Chapters 1 - 12


“Shane...can you hear me?” “I don’t think he’s fully conscious yet,’ she said, lifting
one closed eyelid. “I knew something would go wrong,” Vince said, pacing nervously. “I
don’t know which was crazier..him jumping from that tower...or me letting him do it.”
“You have to admit, the crowd loved it,” offered Gerald Brisco, his voice barely audible.
Vince spun around and glared at him. “Well then it certainly was worth it then. My son’s
life in exchange for a big pop from the crowd. “Vince..I didn’t mean it that way,” he
countered. “Do me a favor and shut up,” he said impatiently.
“We need to get him into the ambulance,’ the attendant said. Everybody stood
back as his stretcher was loaded into the back. Stephanie stood off to the side, crying
softly. As Vince climbed into the back he turned to her. “You can handle things here, can’t you?” She nodded silently. “Don’t worry Vince,” Hunter said, putting a protective arm
around her. “You just worry about Shane. Steph and I will take care of everything.”
“Thanks,” Vince said, ducking back inside. “I’ll call mom,” Steph shouted as the
ambulance pulled out. They watched in silence and suddenly Steph buried her head
against Hunter’s chest. “Don’t cry honey,” he said soothingly, as he rubbed her back. But
this time even Hunter thought that Shane might have gone too far.

When Shane had first approached him with the idea, Vince had looked at him like
he was crazy. “Shane I know you love to take chances..and you love to give the fans their
money’s worth...but this is risky....even for you.” “Oh come on dad, I’ve done worse stunts
than this,” he said, giving him his best McMahon smile. “Shane, jumping from the top of a
tower and dropping forty feet onto wood isn’t a stunt....it’s suicide.” “Think of the reaction
it will get,” he said. “Think of your mother’s face when I tell her you’re dead,” he replied.
“Dad, I’m not going to die. There will be plenty of padding under the wood...and
you and I both know that the wood splits if you just look at it.’ Vince hated it when Shane
was logical. He had a brilliant mind and Vince had no doubt that one day he would be
running the WWF with absolutely no problem...if he lived that long.
“Why does it have to be from the top?” Vince asked. “Why not halfway up? It will
look just as good.” Shane shook his head. “Now you know that isn’t true. Come on dad, let me at least give it a couple of practice tries. Maybe I won’t end up doing it after all.”
But come “Backlash” he did end up doing it. As he climbed the tower to escape
the Big Show you could hear the crowd begin to murmur. The mumblings soon to turned
to excited cheers as they realized what was about to take place. During his practices,
Shane realized that the best thing to do was to get to the top look once and jump.
“Hesitate, and you might as well forget it,” Mick Foley had warned him.
He slowed as he got to the top, pausing for a second to take a deep breath. He
stood at the top and looked down. Test was at the bottom, urging him to jump and crush
the Big Show, who was lying at the base of the tower. Shane shook his head. Test waved to
him again and Shane made a quick Sign Of The Cross and leapt. Ideally, he was supposed
to land on his back, the force of the blow taken up by the soft wood and the padding
underneath. But when he landed, something had gone wrong. The air left his lungs in a
rush and the back of his head smacked painfully against the portion of the wood that
hadn’t given way. Instead of hearing the cheers of the crowd, Shane was swallowed up by blackness.

Vince sat in the waiting room, his head in his hands, silently berating himself for
letting Shane talk him into it. He could still hear the sickening thud he made when he hit.
In spite of his reputation, it made Vince ill everytime someone was injured. Yes, these men
and women were the reason for the success of his business, but they were also like family
to him...and in this case, very close family. He knew he would be hearing from Linda at any
moment. He just prayed that the doctor would have some good news to pass along.
The tension was becoming almost too much to bear when finally a doctor emerged
through the swinging door. “Mr. McMahon? Your son is fine. He’s gonna have some
headache in the morning....and quite an assortment of bruises...but he’ll be fine. Vince let
out an audible sigh as he rubbed his fingers across his eyes, his hands still shaking. “Can I
see him?” “Sure. He’s a little groggy. But a couple of minutes will be ok.” “Let me just call
his mother,” Vince said quickly, fishing his cell phone from his pocket.
The lights in his room were dim. “Shane?” he said in a whisper as he pushed open
the door. “Hey dad.” He walked over and looked down at his only son. “You gave us quite a
scare,” he said. He looked up at his father anxiously. “How did it look? Did the crowd like
it?” Vince shook his head in disbelief. “Yes, Shane they loved it. You were a big hit....so to
speak.” Shane laughed softly, then grabbed his head. “Oh man, don’t make me laugh.’ “I
called your mother. She’ll be here in the morning.” “Ok, he said quietly. “I’m gonna let you
get some sleep,’ Vince said. He leaned down and took his son’s hand. “I’m glad you’re all
right,” he said. “See you in the morning dad.’
It was around 2:00 A.M. when she inched the door open. Quietly moving toward
the bed, she reached out and touched his dark brown hair. His eyelids fluttered and then
opened. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,’ she said. “I only came to check on you.”
He looked up into her eyes.
“Are you a nurse?” he asked. “I don’t want to disturb you,” she whispered. “You aren’t
disturbing me,’ he said, lost in the warmth of her gaze. She glanced over her shoulder
quickly when she thought she heard someone coming.
She stepped back and decided it was time to leave....at least for the time being. “I
have to go....but I’ll be back,” she said, reaching out to touch him once more. As she got
to the door he called to her. “Wait...what’s your name?” he asked. She peeked out into the
hall before turning back to answer him. “It’s Angela,” she said quietly before disappearing
out the door.

She leaned against the wall, her breathing fast and shallow. He was everything she
thought he would be. Just touching him made her heart race. Glancing at her watch she
tried to calculate how much time she had. Three hours at the most. “More than enough
time,” she thought. As quietly as possible she checked up and down the hall. Satisfied that
no one would be disturbing them she ventured back into his room.
He looked up when she entered. “Angela?” he said in a whisper. “Shhh,” she said.
“We don’t want to wake anyone.” She walked to the side of his bed and looked down at
him. Immediately she could feel her heart begin to pound. Before she could talk herself
out of it, she leaned down and brushed her lips against his. A feeling like a shock of
electricity surged through her. As she leaned back she was almost afraid to look into his
eyes. When she did, she was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did she see a smile on his
face....but the look of desire in his eyes was undeniable.
“I saw you tonight,” she said softly, lightly running her hand along his chest. “You
did?” he replied. She nodded, gently pulling the sheet down. “You were wonderful. I get a
chill everytime I think about it.” A tiny smile played around her lips as she heard his
breath quicken. “How are you feeling now?” she asked. “That was quite a hit on the head
you took.’
That was when he realized that since she had walked into the room, he hadn’t even
thought about his head. “I’m fine,” he said, running his fingers slowly up her arm. “I know
I’m being very forward...but I knew they would bring you here....and I just had to meet
you.” “Are you always here this late?” he asked as he watched her inch the sheet down
further. “Let’s not talk about that now,” she said. “What do you want to talk about then?”
he asked. “Truthfully? I think talking is over rated. Before you know it...morning will be
here. I’d hate to waste the entire night just....conversing.”
She leaned down slowly and kissed him again. Only this time she was thrilled to
find him kissing her back. His hands reached up and tangled in her hair, pulling her down
closer to him. “Does that door lock?” he asked. “No...but if we’re careful..we won’t need a
lock,” she said, as she sat back and smiled seductively at him. She was wearing hospital
scrubs....a pale blue loose fitting top and matching pants. Never once taking her eyes from
his, she lifted the top and pulled it over her head. She smiled when she heard his sharp
intake of breath. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked. “Don’t you dare,” he whispered. “I
was hoping you’d say that,” she said.

She could see the want in his eyes. Reaching down gently, she took his hands and
guided them to her breasts. A sigh of pure pleasure escaped her as his warm hands
caressed her. “Are you sure you’re up to this?’ she asked, gazing into his eyes. “Trust me,’
he said, as he pulled her down. “I am definitely up for this.’ His hands slid around and
rubbed her back as his mouth sought her. Placing a hand on each side of his head, she
moaned sensuously as he took her breast into his mouth. “Shane,” she whispered
She slipped her hands behind his neck and untied his hospital gown. Leaning back
she tugged slowly until she had removed it. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for
this,’ she said, running her hands along his chest. “Show me,” he said, his voice gruff with
his growing desire. She lowered her head and kissed and nibbled at his neck. Then slowly
she made her way downward. Shane placed his hands against her shoulders, urging her
even lower.
Her hand snaked in between them to stroke him gently. His moan caused her to
look up quickly. “Shhh, we’ll have every nurse on the floor in here.” She bent her head to
take him in her mouth. Working slowly and carefully, she tasted every bit of him. “I can’t
wait,’ he groaned. “I need you.....now.” She stood up quickly, shedding the blue hospital
pants. Climbing back onto the bed, she straddled him and gently eased herself down. 
This time it was her turn to let out a satisfied moan. In seconds they were moving
together, straining against one another. He held onto her waist as she leaned down to
tease at his nipples. She could feel him nearing the point of no return. Knowing that it was
her making him feel this way only excited her more. She threw her head back as a wave of
unbearable sensation raced through her. Beneath her she felt his hips rise up as he too
surrendered to his passion.
Collapsing on top of him, her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. “My
God, ‘ he whispered. “Are you ok?” she asked, concern filling her eyes.’ “I’m fine...in fact
we may have found the cure for a concussion.” She laughed softly as she carefully eased
herself from him. Gathering up her clothes, she quickly dressed. Then she helped him
back into his hospital gown. He pulled her close for a soft, lingering kiss as she leaned
forward to tie it around his neck.
“Are you going back to work?” he asked. She snuck a peek at her watch. “Yeah..I
really have to get out of here,’ she said. “Will you come by and see me later?” he asked.
“I’m sure they’ll be releasing you today,’ she said, glancing out into the hall. “At least stop
by. I want to see you again.” She hurried to his bedside, kissing him sweetly. “That was
the most incredible night I’ve ever had. Thank you.” And with that she was out the door.

Several hours later, he was sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for his father to
bring him his release papers. He fidgeted with the stings of his hospital gown which now
lay in his lap. If he closed his eyes he could still feel her, still taste the sweetness of her
mouth. “Ready to go?’ asked Vince, as he came back into the room pushing a wheelchair.
“I don’t need that,” Shane barked. “You do if you want to get out of here,” said his father.
Shane reluctantly sat down and allowed his father to push him down the hall
When they neared the nurses station, Shane asked his father to stop. He looked up
at the nurse behind the desk. “Would you tell Angela I said thank you...and that I’ll see her
soon.” “Who’s Angela?” she asked with a smile. “She’s one of the nurses who was on duty
last night. We..umm..spent some time together.” “I’m sorry but I don’t think we have an
Angela on this floor. Are you sure that was her name?” “Positive,” he said. Vince laughed
quietly behind him. “Maybe you hit your head harder than you thought.” “Yeah..maybe,”
Shane said softly, disappointment filing his voice.
Vince wheeled him into the elevator. Shane sighed softly as the doors slid shut.
“She was no dream,” he thought. “I just know she wasn’t.” As the doors closed, a
maintenance worker walked down the hall carrying a bundle of blue clothing. “Anybody
know who left this in the supply closet?’ He was greeted with shrugs and shaking heads.
“How hard is it to put something in the hamper?’ he asked as he headed back to dispose
of the clothes..
  Vince got Shane settled into the front seat. “Glad to be going home?” he asked.
“Sure dad,’ he replied, staring out the window. He didn’t see her sitting in her car just
across the street. Her heartbeat quickened when he came out the door and every memory
from the night before came flooding back. Placing her fingertips against her lips, she blew
him a gentle kiss. “Until next time, Shane,” she whispered.

Vince insisted that he take the next few days to rest. But the last thing Shane
wanted was to sit home alone and re-live that incredible night. “All right so maybe she
didn’t work at the hospital. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t real. Even my imagination isn’t
that good.” He racked his brain, trying to figure out a way to find her. “Angela,” he
repeated over and over. “Maybe it isn’t even her real name.” But something told him it
was. She had planned the evening very carefully...and at the last minute too. “That had to
be something she thought long and hard about,” he thought. “If it was as good for her as
it was for me..she’ll come back..she just has to.”
Back in her apartment Angela found it impossible to concentrate on anything. No
matter what she did, thoughts of Shane kept entering her mind. She had always wanted to
meet him....and that night seemed like the only chance she might ever get. In all honesty
she had never intended to do anything more than kiss him. But being that close to him
had done something to her. The second her lips had touched his, she knew she would
never be content with a simple kiss.
Thinking about it...even days later... sent a thrill through her. Shaking her head,
she returned to what she was doing....making her travel arrangements. She picked up her
copy of the WWF show schedule. “Next stop....Philadelphia,” she thought, picking up the
phone. “Only this time..I keep my distance. I can’t risk losing my job...although another
night with him might just be worth it.”

Shane loved going to Philadelphia. The crowds were always good and there were
some great restaurants .He could always talk Steve Blackman into having dinner with him.
Grabbing the phone book, he searched for the number of his favorite steak house. As he
scanned through the listings his mind returned to her. “Damn it,” he thought. It was only
one night...one unbelievable night....but he hadn’t heard from her again...and he probably
never would.
She stood at the front desk, smiling at the sign that said, “Welcome WWF.”
“Welcome, indeed,” she thought. She took her room key, smiling at the clerk. “Enjoy your
stay,’ he said. “I will, thanks,” she replied. “Probably not as much as my last trip though,”
she thought with a wicked grin.
She unpacked quickly. “I’m getting to be an old hand at this,’ she thought. She
reached into her purse and pulled out her ticket. “RAW is Philadelphia,” she read out loud.
“Well if I can’t touch him again...at least I can look at him, she thought slipping the ticket
back inside. She decoded to take a stroll around the city. So, grabbing her jacket, she
headed into the hall. She was just about to lock her door when she heard a voice. But not
just any voice....his voice. Turning quickly, she saw him leaving a room down the hall. She
quickly ducked back into her room, peeking through the partially opened door.
Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He was walking with Steve Blackman
and they were arguing about where to eat for dinner. “You always want steak,’ Steve
moaned.” “Well whoever heard of coming to Philadelphia for the seafood?” said Shane.
She fought the urge to open the door and surprise him. Waiting until the elevator doors
closed she stepped back into the hall and walked down to where his room was. “813,” she
said quietly. She knew she shouldn’t, but the need to see him....be with him... was too
overwhelming. “See you later,’ she whispered, running a finger down the smooth wood of
the door.

Her seat wasn’t terrible this time. She was five rows back, right along the ramp
that led to the ring. “Almost close enough to touch,” she thought with a grin. For someone
who had never been all that interested in wrestling, she suddenly found her self looking
forward to these live events. Aside from quite a collection of gorgeous men, there really
was entertainment involved.
She had come to recognize each performers “entrance theme.” Whenever Shane’s
theme started to play, there was no way to tear her attention from the ring. She was
seriously thinking about running out to grab a soda when she heard those familiar notes.
She dropped back in her seat and stared up the ramp. A smile spread across her face
when he appeared. As he made his way down the ramp she could feel herself growing
warm. Every single detail of the other night went through her mind. If the people sitting
next to her only knew!
He was halfway through his promo before she realized that she hadn’t heard a
word he said. Several minutes later he was headed back up the ramp. He seemed to pause
when he got next to her. For one thrilling second she thought he was going to look right at
her! She held her breath, but he kept on walking. He heart was pounding in her chest. Just
that one glance at him made up her mind. Tonight, Mr. McMahon was definitely getting
another visit.
Before the last match even started she was out of the building and on her way back
to the hotel.She still wasn’t sure how she was going to get into his room....but she’d worry
about that when the time came. She made a quick stop in her room to freshen up. Taking
a deep breath, she headed down the hall. “I have no idea what to do,’ she thought. She
shrugged and took out her own key. She slipped it into the lock but, naturally, it wouldn’t
turn. “It was worth a shot,” she thought. She was almost about to give up when a chamber
maid came up behind her. “Is something wrong?” she asked.
“Ummm, yes. “I’m Mrs. McMahon. For some reason my key won’t work,” she said,
indicating his door. “Oh that’s no problem,” she said, taking out her pass key. She quickly
unlocked the door and smiled at her. “Thank you so much,’ Angela said. “You have no idea
what a big help you’ve been.” She stepped inside and shut the door before the maid even
knew what had happened.
She glanced around his room, taking in every sight and scent. When she walked
into the bedroom, she noticed that the bed was turned down. “How convenient, “ she said
with a smile. Without another thought, she removed her clothes, leaving only a very low
cut, lace bra and a pair of very brief panties. Climbing under the covers, a shiver of
anticipation passed through her.
She didn’t have to wait long. Her heart stopped when she heard his key in the
door. It suddenly occurred to her that he might not be alone. “Oh dear God, pleas don’t let
him have someone with him,’she prayed silently. He walked into the bedroom and tossed
the key onto the dresser. The only light on in the room was the small light on the
nightstand. It cast a warm, golden light that barely reached to her side of the bed.
He began to unbutton his shirt when she spoke. “Why don’t you let me do that?’
she asked quietly. He spun around and their eyes locked. “Angela?” “Yes...it’s me,” she
whispered.”What are you doing here?” he asked. “Waiting for you,” she said, throwing back
the covers. He stared at her, mentally convincing himself that she was really there. “Aren’t
you glad to see me?” she asked. “More than you’ll ever know,’ he said hoarsely, as he
moved to the side of the bed. 


“Why didn’t you ever get in touch with me?” he asked as he sat down. “I wasn’t
sure that’s what you really wanted,’ she said, reaching up to finish unbuttoning his shirt. “I
told you that I wanted you to come back when I was in the hospital,’ he said, unable to
take his eyes from her nimble fingers. “Well, I couldn’t exactly hang around there too
long,’ she explained. “So you didn’t work there?” he asked, his breath quickening as she
pushed the shirt from his shoulders. “Nope,” she said with a slow smile.”
“So why are you here in Philadelphia?’ he asked. “You ask too many questions,”
she murmured, pulling him into a deep kiss. His mouth felt incredible. Soft, warm and
sweet. He teased her lips apart and felt himself responding when she moaned softly. Their
tongues met in a sweet union. She was a mixture of sugar and spice. He couldn’t taste her
He finally moved down to her neck, allowing her to catch her breath. She slid one
hand down his well muscled back and the other up through his soft hair. “Oh Shane. I
can’t believe I thought about not coming here.” He covered her mouth with his once more
as he quickly undid her bra, sliding it down her arms. “Touch me,” she whispered. “With
pleasure,’ he replied, brushing his hands against her breasts. She sighed into his touch,
begging him with her body to go even further.
In a flash he lowered his head, taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking.
greedily. “Oh, baby. That feels so good,” she said. He slid his free hand down and inside
her panties. She actually jumped when his fingers found her sweet spot. He continued to
suck and stroke her, keeping a beautiful, erotic rhythm. “Oh God Shane,” she moaned.
“I’m already there. I can’t hold back.” “Then don’t. Let go...now,” he urged. She let her
head drop back as she gave in to his warm, sensual touches. He smiled when he felt her
body arch towards him in a deep, satisfying release.
She dropped back against the cool sheets, her body shimmering with perspiration.
“You’re amazing,” she whispered. Shane bent his head down and kissed her, letting his
tongue run lazily across her lips. She reached up her hands and pushed him onto his back.
“What are you doing?’ he asked in mock surprise. “I’m about to take what I came here for,’
she said, unzipping his pants.

He watched, wordlessly, as she slowly undid his belt and pulled the soft fabric
down his legs. Tossing his pants to the floor, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of
his shorts. Their eyes locked and a wicked smile crossed her lips as she slowly eased the
shorts downward. “Mmmm,” she said as her eyes traveled the length of his body. “You are
one incredible man,” she said, running a finger all the way down his chest and across his
She moved directly over him, nudging his legs apart. Leaning forward, she brushed
her lips lightly against his. Smiling slightly, she kissed him again....and again. Each one a
little more urgent until her tongue was inside his mouth exploring gently. His mouth felt
like it was melting into hers. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down, hard.
She smiled at him when she felt how aroused he was. She kissed the side of his
neck, moving downward at a slow, but steady pace. Trailing her fingers across his nipples,
she then bent to follow with her tongue. “Yes,” he whispered. She continued her
exploration of him, delighting in his response to her. She reached down and took him in
her hand. “You’re so hard,’ she whispered. “Only for you,” he moaned, his hips straining
forward. She stroked lightly at first and then more insistently.
Before he could completely react, she took him in her mouth, licking him slowly
and thoroughly. “Angela...don’t stop ....please.” Her hands ran up and down his thighs
maddeningly. Just when he thought he might not be able to take one more second, she
eased him from her mouth. “I need you...inside of me..please Shane,” she said.
He rolled her to her back and brushed against her. “Do you want me?’ he asked,
teasing her unmercifully. “”Oh God, yes, Shane,” she cried.  Sliding his hands underneath
her, he moved inside of her, moaning when he felt her close around him. They began to
move together, lost in their own private dance. Shane moved inside of her in long, hard
strokes. Her hips raised and pushed forward to meet each one. She could feel herself
reaching that wonderful peak. Wrapping her legs around him she urged him deeper, until
they were both clinging to one another, caught up in a moment of total bliss.
When they were completely satisfied, he rolled to his side and tried to catch his
breath. “You have no idea how happy I am that you came back,’ he said, looking up into
her eyes. “Oh I think I do,” she replied, letting her fingers play in his hair. He closed his
eyes and sighed. “That feels nice,’ he said. She simply smiled and kept touching him
lightly. Before she knew it, he was sound asleep, a contented smile on his lips. She leaned
down and kissed his forehead. “I’ll say it again,” she whispered. “You are one incredible
man.” When she was dressed and standing in the door way, she turned to take one more
look at him. “It’s getting awfully hard to leave you,’ she thought.


His eyes opened with the first morning’s light. A smile crossed his face when he
remembered the night before. Turning to look at her, he felt his heart sink when he saw
that she wasn’t there. “Angela?” he called. as he got up and checked in the bathroom and
in the sitting room. “Damn it,” he said, slamming his hand against the door frame. “Why
does she keep doing this?”
Down the hall, Angela was hurrying to finish her packing. She made a last minute
check of the room, grabbed her bag and opened the door. Making sure the hallway was
empty, she walked quickly to the elevator.
As she stood waiting for the elevator she kept taking quick glances towards his room.
Inside she was fighting a battle with herself. More than anything she wanted to go down
the hall, knock on his door, and fall into his arms. But she knew that right now, that wasn’t
an option. Last night had probably been a mistake....but one she would gladly make again.
When the elevator doors slid open, she quickly stepped inside and pressed the
button repeatedly until the doors began to close. “Hold those doors!” Oh, God, no. It was
him! She continued to punch frantically at the button. “Come on, come on,” she begged
silently. Finally the doors closed and she breathed a sigh of relief. She almost threw her
key at the desk clerk as she checked out. “I hope you enjoyed your stay,” he called. “I’ll
never forget it,’ she replied, running out the door and hailing a cab.
Shane stood somberly at the front desk, waiting to check out. “Geez, I’ve seen
happier faces at funerals.” “Ha, ha, Steve,” he answered. “What happened? You were in a
fine mood last night. You get some bad news?” “No...nothing like that. I didn’t get much
sleep, that’s all.” “Maybe you should lay off the caffeine.” “And maybe you should change
the subject,” Shane said, picking up his bag and slowly moving for the door.
Normally, he would have taken a plane back to Connecticut..if only to save time.
But as he got behind the wheel of his rental car, he made the sudden decision to drive. He
knew it would take 5, maybe 6 hours to get home, but he wanted the time alone to clear
his head...if that was possible. He found himself constantly looking around, trying to see if
she might be somewhere...watching him. “This is crazy,’ he thought. “Obviously she
doesn’t want me to find her.”
He took the exit for the New Jersey Turnpike and headed north. After several miles
a though occurred to him. “First she was in Washington...and then Philadelphia. Our next
show is in New York. Maybe she’ll decide to show up again.” Suddenly he felt a little
better. This time he intended to be ready for her. The first two times she had the element
of surprise on her side. This time there was no way she was getting away from him...not
without talking first.
Looking forward to Monday kept him sane through the rest of the week. By the
time Monday rolled around he had himself convinced that he would be seeing her. After
the tapings were finished, he rushed to his hotel. Throwing open the door, he was
disappointed to find his room empty. Rushing to the phone, he called the front desk to see
if he had any messages. When they informed him that no one had called, he slammed the
phone down in disgust,
He undressed and laid down on the bed. “Well I guess that’s that. She had her
fun..and now she’s moving on.” He rolled over and punched at his pillow. Sleep seemed
very far away.
Just across the river...at a hotel in New Jersey...Angela was settling back against
her pillows to watch the late news. She had watched all of RAW...smiling each time she
caught a glimpse of him. The Smackdown tapings were scheduled for tomorrow night, at
the Meadowlands.....directly across the highway. A sly grin crossed her face when she
thought about it. More times than she cared to count, she had tried to talk herself out of
seeing him again. But what had started as a crush...had moved onto something much
more. “Oh Shane...,” she thought. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”
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