He never asked her exactly what she had said to Terri, but it sure changed everything. She still
turned on the charm when the cameras were rolling, but she backed off in a hurry the second they went
off. But even so, their pairing seemed to be a hit. The fans loved it and they received tons of requests for
personal appearances. Angela tried to accompany him as often as possible but her other clients required
her services also.
Three weeks into the angle it became apparent that time together was getting harder and harder
to come by. Between TV tapings, house shows and personal appearances, she hardly ever saw him. They
spoke on the phone as often as they could but she missed him so much it was like a pain in her heart. She
finally managed to work out a day when they were both available, but at the last minute Vince received a
request for them to appear for a charity and they had to cancel their plans.
She spoke to him on the phone, trying to hold back her tears. “You know sometimes I really hate
your job,” she said. “Yeah, I know. Me too.” “I guess I won’t be seeing you until Monday then,’ she said
with resignation. “That’s only four days,” he reminded her. “Four long days,” she echoed. Hanging up the
phone she sat back and wiped at her eyes. “If I wanted his autograph I’d have a better shot at seeing
him.” And suddenly it hit her. Grabbing her schedule she quickly checked to see exactly where he would be
over the weekend. She smiled when she realized that he would be free all day Sunday. Picking up her
phone she began to puch in numbers. By the time she was through she has a smile on her face and the
ache in her heart had eased up. “Oh Rock. I hope you get a good night’s sleep on Saturday.”
She called him just before he was about to leave for Saturday’s house show. “I know this is last
minute honey, but there was no way I could turn down this particular client. They were very insistent...and it
really is for a wonderful cause. “ She hated to use his good hearted nature against him...but she was
desperate. “It’s ok,” he said. “I know you wouldn’t steer me wrong.” “Just be at the Penthouse suite of
your hotel at 3:00 tomorrow. It’s going to be a small group, but trust me, you’ll enjoy yourself.”
The next day he decided to sleep late. Terri wasn’t involved in his appearance so she decided to
take an early morning flight to their next city. When he finally rolled out of bed, he took a leisurely shower,
ordered some room service and picked up the phone to call Angela. “That’s funny. She isn’t home.”
Shrugging he hung up, making a mental note to call later. At 2:45 he checked himself one last time in the
mirror and headed for the penthouse. Angela hadn’t been at all specific about what kind of group this was,
but he was glad it was going to be small. The huge crowds were starting to get to him.
He arrived and knocked on the door softly. He heard a distant voice call, “Come in.” Opening the
door a crack, he stood in silent surprise. The room was dimly lit. Music was coming from someplace and
there was absolutely no one in the room. “Hello?” “I’ll be out in a minute,” someone called. He continued
to glance around the room, wondering what kind of charity this was. Then out of the corner of his eye he
saw movement. Looking up, it took a second before his mind could register what it was seeing.
“You must be The Rock,” she whispered. “I am,” he replied, his voice suddenly deep with desire.
“I believe I’m the charity you’re working for tonight.” “And what charity would that be?” he asked, moving
slowly across the room. “Women who can’t go one more second without making love to the men they
adore.” With that, she dropped her robe and he held in a cry. Moving quickly, he took her in his arms and
covered her mouth in a long, deep kiss. “I don’t know how you do it Angela. But you’re driving me crazy,”
he murmured. And in one movement he swept her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom, kicking
the door closed behind them.


The bed had to be one of the largest he had ever seen. It was covered in cool, satin sheets and
just beckoned them to make love all night long. “Whatever made you come up with this idea?” he asked, as
he leaned over her. “My overwhelming need to be with you,” she whispered, pulling him into a deep,
passionate kiss. Moaning softly, he ran his hands along her smooth skin. Almost frantically, she began to
tug at his clothes. “I need to touch you,” she said, sighing as her hands slid along his chest.
In mintes he was completley undressed and she was gazing at him. “God, I’ve missed you,” she
said, taking a nipple betwen her teeth and tugging gently. He couldn’t believe how aroused he already was.
He ached so much that he was afraid of exploding at her next touch. Sensing his feelings, she leaned back
and smiled gently. “Rock...touch me....please.” “Where?” he asked, reaching out to stroke her breast.
“Everywhere,” she replied, drawing a whimper of desire from him.
Rolling her to her back, he began at her throat, kissing her lightly as his hands began their slow,
sweet journey. “Your skin feels like silk,” he said, as he ran his tongue along her neck. “Keep going,” she
whispered. Laughing softly, he cupped her breasts, carefully rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. “How’s
that?” “Perfection,” she murmured. “You haven’t felt perfection yet,” he said resuming his discovery of her.
Lowering his head he took a nipple into his mouth and drove her to the edge as he licked and sucked.
After repeating the torture on her other breast he moved ever lower.
He could feel her trembling in anticiaption as he gently spread her legs. He looked up at her and
gave her a slow smile. If anything it only aroused her more as he lowered his head. She sucked in her
breath sharply as his tongue slowly stroked her burning flesh. Grabbing onto his hair she arched upward,
crying his name. She could feel herself nearing the point of no retrurn. All those nights spent without him,
had lead to this one explosive moment. Feeling her tense, Rock worked more urgently until, with a shout of
pure pleasure she released her passion.
Thoroughly satisfied, she dropped back against the pillows, watching him as he moved up to lie
next to her. “This is the best charity I’ve ever worked for,’ he teased. “I’d like to re-pay you,’ she said softly
as she pushed him back. “Oh really? How?” “Like this,” she said, kissing him slowly. “And like this,” she
said as he kissed his chest. “Mmm, I like that kind of payback,’ he said. “Then you ought to love this,” she
said, easing him inside her mouth. “Oh baby, that feels so good,” he moaned. She loved that she was able
to make him feel that way. His response only made her want to do more for him. She increased her pace
until he was nearly aching with the need to release.
She slipped him from her mouth and laid back. “Love me, please,’ she whispered. Smiling once
more, he rolled over and entered her quickly, causing her to call out his name as he filled her. Almost at
once they began to move together, urging each other on with their words and actions. In minutes they
were clinging together as wave after wave of delight washed over them. Spent but happy, they laid
together, their breath coming in short gasps. “So how long do you have this room for?” he finally asked.
“Until tomorrow,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder. He laughed softly, as he leaned over to kiss
her neck. “Ah, the things I do for charity.”


When they arrived at the arena the next night, they were both exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.
“How are you going to get through your match tonight?” she asked. “That’s a good question. I think I
better go and talk to Chris Benoit. Maybe I’ll just fall to my knees and beg for mercy.” She reached out and
touched his face. “I’d apologize for last night....but I’m not the least bit sorry,” she told him. “That’s
because you don’t have a thing to be sorry about.” “It was an incredible night, wasn’t it?” “It was the most
amazing night I’ve ever had,” he said. Kisssing her softly, he walked off to put his things in his dressing
Angela went to find Albert. She had a couple of bookings for him and she wanted to tell him before
RAW started. Rock had just dropped off his bags when he overheard two women talking in the hall. He
stood still and listened carefully. Apparently they were talking about a friend of theirs. And what they were
saying captured his attention instantly. Since last night all he had been able to think about was Angela. He
was so completely in love with her that she was all he could concentrate on. And now, after listening to the
two women talk, a wild idea entered his head.
He checked his watch. “I still have a couple of hours before my match,’ he thought. Grabbing his
cell phone and a nearby phone book, he began to plan the biggest surprise of her life. Down the hall, she
was finishing up with Albert, who was thrilled with his bookings. “I’d love to do more for you,” she said. “Are
you kidding? This is great,” he said. “It’s only two autograph signings,” she pointed out. “Hey, it’s two
more than I had last week,” he said with a laugh. “I wish all of my clients were as easy to please as you,”
she said.
She packed up her papers and headed back to Rock’s dressing room. He had just clicked off his
cell phone when she walked in. She stopped when she saw the look on his face. “What’s going on?” she
asked. “You look like you just won the lottery.” “I feel like I did,” he said...”or at least I hope I’ll feel that
way.” “Maybe you need to get some more sleep,” she said with a laugh. “Nope, sleep is the farthest thing
from my mind.” “Are you feeling all right?” “Never better,” he said. “Come over here and sit down.”
“You do know where we are, right?” “Yeah.....we’re in Washington D.C.” “And how far is that from
Maryland?” “What is this a geography lesson?” “Come on..how far?” “I don’t know..it’s right across the
river isn’t it?” “You bet it is,” he said. “Rock...what’s your point?” He took her hands and gazed into her
eyes. “In the state of Maryland there is no waiting period. You don’t need a blood test, and you can get a
license immediately.” “A license?” she asked. He nodded his head and that slow, beautiful smile spread
across his face. Gently he dropped to one knee and and lowered his eyes for a second.
“Angela....I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time. But these past few weeks have taught me
something. I can’t stand to be apart from you. I need to know that the two of us are connected. That we
have a bond, that nobody can break.” She was alternating between staring at his hands and looking into
his eyes. “I know this is sudden. And I know, it isn’t the kind of wedding most women dream of. But
please....I’m asking you to be my wife. Say you’ll marry me....tonight.”


She stared at him, trying to convince herself that she had actually heard the words. “Marry you?
You want me to marry you?” she asked in shock. “Yes,” he whispered. “Tonight?” “Yes, tonight.” he
repeated. He was right, it was sudden..and it wasn’t the kind of proposal or the kind of wedding she had
always imagined. But he wasn’t the kind of man she had ever imagined for herself either. He was simply the
most incredible man she had ever known. And the idea that he loved her too, just amazed her. “Well, what
do you say?” he asked. She threw her arms around his neck. “How fast can we get to Maryland?”
The show seemed like it would never end. She made absolutely sure that all of his things were
packed when he got backstage. “Let me take a quick shower,” he said. “Then we can go and make you
Mrs. Johnson.” “I can’t wait,” she whispered. Once they were in the car he handed her the directions that
the minister had given him. “He said it was only twenty minutes past the bridge,” he told her. “I can’t
believe you made all these arrangements so fast,” she said. “Hey, when I make up my mind....watch out.”
The directions were perfect and they pulled up in front of the minister’s house just before
midnight. “You’re sure you want to do this?” he asked. “Hey, you aren’t going to back out now, are you?’
she asked. “Never,” he said, running around to open her door. They walked up the path and rang the
doorbell. The door was opened by a smiling man. “Mr. Johnson?” he asked. “That’s me,” he said, wrapping
his arm around her waist. “Well come right in..we’ve been expecting you.”
Twenty minutes later they were walking back down the path, hand in hand. He raised her hand to
his lips and kissed it. “I promise you. First thing tomorrow, I’m buying you the biggest, fanciest diamond
ring I can find.” She looked at the simple gold band on her hand and smiled. “I don’t think I want one,” she
said quietly. “This ring is perfect. It’s simple and beautiful. Like the love I feel for you.” “You really are
something special,” he said, helping her into the car.
“I hope you don’t mind. But I changed our hotel room. I booked the honeymoon suite.” “But we’ll
only be there one night,” she told him. “One incredible night,” he whispered. A tremor passed through her
as she thought about spending a lifetime of unbelievable nights with him. “You’re just full of surprises,” she
laughed. “You ain’t seen nothin yet,” he teased. They drove in silence for a few minutes. She couldn’t help
but stare down at her hand, smiling as the moonlight glinted off the gold. Suddenly he laughed. “Hey, now
that we’re married, does this mean I can stop paying you that ten percent you get for being my agent?”
“Oh hell no,” she said with a laugh. “I’m getting rich off of you.”
They were still laughing together as they walked through the hotel lobby on the way to the
elevators. As they stood waiting for the doors to open, Hunter walked by. “Well, look who it is,” he said. “I
see you still haven’t taken my advice about this guy,” he said to Angela. “No..I haven’t,” she replied
sweetly. “I guess you have to learn the hard way.” The doors slid open and they stepped inside. “Hunter,
I’m going to tell you this once.” Hunter stared hard at Rock. “Find yourself another agent. And don’t ever
talk to my wife again.” Angela fought back the urge to laugh as the doors closed on Hunter, his mouth wide
open in surprise.

While Vince was personally thrilled for Rock and Angela, he was very clear that it no way changed
the storyline he had set out for him. “I know I probably have no right to ask you to do this,” he said. “But
I’d really like to keep your marriage under wraps...at least for now.” “That’s fine,” Angela had said. “Just
make sure Terri knows the score.”
The angle continued for another month, when thankfully the writers decided it was time for Terri to
move on to someone new. “Goodbye and good riddance,” Angela said. “You’re a very possessive woman,”
Rock had laughed. “When it comes to you? Yes I am,” she replied. “It’s a good thing I’m not the jealous
type or you wouldn’t have any male clients,’ he said. “How could you possibly get jealous?” she asked. “I’m
with you all the time.” “Oh I know...and I couldn’t be happier.”
She usually accompanied him when he traveled but three months after they were married she had
to back out of a trip to Boston. “I really have to meet this new client,” she had told him. “It could definitely
affect my future.” “Sounds serious,” he said, tossing some t-shirts into his bag. “Well, it could be.” He
pulled up the zipper and threw the bag over his shoulder. “I’m gonna miss you,” he said. “I’ll see you on
Wednesday,” she said, reaching up to kiss him.
The second his car pulled away she headed for the phone. When she was done making her
arrangements she decided to finish cleaning the house. Her nerves were starting to get the best of her and
she needed something to keep her busy. After a particularly restless night, she awoke, and remembered
that this was the day. She made a quick cup of coffee and some toast. Then, geting up her courage she
went to find out exactly what the future held.
Two hours later when she returned home, she was still in a fog. The first thing she noticed when
she went into the bedroom was their wedding picture sitting on her dresser. “How am I going to tell you
this?” she thought. Glancing at the clock, she knew he would be calling any minute. She had to keep
reminding herself to remain calm. This was not something she wanted to blurt out on the phone. And
amazingly enough she got throught the conversation with very little problem. “I still must be in shock,” she
thought as she hung up.
She agonized for the longest time over the best way to tell him, and then it came to her. It was
going to come as a shock either way, so maybe not actually having to come out and say it would be best.
When he arrived home the first thing he did was lift her up and swing her around. “Did I ever miss you,” he
said. “I missed you too,” she told him. “Anything new around here?” he asked. “Oh this and that.” she said
non-commitally. He went to pick up the mail but she quickly took it from him. “Why don’t you come and
have lunch first?” she asked. “The mail will keep.” “Ok,” he said, following her to the kitchen.
After they ate he sat in the living room and began to rifle through the mail, tossing aside anything
that looked like junk. When he came upon the manila envelope he stopped. It looked important but there
was no return address. Shrugging, he opened it as she watched from the doorway. He took the picture
from the envelope and stared at it. Then he turned it over, convinced it was upside down. “No, you had it
right the first time,” she said. He swung around and looked at her. “Sweetie, what is this?” “Look closer,”
she said.
He searched the picture carefully, and then it dawned on him. “This is a sonogram,” he said. “I
know,” she said with a giggle. “Is this....are you....are we...?” “Yes to all three,” she replied, bracing herself
as he ran over and swept her into his arms. He held her so tight, she actually couldn’t breathe. “You just
made me the happiest man in the world,’ he said.


The next afternoon he came through the door loaded down with brochures. “What are those?”
she asked. “This is the honeymoon we never had,” he said, sitting down and spreading them out. She
walked up behind him and peered over his shoulder. “You’ve got some interesting choices there.” He held
one up for her to look at. “Skiing? I don’t think so..too cold.” “I could keep you warm,” he offered. “Let’s
keep looking,” she said with a laugh.
“Camping?” he asked. “Too many bugs.” “How about a ranch?” “I don’t want to go around
smelling like a horse.” “You’re very hard to please,” he said, rifling through the pile once more. “Hey wait,”
she said. “What’s that?” She picked up a beautiful brochure that had a picture of a couple relaxing on a
boat, floating on a calm, turquoise sea. “That looks perfect,” she said. He opened the folder and began to
read. “It says here, that you can rent these boats and cruise the Carribbean. She took it from his hands
and read through it. “Do you know anything about boats?” “I grew up in Florida honey.” “Call them,” she
said, tossing the brochure to him. “Are you sure?” “Are you kidding? Hot sun? Cool water....skimpy bathing
suits?” “Hand me the phone,” he told her.
A week later they were lazily floating on a crystal blue sea, thoroughly enjoying themselves. “So
what made you decide we needed a honeymoon?” she asked. “Well, I figured that with the baby coming,
we were going to be kind of short on free time. Besides, can’t a man want to spend a romantic week away
with his wife.?” “Hey, I’m not complaining,” she said with a wink. She sat up and took a long look around. “I
haven’t seen another boat for hours,” she said. “I know...it’s great,” he replied, stretching in the sun.
“It kind of gave me an idea.” “Oh? What’s that?” he asked, not even opening his eyes. “I thought
maybe I would take a swim.” “That’s nice honey...” She stood up and carefully removed her bikini top.
“That water looks very inviting.” “Have fun,” he said, his voice drifting into sleep. Smiling wickedly, she
stepped out of her bikini bottom and stood on the edge of the boat. “Why don’t you join me?” “Maybe
later,” he said. She tossed the garment so that it landed on his chest. He opened his eyes and turned to
her. In an instant, he sat up and stared wide eyed. “Suit yourself,” she said with a smile as she dove into
the water.
He was immediately on his feet, and staring over the railing. He could just make out the ouline of
her body in the clear blue water. “Sure you won’t change your mind?” Without saying a word he stripped
off his trunks and dove in. He surfaced next to her. “God, you’re sexy,” he whispered. She looped her arms
around his neck and kissed him. He moaned softly as she drew his tongue into her mouth and sucked
slowly. Without taking his lips from hers, he slid his hand down between her legs. “Mmm, that feels nice,”
she said. Quickly, he slipped two fingers inside of her and used his thumb to delicately massage her. He
could feel her pressing her hips forward. “Oh Rock,” she moaned. “Come on baby,” he urged her. “Telll me
what you want.” “Faster, please,’ she begged him. Holding her tightly arond the waist with his other arm he
moved his hand with more urgency. Angela was unable to speak, She could feel her orgasm rapidly closing
Just when she thought she was about to spiral out of control, he slowly removed his fingers.
“Baby, no!” she cried. He began to swim away, drifting through the water on his back. “You want me?
Come and get me,” he said. She watched spellbound as he swam to the boat and began to climb the
ladder. Her eyes followed every drop of water as it traveled down his well muscled body. “Damn,” she
thought. “That really is one gorgeous man.” He stood on the deck, smiling down at her. Then he reached
down and ran his hand along his aching hardness. “Hurry up baby, I need you.” She must have set a
record for how fast she got out of the water. She followed him breathlessly as he led her into the cabin.

He stood at the bottom of the stairs, the water glistening on his honey colored skin. She took one
step down and gazed at him. “Sometimes I can’t believe you’re really mine,” she whispered. “Now and
forever,” he said, holding out his hand. She walked down the remaining steps and he took her in his arms
for a deep, passionate kiss. She pushed her hips forward, aching to feel his hardness pressing against her.
“Make love to me,” she said as her lips traveled along his neck. “With pleasure,” he responded, slding his
hands up and down her back.
Pulling her with him they stepped into the cabin. Gentle seabreezes blew through the window. The
combination of the cool sea air and the nearness of him sent a shiver through her. He layed back on the
bed and held out his arms. She entered them eagerly, once more lost in the warmth of his incredible
mouth. She had never been kissed like that before. His toungue lapped and swirled, sending wave after
wave of desire crashing through her. “You are so delicious,” he murmured as he tasted every bit of her
Finally he broke away, leaving her gasping for breath. Giving him a slow smile, she rolled him over
and began to kiss, lick and nibble at him. Her hands and lips were everywhere, causing him to writhe in
pleasure. Reaching down, she cupped him in her hand. “Damn, baby,” he whispered. “I love to touch you,”
she said, running her fingers up and down his hard, pulsing length. “Touch me.....taste me...please,” he
begged. The tone of his voice sent a thrill through her as she leaned down and took him in her mouth.
“Oh, Angela,” he moaned. “I love you so much.” She eased him in deeper as she ran her fingers
up along his nipples. His breath began to quicken rapidly. “I can feel it,” he groaned. She carefully sat
back. “Oh no, she told him. “We’re doing this together.Sit back against those pilows,” she told him. He
quickly moved back and she followed him. Climbing onto his lap, she eased herself down, holding her
breath until he filled her completely. Then she wrapped her legs around his waist and they were face to
“I want to look into your eyes,’ she said. He reached up and pushed the hair from her face as he
leaned in to kiss her. This time she let her tongue drift into his mouth and he moaned as she explored all of
his rich sweetness. Resting his hands on hr hips he began to guide her. Soon they were moving as one,
caught up in a slow, sensual rhythm. Rock leaned down to take her breast in his mouth, sucking gently.
Angela ran her hands through his hair as she leaned back letting him slowly move in and out of her.
Without a word being spoken, they began to move faster. They ceased talking.... the only sounds
were the gentle lapping of the waves against the boat and the soft whimpers of desire coming from them.
“Harder baby,” I’m so close,” she urged him. Holding her waist tightly, he pressed harder and deeper.
Within seconds they were gazing into each other’s eyes as they exploded in a mutual release. Her head fell
against his shoulder as they fought to regain their composure. Perspiration clung to them as they slowly
moved apart. “How about a swim?” he asked, giving her a quick wink.


For the last month of her pregnancy, Rock insisted that she stay home. “The travel will be too
much for you,” he said. “You’re probably right,” she admitted. “I’m waddling more than The Big Show.” He
laughed at her comparison. “But you’re much prettier. “Gee thanks,” she said.
Her due date came and went with no sign of labor. “Well the doctor said that first babies are
usually late.” “Honey,” he began. “The next show is driving distance from here. Maybe you should come.
I’d feel better knowing you were with me.” “I’d argue, but I think you’re right,” she said. When they arrived
at the arena everyone was surprised, but happy to see her. “Puttin on a little weight?” Hunter teased. “Still
the funny man,” she said as she turned and walked away.
Rock got her settled in his dressing room. “If you need anything at all, just holler. Everybody
knows you’re here.” She sat back on the small couch and looked up at the monitor. About five minutes into
the show she felt the cramps begin. “Oh no...not here,” she thought. She looked down and realized that
her water had broken. Looking up quickly, she hoped to see someone pass by. As luck would have it, her
timing was perfect. “Molly! she called. “Hey hon. What can I do for you?” “Ummm, you can find me a
doctor, I’m about to have this baby,” “Oh my gosh...hang on.” She ran down the hall as Angela gripped at
the soft cushions next to her. Glancing up at the TV she saw Rock in the middle of one of his promos. “You
will sooo pay for this,” she said.
As he made his way back down the hall, he saw the small crowd forming. “What’s going on?” he
asked one of the security guys. “I think some lady is having a baby,” he said. He looked up and flew down
the hall and found her lying against the couch, clutching Molly’s hand. “The doctor is on his way,” she said.
He knelt next to her and took her hand. “Honey, are you ok?”  “Just peachy,” she said, taking a deep
breath as another contraction hit. “Have you been doing your breathing?” “The hell with the breathing,”
she said. “I have no idea what stage of labor I’m in anymore.This child has a mind of it’s own.”
The doctor pushed his way through the crowd and knelt next to her. “I’m sorry I’m not an
obstitrician, but I have delivered a baby before. “Then you’re one up on me,” she said. Vince stood in the
hallway, trying to see through the crowd. “You can’t write stuff this good,” Then a slow smile spread across
his face. He turned to hunt down a camera man. Minutes later they returned. He motioned to a nearby
stage manager. “Scrap every promo we wrote for tonight. This is what we’re going with.”
The people in the arena sat in amazement as the drama played out in between matches. The fact
that it was The Rock’s baby being born just added to the drama. “This stuff isn’t real,” some people said. “I
don’t know,” somebody else said. “She looks like she’s in real pain to me.” And she was. “Are you
allright?” Rock asked her as the contraction wound down. “Yeah,” she replied breathlessly. “Will it be much
longer?” she asked the doctor. “Nope, not long at all,” he said with a smile.
They had been so involved with her breathing and contractions they never noticed the crowd that
was building behind them. Vince ran down the hall looking at his watch. “Do you think she’ll do this before
11:00?” “Gee, I don’t know,”said the camera man. Should I ask her to speed it up?” “Very funny,” he said.
“Angela, one more contraction should do it,” the doctor said. Out in the arena, the crowd began
to buzz with excitement. She leaned forward and pushed. Everyone in the audience felt like they were
pushing with her. “I see the head,” the doctor said. “Hand me that towel.” Seconds later their daughter
was introduced to the world. “It’s a girl,” the doctor saifd happily. A cheer rose in the arena and all the
heads in the room turned to look at the TV. Angela was shocked to see herself. Rock jumped up instantly.
“Vince! I’ll kill you,” he yelled. The screen went black as the camera man disappeared down the hall.
Rock turned back to his new family. “Are they ok?” he asked the doctor. “They’re fine,” he said.
“Let me go make arrangements for these two at the hospital.” Rock knelt down next to her and brushed a
finger across the infant’s dark hair. “Does she have a name?” asked Molly. “She sure does,” he said.
“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Kendra Michelle Johnson.”


She had just laid Kendra down in the crib when he walked in. “Is the angel asleep?” “Yep,” she
replied. They headed into the hall and she closed the door softly. “Honey, do you have a minute. There’s
something i’d like to talk to you about.” “I have all the time you need,’ he said. They walked down to the
kitchen and she began to make some tea. “I’ve been thinking about work,” she said. “Oh?” “I love my
job...but I’m not sure I want to go back.” “Honey, it’s not like you have to,” he said. “Oh i know that. But I
like working.”
  “I had a different idea. What if I started my own agency?” “I could work at home....be with
Kendra...and still be able to work. All I really need is a phone and a computer.” He smiled at the
enthusiasm in her voice. “Angela, I’ll support you no matter what you decide. But.....I’m glad you decided to
stay home. I don’t want out litttle girl bieing raised by strangers.”
“I was thinking of calling the bank in the morning. I’m probably going to need a small business
loan.” “What are you talking about? We have more than enough money to get you started.” “Yeah, I know.
But I didn’t want to....” “Listen,” he said, cupping her face. “I believe in you. Why would you go to a bunch
of people you don’t know, when you have a husband who’s more than willing to invest in you?” “Really?”
she asked sitting next to him. “Honey, I want you to go out and get whatever you need..ok?” “Thank you,
she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“I was kind of hoping you might feel that way.” She reached under the counter and pulled out
some catalogs. “I’ve been looking at some office supplies.” He laughed as he looked through them. “I like
a woman with confidence.” They spent the next hour browsing through ads for desks, chairs, computers
and other office equipment. “Have you given any though to clients?” he asked. “Well, there is this wrestler I
know. I thought he might want to sign with me.” “Oh?” he said, raising his eyebrow. “Yeah. He’s tall, dark,
incredibly handsome..” “Is this someone I know?” he teased. “Oh you might..but I hear he’s happily
married.” “He is,” he said softly, as he pulled her into a warm, lingering kiss.
“Should I take that as a yes?” she said. “Absolutely. In fact, why don’t you come with me to the
next house show? I’m sure we can interest a couple of the guys.” “I’m prety sure Albert will want to stay
with me. He thinks I’m a genius.” “Well he isn’t all that bright,’ he teased. “Be very careful,” she warned
him. “I’ll hve you working kiddie parties dressed as a clown.” “Save those jobs for Hunter,” he said.
When they arrived at the arena the following Saturday, they both made you sure to drop plenty of
hints that she was starting her own agency. Albert was thrilled. “I never liked that guy you worked for
anyway. They even got some interest from some of the other guys, and a couple of the ladies. But it was
Booker T. who seemed the most interested. “She’d make one fine represetative, now wouldn’t she?” he
asked Shane McMahon. Shane glanced up from the paper he was reading. “If you say so.” Booker turned
to him, his eyes cold and menacing.
“Shane, you and your dad promised me quite a bit when I came over here. So far you haven’t
exactly delivered.” “What are you talking about? You were just in a feud with The Rock.” “And I lost my
title..remember?” Shane just shrugged and went back to his paper. Booker walked over and tore it from his
hands. “I think it’s high time, I got some recognition around here. Now you know that pretty lady. I want
you to introduce me. I think she could do me a world of good.” “I thought you had an agent?” “Not one
like that,” he said, his voice smooth as honey.
Minutes later as they proceeded down the hall, Booker noticed Angela getting herself some coffee.
Nudging Shane, they made their way over to her. “Hi Angela,” Shane said quietly. She turned and smiled
when she saw him. “Hi Shane, how are you?” “I’m fine. This is Booker T.” She looked in his direction and
smiled. He smiled in return, but something about it made her uncomfortable. “I heard you were opening
your own agency. I could use a new agent. Someone to ...uh...look after me.” She glanced at Shane, who
was looking everywhere but at her. “Well I am looking for new clients. Well, look no further....I’m right here,”
he said, holding his arms wide.” Angela smiled, ignoring the warning voice in her head.

Angela usually trusted her inner voice, The one that told her who could and couldn’t be trusted.
But for some reason she chose to ignore the warning bells that went off in her head whenever Booker gave
her one of his smiles. There was absolutely no warmth there. Just a cold, calculating light. She decided that
since he was only a client, she could handle her apprehension whenever she was around him. RAW that
week was in Miami..so she and Rock had the luxury of being at home all week. As they dressed to leave for
the arena, she stuck her head quickly into the nursery.
“Is she sleeping?” Ata looked up and smiled. “Like the angel she is.” Having Rock’s mom so close
by was a Godsend. She had been such a huge help right after Kendra had been born and she absolutely
insisted on being the only person they called to babysit. “You two just go and enjoy yourselves and leave
the little sweetheart to grandma.” Angela gave her a smile. “Thanks Ata..you’re the best.”
They drove to the arena laughing and sharing stories. Rock couldn’t believe some of the clients
she had when she first started out. “They make the WWF look downright normal,” he laughed. They spent a
few minutes talking about his current feud with Chris Jericho. “I have to admit it, the man keeps me on my
toes. He’s talented, quick and funny. I think I’m gonna like this angle.” They arrived minutes later and Rock
was grabbed almost instantly to tape a promo. “I’ll see you later,” he called as he was literaly dragged
down the hall.
Laughing, she headed for his dressing room. She hadn’t been there for more than a few minutes
when he knocked. She opened the door to one of his pasted on, lifeless smiles. “Oh, hi Booker.” “Hi there,
pretty lady.” She strained to see around him. “Where’s Shane?” “Story meeting,” he said as he breezed by
her and sat on a nearby chair. “I was wondering if you had any good news for me?” he asked. “Well no,
not yet. I’ve only been your agent a couple of days remember?” She smiled at him, but he just continued to
stare. “You aren’t going to let me down..are you?” “No..of course not,” she said quickly. “Good....cause I
hate to be disappointed.” And for the first time since taking him on as a client. Angela was beginning to
regret her decision.

“Do you have a match tonight?” she asked, trying to keep the conversation light. “Yeah..they’re
trying to set me up in a feud with The Undertaker.” “Wow,” she said with admiration. “That sounds
interesting.” He shrugged as he folded his arms. “I’d rather be fighting for the WCW title..but your husband
seems to have strangle hold on that.” His tone was almost angry. “Nothing lasts forever,” she said in a
teasing voice. “Don’t I know it,” he grumbled. She moved closer to the door and glanced into the hall.
“Looking for someone?” he asked. “Just wondering what’s keeping Rock.” “Oh..does Mr. TV have an
interview to do?” She turned back ready to ask exactly what the hell his problem was. But he was smiling,
so she gave him the benefit of the doubt.
“To tell you the truth I did have a couple of ideas to throw your way.” “Oh really?” she said. “I’d
love to hear them.” Glancing at his watch he gave her a quick smile. “How about I come back when my
match is over. That way we can take our time.” “Sure..that would be fine.” He stood up to leave. “I’ll see
you then, pretty lady.” He strolled into the hall knowing full well that her precious Rock had a match right
after him, so there wouldn’t be any chance of him interfering in their.....discussion.
She was just finishing up a phone call when Rock came back in. “I’m sorry that took so long. Lots
of promos before a Pay Per View.” “That’s ok. I got some work done.” “Manage to snag any new clients?”
“No, not tonight.” Rock searched her face carefully. “Everything ok?””Yeah. Tell me something?” “Sure.”
“What kind of guy is Booker T.?” “Booker? He’s ok. A little intense. I think he thought things would be
different when he came over here. Why do you ask?” “He was in here for a few minutes. I just got a weird
feeling from him. I don’t think he likes you at all.” “Not like The Rock? Is that possible?” She laughed as he
pulled her into his arms. “Don’t worry honey, I like you.”
She sat down and grabbed a magazine as Rock finished preparing for his match. Minutes later
there was a knock on his door. “You’re on Rock.” He grabbed his title belt and bent to kiss her. “Don’t
forget to watch,’ he teased. She sat back and turned her attention to the monitor. His entrance theme had
just begun when she heard a noise behind her. She turned and Booker was standing in the doorway, that
impossible to read smile on his face. “You busy?” “Well, I was going to watch....” “Trust me sweetheart,
he’s going to win,” he said, sauntering across the room and shutting off the monitor. “Isn’t that right
Shane?” It was only then she noticed him, lingering in the doorway. “Yeah, that’s right.”
“What’s going on?” she asked, a sudden fear creeping into her voice. “I just thought you’d like to
show me what kind of agent you plan to be. You see I require lots of personal attention.” He reached out
and touched her cheek. Angela drew back, looking to Shane for some help. He lowered his eyes, and she
knew he would be of absolutely no use to her. “Look, I don’t think..” But before she could finish the
sentence, he had her pressed up against the wall, his face inches from hers. “This time, I’m going to get
what I want. You!” He pressed his lips to hers and she struggled with everything she had to push him away.
He finally released her and she looked to Shane, pleading in her eyes.
“Forget about him,” Booker said. “As long as I know about his little secret flings...he’ll be keeping
silent about this. Otherwise Marissa will be the next owner of WCW.” Angela looked at Shane sadly. He met
her gaze for a second and then dropped his eyes. “Now..where were we?” He reached for her again, but
then stopped suddenly. “I almost forgot.” He turned to Shane and nodded. He opened the door and in
walked a technician carrying a video camera. “I had to capture this moment,” he said. “Oh, God no...” she
whispered. “Shut the door,’ he barked. Shane pushed it closed and Booker turned back to her. “Smile for
the camera, honey.”
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