general.” “Why?” he asked, knowing that Angela was
hearing all of this and probably hating it.
“I want to pair you....I mean The Rock.... with one of the divas. Let’s face it, we’ve done just about
everything else with you. This would be uncharted territory.” Rock refused to look at Angela because he
knew that she had to be seething. “Does Rock get any say in this?” she asked. “Well sure...well some
anyway. We discussed this at the writers meeting and we all agreed that this was the way to go.”
“Who were you planning on using?” Rock asked. “Terri,” Vince replied. She’s sexy and funny. A
good combination for you. “ Rock swore he could feel the tension coming from her. “We want them seen
together as much as possible. We want to sell the idea that they’re really a couple. So it might be a good
idea for you to keep a low profile,’ he said to Angela. “I want everyone to buy that Terri is the only woman
in The Rock’s life.” Angela remained silent. She knew it was business. She knew it was all part of the
storyline. That didn’t mean she had to like it.
Vince shuffled through some papers. “You’re in Chicago tomorrow, right? I want the two of you
together all day.” He looked over at Angela. Make sure that Rock has a complete schedule. You can’t be
there to tell him where to be, and I don’t want any mix ups. “ “No problem,” she said, keeping her ead
down. When they left, Rock quickly took her hand. “Please do not let this bother you. It’s work...nothing
more.” “I know,” she said, squeezing his hand. “But I still hate it.”
The next morning they met Terri in the lobby of the hotel. “Hey sweetie,’ she said reaching up to
kiss Rock’s cheek. Angela stared silently, wishing she knew how to do a DDT. “Vince said you’d have a
schedule for us,’ she said, looking at Angela. She held it up and Terri snatched it from her hand. Scanning
it quickly, she looked at Rock. “Wow, we better get moving.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him
away.”I’ll  call you later,’ he yelled. She stood waching them leave, her fingers pressed to her lips.”I didn’t
even get a chance to kiss him good bye,” she thought.


She spent the rest of the day working. It was the only way she could keep from driving herself
crazy. Every so often she would take a look at her watch and then at the phone. “So much for calling me
later,” she thought. When dinner time rolled around and he still hadn’t called, she decided to order room
service and watch some TV. She was flipping through the channels when she saw them. It was a local
newscast and they were talking about the large crowd that had turned to out to meet The Rock and Terri.
When his image came on the screen she smiled. But it quickly disappeared when Terri came up
beside him and held tightly to his arm. Angela knew they were talking but she never heard a word. All she
could do was stare at Terri and how she couln’t seem to keep her hands off of him. “If she gets any closer,
she’ll be wearing his shirt,” she thought. After several minutes, she pushed away her tray of food and shut
the TV off.
For the rest of the evening she alternated between pretending to work and staring out the
window. Finally she decided to go to bed. She was almost asleep when she heard the door open. He tip
toed into the bedroom and began to undress. “I’m not asleep,” she said quietly. “Hey baby,” he said,
switching on his bedside table. “I’m sorry I’m so late. Vince really kept us running.” “I thought you were
going to call,” she reminded him. “I was. But we were so busy, Vince said he’d do it for me.” “Well, he must
have forgotten,” she said. “I’m sorry honey. “I’ll make it up to you.” He leaned over to give her a kiss and
she suddenly pulled back.
“Hey, don’t I even get a good night kiss?” he asked. “Looks like you already had one,” she said,
wiping some lipstick from the corner of his mouth. “Oh that must have been Terri. She kissed me
goodnight.” “Well then you don’t need one from me....do you?” She grabbed the blankets and turned over,
wrenching away when he tried to touch her. “It was nothing honey. It’s just how she is.” She sat up quickly
and faced him. “Yeah. I saw how she is on TV today. She really takes her work seriously, doesn’t she?” “I
told you it’s part of the storyline,” he explained. “Maybe you need to remind her,” she said, lying down
once more.
He slipped under the covers and reached for her. “Don’t Rock. Not tonight.” He moved back to his
side of the bed, sighly slowly. What he didn’t know was that she was trying so hard not to let him hear her


When he awoke she was already dressed. “Good morning,” he said softly. “You’d better get up,”
she told him. “Your....working partner..... will be here soon.” “Angela , please. I swear to you. Nothing is
going on between us.” She looked into the mirror as she brushed her hair. Glancing up her eyes connected
with his. “For what it’s worth, I believe you.” “That’s because it’s the truth,” he said, pushing the covers
back to stand up. “But I also believe that she doesn’t see it the way you do. To you, it’s a storyline. To her,
it’s a chance to get you in bed.”
“How can you say that?” he asked. “Rock....have you forgotten? I’m a woman too. I saw the way
she touched you, the way she looked at you. My God, she kissed you. This is a lot more than work to her.”
Rock ran a hand quickly through his hair. “Angela I haven’t done a thing to encourage her.” “I know,”she
said, turning back to the mirror. “But you haven’t done anything to discourage her either.” He walked up
behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. “You are the only woman I want....you have to believe
that.” Angela dropped her brush onto the dresser and placed her hands over his. “I do believe that,” she
He turned her around and kissed her deeply, slowly sliding his hands up her back. “Oh Rock,” she
whispered, melting into him. “I missed you so much last night,” he said, trying to unbutton her dress.
“Sweetie....no....we don’t have time. You have to be at your breakfast meeting at 9:30.” “Damn,” he
muttered, pulling back. “Make me a promise.” “Anything,” she said. “Tonight....no matter what time I get
back....please wait up for me?” Looking into his warm, brown eyes, she would have promised him anything.
“I promise,” she said, pressing her lips slowly to his.
He pulled back reluctanly, and headed to take a shower. Angela walked to the desk and gathered
the work she would need for the day. She just heard the water go on when there was a knock at the door.
The second she opened it, Terri burst in. “I know I’m a little early. But I’m absolutely starving.” She quickly
glanced around the room. “Don’t tell me he’s in the shower?” “Yep. He’ll be out in a minute.” “That’s a
minute too long,” she said, moving to open the bathroom door. Faster than she ever thought she could
move, Angela grabbed her hand. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Terri looked down at
Angela’s hand. “That hurts,” she whined.
Angela guided her back to the door. “I’m going to say this once...and only once. Your relationship
with Rock is strictly business. When you’re in front of a camera, you can act any way you have to. But once
those cameras stop rolling, I want you as far from him as you can get.” Terri stood wide eyed, frightened
not only by Angela’s words, but by her icy, menacing tone. “I may not be by his side all day long....but let
me remind you of something. That man is mine....got me?” Terri could only nod mutely. “Good, I’m glad we
understand each other.” She opened the door and not so gently, pushed Terri into the hall. “Rock will be
down in a few minutes.” And with that, she closed the door.
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