Shane spent most of Tuesday in a foul mood. Everyone who spoke to him ended up
wishing they hadn’t. He had just snapped at a production assistant when his father came
up behind him, grabbed his arm and escorted him into a nearby room. “Now I’m not going
to ask what your problem is,” Vince said. “But I heard your little tirade out there. You have
to work with these people everyday. Treating them like dirt isn’t a smart thing to do. Now I
suggest you apologize to that young lady....get ready for your match.... and then hit the
showers to cool off.’
Shane lowered his head. “I’m sorry dad. You’re right. I’m just having a bad day.”
“Well next time....try keeping it to yourself,” he said. Vince walked from the room, still less
than happy with his son. Shane followed him out and did what he said he would do. He
apologized to the assistant who was way too forgiving in his opinion. Then he went to
warm up for his match. He was currently in a feud with HHH, so he knew he could look
forward to a night filled with hard hits. He was already looking forward to a hot shower.
When his match was over, he headed almost immediately for the shower area. But
before he could get there, Gerald Brisco tracked him down. “Shane..we have a problem.”
“Talk to my father,” he said. “Well...that’s just it. I can’t. He left about 15 minutes ago. He
had one of his bad headaches again.’ Shane let out a long sigh. “Ok...what is it?”  “Well,
Kurt Angle is due to wrestle The Rock at the house shows this weekend.” “Yes?.... And?”
Shane said impatiently. “Well he seems to have injured himself. Now it’s nothing
serious....probably just a sprain. But the doctor wants him to stay off of it for a few days.’
“Damn,” he mumbled, running his hand through his hair. He thought for a
moment. “I know,” he began. “Have Edge and Christian stand in for him. Rock can take on
one of them at Saturdays show and the other at Sunday’s.’ “That will work. Should we plan
any run-ins?” “What do you think?” Shane said, growing more exasperated by the minute.
“I’ll get the writers on it first thing in the morning,’ he said, running off. Shane shook his
head and walked of to the showers. The area was completely deserted by the time he got
there. “And I’ll bet there’s no hot water either,’ he thought angrily.
He turned on the water and stepped under the spray. He could feel the hot water
relaxing his muscles. Then suddenly he could feel something else. A pair of hands reached
around him. One slid up his chest and the other reached down to stroke him....getting an
almost immediate response. He spun around and she kissed him hungrily. Before he could
stop himself, he was returning the kiss....passionately.
He pushed her back against the shower wall and cupped her breasts in his hands,
never stopping his deep, erotic kiss. She moaned in response as she held onto his arms,
running her fingers along each tensing muscle. Shane slipped a hand between her legs,
smiling when he felt how ready she was. Stroking her steadily, he could feel her coming
closer to the brink of exploding.
He put his hands under her and lifted. In one quick movement he was inside of her,
and she cried out his name as he began to move. Shane kissed her over and over until her
lips felt almost raw. “Yes Shane....faster,” she urged, the sound of her voice spurring him
on. With a cry of delight he exploded inside of her. She strained hard and she too was
caught up in the sweet release.
He eased her down, letting her lean on him to catch her breath. The water, now
noticeably cooler, rolled down their exhausted bodies. She picked up her head to look at
him. “You’re fantastic,’ she said. “So are you,’ he replied, gazing into her eyes.
He turned off the water and they stepped out of the shower stall. Shane found her
a towel and they dried off, taking quick glances at one another. As he dressed he made
sure to keep her in his sight. “You aren’t getting away from me tonight,” he thought. They
were both dressed when he patted his pockets. “Damn...I left my keys in the other room.
I’ll be right back.
She waited until she couldn’t hear his footsteps and then she slowly pushed the
door open. When she saw the hallway was empty, she moved quickly to the exit door. She
pushed it open, stepped into the crisp, night air and came face to face with Shane. He
took her arm gently, but firmly. “Not tonight,” he said. “Tonight we’re going to talk....and
not about the weather.’

“Shane, really...I have to go.” “Not before I find out exactly what this has been all
about,” he said, leading her to his car. He opened the door and she reluctantly slid inside.
He walked around to the driver’s side, never taking his eyes from her. When he got in he
turned immediately to face her. “Ok..now talk.”
She looked up from fidgeting with her fingers. “Shane...maybe this isn’t a good
time to...” “This is the perfect time,’ he said. “For a change I have you right here in front of
me. And I’m not letting you leave until you explain.” “Explain what?”she asked. “Why you
keep coming into my life...driving me mad with the need to be with you and then
disappearing without a trace.” “I drive you mad?” she asked, a smile playing around her
“Yes..you drive me mad. Is that what this is all about? Is this some kind of game
with you? See how worked up you can get me and then just leave me...without so much as
a good-bye?” She couldn’t get over the passion in his voice. He was angry..and not
because she had snuck into his room or his shower..but because she hadn’t stayed.She
was almost scared to let herself think about it? Could Shane McMahon..the man who filled
her every thought.... actually feel the way she did?
“Shane,” she began, trying to use her words carefully. “The first night....in the
hospital? I never meant to do anything but kiss you. I had wanted to met you for ages. And
suddenly the time seemed right. But when I walked into your room  and touched you...it
was like I was a different person. I knew it might be the only chance I ever had to kiss
you.....hold you.....make love to you.” She glanced up and the look in his eyes had visibly
“Shane...it was the most incredible night of my life...that is until the night in
Philadelphia...and now tonight. I can’t believe how much better it gets each time,” she
added softly. “So why all the mystery?’ he asked, reaching out to take her hand. The feel of
his hand on hers sent a thrill through her. “There’s a reason I just happen to be in the
same city that you are all the time,” she said. “And no..I’m not a stalker.” He laughed
“It has to do with my job...and please don’t ask me what it is. I’ve taken enough
stupid chances already. I can’t afford to lose this job. If I do well at this assignment it
could men something better for me...if I fail..then I might as well quit.” “What kind of job
are you talking about?’ he asked. “I don’t understand why you don’t just come out and tell
“I can’t,” she said quietly. “Can’t...or won’t?” he demanded. “I can’t..not just yet.”
He sat back and sighed. “Well I have to tell you. As much as I enjoy the time we spend
together...it isn’t exactly my idea of a relationship. Obviously, there’s something between
us...and I don’t just mean sex. I feel a connection to you that I can’t explain,” he said. “But
I’m tired of wondering when you might pop up next. My life has enough chaos and
confusion...I really don’t need to add to it.”
“I understand,” she said, lowering her eyes so that he couldn’t see the tears
beginning to well up. “If you can’t be honest with me..then I really don’t think I want to see
you again.” It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him everything. But she knew she
couldn’t. Her boss had been very explicit. “No personal contact,” he had said. “I don’t
want you influenced by personal feeling.” “It doesn’t get more personal,’ she thought
sadly, as she looked over at him.
She pulled her jacket tightly around her. “I’m really sorry about all of this,’ she
said. “It was never my intention to cause you any pain. Everything that’s happened is my
fault. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.’ He sat there silently. She looked at
him, silently pleading with him to forgive her. When he remained silent she reached for the
door handle. She turned back searching for something to say. “For what it’s worth....you
mean something to me. I can’t believe it’s happened...but I have feelings for you..strong
feelings. I just wish we could have....” “You’d better go,’ he whispered.

“It never fails,” she said to herself. “Somehow I always manage to take things just
one step too far. All I had to do was wait....wait just a little longer and everything would
have been just fine.’ But looking back, she knew that wasn’t possible. From the moment
her lips first touched his, she was powerless to stop herself. Even now...just thinking of
him made her ache inside. She had given up any hope of a relationship with him. Her
refusal to tell him the truth had taken care of that. But maybe she could at least reassure
herself that he didn’t hate her. She sat down and began to write. It was only a short
note..but she was hoping that it would be enough to soften his heart.
Shane sat in his office, his work for the day, lying untouched in front of him. He
knew he was right to say what he did to her. Was it wrong to want to know the truth? So if
he was right..why did he feel so lousy? By all rights he should have been in a good mood.
They were going to tape RAW in Boston. He loved it when they could have shows so close
to home. But after what had happened Thursday...he didn’t think anything could cheer
him up.
That night’s show proved to be more hectic than most. There were a lot of storyline
changes planned so it was a little more frantic than usual backstage. Fortunately for her,
this was to her advantage. She was able to blend in with the crowd and keep a very low
profile. She kept out of site until she knew it was his time to go to the ring. When she was
sure he was gone, she entered his dressing room. She took the envelope from her purse
and laid it carefully on the clothes he was going to change into. Then ,making sure she
went unseen, she left to wait for his reply.
He came back to his dressing room, peeling his shirt off as he entered. Just as he
was about to drop it, he saw the envelope. He picked it up and without even opening it, he
knew it was from her. His head told him to tear it up, but his heart told him that he would
be a fool not to open it. He ripped it open and began to read. “Shane...I know I owe you an
explanation...and believe me I want nothing more than to give you one. I realize that you
really have no reason at all to trust me. But please believe me when I tell you that I could
never, ever hurt you. The feelings that I have for you come straight from my heart. I have
no right to ask you to forgive me. But please don’t hate me. I want my last memory of you
to be a good one. I don’t intend to bother you ever again. But I would like to know that you
at least read this note. I’ll be waiting outside at gate B.  Yours Always, Angela.”
“Oh God,” he whispered. “How does she do it? She isn’t even in the room....and I
want her.” He sat down and thought. Grabbing a pen and paper, he scribbled a quick note.
He took the envelope that she had used and slipped his note inside. Knowing that he had
to act fast, he summoned one of the production assistants and instructed him as to where
to find her. Then he quickly returned to take a shower. As he stepped under the spray, a
small smile crossed his lips. “Tonight the surprise will be on you,” he thought.

She waited for what seemed like an eternity. Just when she was about to give up
hope, she heard the door behind her open. A young man stood there holding an envelope.
“Excuse me? Are you Angela?” “Yes I am,” she said, her voice filled with hope. Mr.
McMahon asked me to give this to you.’ She practically ripped it from his hand. “Thank
you,” she whispered, praying that she was about to read what she had been hoping for.
“Angela, I may end up regretting this. But I think we should talk.....if only to finally
settle things between us. When the show is over, please go to the stairs at section 123. I’ll
take care of everything else. Shane.”
She read it twice more, trying to get a feel for his attitude, but it was impossible. She
shrugged and tucked the note into her pocket. “At least he’s willing to see me,’ she
thought, trying not to get her hopes too high.
She waited until the arena had emptied. Then she made her way inside. Her
footsteps echoed in the empty hallway as she searched for section 123. When she found it,
she was oddly nervous. “Am I the same woman who broke into his hotel room and barged
into his shower?” she thought. Taking a deep breath she headed into the arena. It was
completely dark with the exception of a small, very dim light, just barely illuminating the
“Shane?” she called softly. “Down here,” he said. She ventured closer to the ring,
still not able to see him. “Where are you?” she asked. “Just get in the ring,” he said. “In
the ring?” she repeated to herself. She shrugged and climbed onto the apron and then
through the ropes. Carefully peering through the darkness she searched for him. She
walked to the far side and leaning against the ropes, stared up into the empty seats. When
she didn’t see him she turned around and found herself in his arms. “What in the ...?” But
he cut off her words with a kiss so hot and passionate that she almost couldn’t breathe.
When he released her, her heart was pounding so hard she was sure he could feel
it. She stared up into his eyes and waited. “How’s that for a surprise?” he whispered,
smiling the smile that always melted her heart. “Shane,’ she began. But he quickly moved
to kiss her again, this time sliding his hands down over her breasts. She moaned softly,
moving her hands slowly up his back. Without her realizing it, he maneuvered her into the
center of the ring. Almost in slow motion he lowered her to the canvas mat.
“Shane...we shouldn’t be here,” she said. “What do you mean?’ he teased....”I own
this ring.” She laughed softly. And soon her laughs turned into groans of pleasure as he
slowly and methodically undressed her, stopping to stroke and caress her bare skin. In
seconds, he too was undressed and laying on top of her. “I thought I’d never see you
again,” she sighed as he tasted and teased at her nipples. “I thought so too,” he replied.
“But I realized something tonight. Being with you is like breathing. It just feels so natural
and right.’ She snaked her fingers through his hair and pulled his head down until his
mouth was almost crushing hers.
“Make love to me Shane...please,” she said softly, kissing his neck. “It will be my
pleasure,’ he said, raising up to enter her slowly. She wrapped her legs around him and
began to move. Before long, they were both rising and falling together, lost in their
overwhelming desire for each other. He slipped his hands under her when he felt her
getting ready to go over the edge. With one more deep, satisfying stroke he brought them
both to a long, full climax.
As they lay in each other’s arms, gasping for breath, she couldn’t help but smile.
“That would have made some main event,” she said. “No way,” he said. “Something that
good would have to be saved for a pay per view.’ “Does this mean you’ve forgiven me?”
she asked. “I don’t know,” he said quietly. “I’d still like an explanation..” She placed her
fingers against his lips. “When the time is right, you’ll be the first one to know....I
promise.” Something in her eyes told him that she was being honest with him. “All right,”
he said. “But for now..I think we better get dressed before we get packed up with all the
other equipment.”


They walked out of the building holding hands, stopping every few feet to kiss one
another. “I like it a whole lot better when I know you won’t be disappearing on me,” he
said. “I never wanted to leave you,” she said. “Then promise me something,” he said,
stopping to look deep into her eyes. “Anything,’ she whispered, mesmerized by the dark
fire she saw burning in his deep, brown eyes. “Promise me that there won’t be any more
games....no more disappearing acts...no more wondering when I might see you again.”
“Shane, I promise. I will not just vanish any more and I won’t leave you guessing
where I might be. I intend to be as honest with you as I can. Now as for the games...?” “Uh
oh. I don’t like the look in your eyes,’ he said. “Come on, admit it. You love it when I
surprise you. Sometimes making love is better when you least expect it.” “You mean like
tonight?” he teased. “Exactly,” she said, taking his face in her hand for a tender kiss.
“This is my car,’ she said, leaning against a blue sedan. “Where were you planning
on going?’ he asked her. “Back to my hotel,” she said. “I want to get an early start
tomorrow.” “An early start to where?” he asked. She hesitated for a second and he shook
his head. “You don’t want to tell me...right?” “Shane...I do want to tell you.....I just
can’t....not right now.’ “Ok,” he said reluctantly. “I won’t push you. But can you at least
tell me when I’ll see you again?”
“Is tomorrow night too soon?” she asked. “Really? Where can I meet you?” “I’ll be
at the Civic Center,” she said. “I have tickets for Smackdown.” He looked at her
questioningly. “You always seem to have tickets. Either you’re a scalper or you have really
good connections.” She laughed out loud as she unlocked her car. “Neither one. I just like
wrestling.” “Nobody likes it that much,” he said, pulling her close, “Well I do.....well at
least parts of it.” “Oh? What parts?” he asked innocently.
She reached her hand down and stroked him gently. He responded almost
immediately, groaning in pleasure. “Does that give you a clue?” she asked. She reached up
and kissed him softly. “To be continued,” she whispered, sliding behind the wheel of her
car. “Damn, woman. You’re driving me crazy,” he said. “And you love every minute of it,”
she said, blowing him a kiss and driving off. “You’re right.....I do,’ he answered, staring
wistfully as her car disappeared around the corner.


Shane was pacing back and forth nervously. “What if she doesn’t come? What if I
never see her again? What if....” He stopped in mid stride and shook his head. “She said
she wouldn’t do that again and I believe her.” He resumed his pacing ignoring the strange
looks he was getting from everyone. The show was just about over. He glanced at his
watch and then up and down the hall. An audible sigh escaped him as he slumped against
the wall.
“Something wrong?” He turned at the sound of her voice. There she stood, looking
absolutely beautiful. To anyone else’s eye her outfit would have been considered nothing
special. But to him it only added to the list of things about her that made him crazy. Her
jeans looked like they were made just for her. They clung to every curve. And her
blouse....white silk, he thought.....was unbuttoned just enough. “You take my breath
away,” he whispered, letting his eyes linger on her.
“Thank you,’ she said quietly. “I was afraid you weren’t coming,’ he said. “I told
you I would be here,’ she said, moving closer to him. “I know....but ....” She stepped
closer. He could smell her perfume...he could feel the heat coming from her body. “I made
you a promise,” she said. “No more disappearing. And I meant it.” She leaned forward as
if to kiss him and then she handed him a piece of paper. “Meet me here in one hour,’ she
told him.
“This looks like a map,” he said. “It is. It’s a floor plan to the hotel. Just follow the
arrows. You’ll be fine.’ “Should I bring anything?’ he asked. She let her eyes drift up and
down his body. “Just bring yourself. That will be more than enough.’ She reached out and
trailed a finger along his lips. Shane felt a tremor surge through him. “Don’t be late,’ she
whispered. He watched as he walked out the door. He let out the breath he felt like he had
been holding for hours. “I’ll never survive this relationship,” he thought.
He helped supervise the loading of the equipment on the trucks. More than once
he checked his watch. “Got a date?” asked Steve as he strolled by. “I might,’ he answered.
“Do I know her?” “I doubt it,” he replied. “Maybe you should bring her around. I’d love to
meet her.” “Yeah, maybe,” he said, looking at his watch again. Steve laughed and shook
his head as he walked off. “The Boy Wonder is in love,” he thought. “And from the looks of
things he’s got it bad.’ Shane could have jumped for joy when the last of the equipment
was loaded. He grabbed his bag and nearly flew out the door.
Once he got to the hotel, he pulled the map from his pocket. “Why couldn’t she
just have told me where to meet her?’ he thought. “Because that wouldn’t be her style,
that’s why.” After several wrong turns and convincing himself that the map wasn’t upside
down he found the place she had indicated on the map. He hesitated for just a second
before opening the door. When he did, he stood there, feeling his desire for her beginning
to well up already.
The room she had discovered was dominated by one feature....a huge hot tub. She
sat there in the middle of a fine cloud of steam, just looking at him through half closed
eyes. “I’ve been sitting here, thinking about you,’ she said. “I’m not sure which has me
hotter...you or the water.” He took two tentative steps and then dropped his bag. She
watched intently as he undressed in what had to be record time. She held out her hand as
he entered the steamy water.”If you think you’re hot now...just wait till I’m through with


He settled in next to her, taking a moment to adjust to the water. Her hand slipped
up around his neck and she pulled his head down for a long, slow, deep kiss. “Oh God, “
he moaned. “Did you miss me?’ she asked, letting her hand trail down his back . “You
know I did,’ he said, his voice already rough with desire. “I missed you too.” She inched
closer to him. As she did she reached over and ran her other hand up his thigh. She could
feel him trembling. He quickly looked over her shoulder. “Oh don’t worry about us being
interrupted. I left instructions that we were not to be disturbed. “I hope you don’t mind....I
used your name.’
“I don’t mind at all,” he said, unable to tear his eyes away from her hand. “Shane?”
“Huh?” he looked up at her, almost startled to hear his name. “Can I tell you something?”
“Of course,’ he said, sliding his arm around her waist. “I almost wasn’t going to come
tonight.” He stared at her, almost afraid of what she was going to say next. “Why?” “I know
how much you enjoy our time together....” “Absolutely,” he murmured, nuzzling her neck.
“And you know I enjoy it too.” “Honey....what is it?” he asked. “I just want to be more than
a night in bed to you. You’ve come to mean a lot to me. And not just because I want you
so much....although God knows I do. It just seems to me that if we have a connection this
strong....” “I know where you’re going,” he said. “And you’re right. There’s a lot more
going on here than just two people making love. You know a couple of times today
thoughts crossed my mind that I couldn’t wait to tell you.” “Really?” she said.
“If you think back, you never gave me much of a chance to talk to you.” “That’s
true,” she said with a laugh. “Most people meet, get to know one another and then make
love. I guess we’re just doing it the other way around.’ “I want to stay with you tonight,”
she said. “You do?” She nodded silently, running her hands down his chest. “Thank you,”
he whispered.
She looked up into his eyes and suddenly they were locked in a passionate kiss,
their tongues slowly searching and tasting. He reached over and gently lifted her until she
was straddled on his lap, moaning softly when she felt his hardness press against her. She
leaned back and looked at him, still breathless from their kiss. He brought his hands up
and carefully, stroked her breasts. Using his thumbs he traced small circles around her
nipples. “Oh Shane...yes baby...that’s wonderful,’ she moaned. He lowered his head taking
her breast into his mouth. Her head dropped back and her fingers weaved through his hair
as he sucked continuously.
Picking his head up he looked deeply into her eyes as he took his hand and gently
and methodically began to stroke between her legs. She whimpered in response as he
touched her softly and then slid his fingers deep inside of her. Her hips raised in response
as he pushed against his hand. “Do you like that?’ he asked. “Mmmm, yes,’ she
whispered. “But I can’t wait much longer. I need to feel all of you Shane.” He quickly
removed his fingers and lifted her. Using her hand to guide him she eased him inside. A
deep groan of satisfaction escaped from her as he filled her completely.
“Wrap your legs around me baby,’ he whispered. Using her arms and legs she
wrapped herself around him like a blanket. He rested his hands against her hips and
slowly began to move. They found their rhythm in no time, moving together as one.
“Harder,’ she begged him. A low sound came from his throat as he thrust harder and
deeper. “Yes, ‘ she cried.”Make me yours. I want to belong to you Shane.” Her words
served to spur him into a frenzy. Holding her tightly he brought them both to a long, full,
exhausting climax.
She dropped her head on his shoulder, fighting for her breath. “I think we’re
getting water logged,” he teased. She stood up slowly and they both got out of the tub.
They grabbed a couple of towels and dried each other off. He watched her wordlessly as
they dressed. When they were finally headed for the door, he reached for her hand. “Did
you mean what you said about staying with me tonight?” “Yes....I did. That is if you want
me to.” “There’s nothing I want more,’ he said. He could barely keep from touching her as
they rode up in the elevator. When they got to his room she suddenly became almost shy.
“Honey, what is it?’ he asked. “I’m usually gone by now. I guess I’m afraid if I stay you’ll
find out you really don’t care for me after all.” “Don’t care for you?” “I’d have to be dead
for a week not to care for you.’ She smiled and touched his face. “I think I’m falling for you
Shane McMahon.” “That’s good,’ he said. “Cause I already fell for you.’

Spending the night with him had been everything she hoped it would be. When she
awoke in the morning she stretched and reached out for him. “Mmmm, good morning,” he
said softly, kissing her. “I’ll bet you’re surprised to still find me here, aren’t you?”
“Truthfully?Yeah...a little.” She ran her hand down his chest and slipped it under the
sheets. A moan escaped from him. But just as quickly, she threw back the sheets and
hopped out of bed. “I hate to do this...but I have to get moving.” “Where are you going?’
he asked. “Back to the real world,” she replied with a smile.
“Are you ever going to tell me what it is that you do?” “I promised you, didn’t I?”
Shane nodded, watching her get dressed. “Shane....by Friday you’ll know everything.”
“Really?” “Yes really. Now kiss me good bye,” she said, leaning over the bed. He reached
up and pulled her down on top of him. “Thank you for staying,” he whispered. “I hope it
was just the first of many night you plan to spend with me.” “It is,” she said, kissing him
softly. “I promise.”
His Friday morning schedule was filled with meetings. But he had left strict
instructions with his secretary to let him know the minute Angela called. At 11:00 he
headed back to his office. “Did she call?” His secretary looked up. “Call? No.....she didn’t
call.” She glanced back at the door quickly. “Well let me know the second she does.” He
entered his office and slammed the door behind him. Just as he tossed his folder down the
chair to his desk spun around. “Hey handsome. Glad to see me?” He looked up in surprise
and then quickly he moved around the desk and pulled her to her feet.
Almost immediately they were caught up in a burning kiss. “Mmm, maybe I should
go out and come in again,” she said. “Don’t you dare,’ he said. “You are not leaving my
arms.” He pulled her close once again and claimed her lips. When he finally released her
she leaned against his desk. “I’m kind of glad you did that now,’ she said. “Because I’m
about to tell you what I was up to...and maybe you won’t be so glad to see me.” He looked
at her, confusion playing across his features. She reached into a bag she had on the floor.
With a flourish, she dropped a newspaper on his desk. “What’s that?” “The
Hartford Centinel,” she replied. “Are you selling subscriptions?” he joked. She leaned over
and pulled out the entertainment section. “There,’ she said, pointing to a front page
article. “WWF Superstars Not Given Star Treatment.” “I still don’t get it,” he said. She
pointed to the picture next to the byline.He looked at it and then up at her. His jaw was
hanging open. “That’s you!” he said. “Yep. it sure is,’ she said. “You mean this is what you
were doing? All this time you were writing an article about the WWF?” She nodded her
head and smiled.
“Well what’s so bad about that?” “You haven’t read it yet Shane.” He picked it up
slowly and began to scan the article. “Who’s idea was this?” he asked. “Mine actually,” she
replied. “I read an article in one of the WWF magazines that mentioned how much
traveling is involved in the wrestling business. So I decided to see for myself. That’s why
I’ve been in every city you’ve been in. I was traveling to the same cities, staying at the
same hotels, eating in the same restaurants.” “Why?” he asked. “To show that for all the
money the WWF takes in....the people responsible for all that money are still expected to
live like that.’
“Well why didn’t you just approach me or my father? We would have given you an
interview.” “I didn’t want an interview. And I didn’t want anyone trying to control what I did
or didn’t see. I wanted to write the article from the wrestler’s point of view.” Shane sat
down and read the article. When he put the paper down she was almost afraid to see his
reaction. “You want to know something?” he said. “That was damn good.”
“Did you really like it?’ she asked. “Every single word was true. It isn’t an easy life.
But why were you so secretive about it?” “Shane,’ she began. “Not everything I wrote in
there was exactly nice. I mean I took a couple of hard shots at the WWF. If I had told you
or your father what I really intended to write wouldn’t you have tried to change my mind?’
“I don’t know....yeah .....maybe a little.’ “I couldn’t let that happen. That’s why my editor
didn’t want any input from anyone in the WWF.”She looked at him carefully, trying to
gauge his reaction. “Are you upset with me?” she asked.
He dropped the paper to the desk. Tapping the surface of the wood lightly, he
walked around slowly until he was facing her. “Does this mean you’re done with trying to
hide what you’re doing? Does this mean that you and I can finally have a more normal
relationship?” “Well, yeah...I guess...if that’s what you want.” “What do you think?” he
asked, grabbing her and playfully pushing her back on the desk. “Shane what are you
doing?” “Oh you’ll find out,” he said, starting to unbutton her blouse.
“Ok, Boy Wonder, lunch time!” Both of their heads snapped around to see Steve
Blackman standing in the doorway. He tilted his head sideways to get a better look at
Angela. Smiling, he extended his hand. “I’m Steve,’ he said. “And you must be the woman
who has my buddy here all tied up in knots.’ Angela reached out slowly and shook his
hand. “Your timing always did stink,” said Shane.


“Well, you said be here at 11:30, and here I am,” said Steve, thoroughly enjoying
putting Shane on the spot. “Ummm, Shane...could you let me up please?” she asked. “Oh,
sure honey, I’m sorry,” he said, helping her stand. Angela fumbled with her buttons while
Steve stood there grinning at Shane. “You didn’t tell me she was so pretty,’ he said. “If I
remember correctly, I didn’t tell you anything,” Shane replied. “That’s true. You’ve been a
very well kept secret,’ he said to Angela.
“Yeah..until now,” grumbled Shane. “Are you going to join us for lunch?” Steve
asked, never taking his eyes from her. “Well I don’t want to intrude...” “Don’t be silly. You
wouldn’t be intruding. I’d love to have you come along. It’ll give me a chance to get to
know you.’ “Is that all right Shane?” she asked. “Of course it’s all right,” said Steve, taking
her hand and leading her out the door.
When they got to the restaurant, it was Steve who pulled out her chair and Steve
who pulled his chair up closer to hers. “So, mystery woman. What is it you do for a
living.?” “She shoots nosy wrestlers,” Shane said sarcastically. “Always a comic,” Steve
said with a smile. He turned back to Angela waiting for a response. “I’m a reporter,’ she
said. “For the Hartford Centinel.” “Are you now?” he said. Angela nodded with a smile.
“But of course like every writer I’d love to write a novel someday’ “A love story no doubt,”
Steve said with a wink.
  Shane couldn’t believe his ears. He and Steve had been friends for years. They
loved to torment each other. But this was a new side to him. It was impossible for Shane
to tell if Steve was teasing or flirting. If it was the former...it was just plain annoying. If it
was the latter...he was going to kill him.
Steve and Angela continued to chat, effectively leaving Shane out of the
conversation. Finally she turned to him. “You’re awfully quiet Shane,’ she said. “Kind of
hard to get a word in edgewise,’ he commented. He could tell by the look on her face that
he probably sounded a little harsh. He reached out and laid his hand on hers. The simple
gesture brought a smile to her face. A smile that didn’t go unnoticed by Steve.
“Have you two known each other long?” he asked. “No, not really,’ she said. “That’s
funny. Because looking at you two, it’s like you’ve known each other forever.’ She looked
over at Shane and saw the unmistakable look of desire in his eyes. She squeezed his hand
tightly while at the same time running her bare foot up his leg. He glanced down quickly
and tried to hide his smile. They sat and ate their lunch, secretly enjoying their erotic little
Shane was glad when it was time to leave. He planned on getting rid of Steve as
quickly as possible. Then he planned to show Angela some undiscovered parts of Titan
Towers. They had just stepped outside when her cell phone rang. “Excuse me,” she said.
She talked for several minutes and then hung up. “Shane, I’m so sorry. I have an
assignment. I have to drive up to Boston.’ “When will you be back?” he asked. “Probably
late Saturday...maybe early Sunday.’ The disappointment on his face was evident, even to
When they pulled into the parking lot at Titan Towers she jumped out of the car
quickly. “I hate to rush...but I have an interview at 3:00. “It was nice meeting you Steve,’
she said. “Oh believe me, the pleasure was all mine,’ he said. She turned to Shane. “I’ll be
in touch with you later,’ she said, leaning forward to kiss him. “I’ll make it up to you,’ she
whispered, before she pulled away. “I’m counting on that,’ he thought.


Steve walked him back to his office. “I don’t know where you found her,” he said,
but whatever you do....do not let her go.’ “I don’t intend to,” Shane replied, not really
wanting to discuss her with Steve. “I mean...I’ve met beautiful women....but Angela?
There’s just something about her. The way she looks at you....man it made me want to.....”
“If you’re smart you won’t finish that sentence,” Shane warned him. “Ok, ok,” Steve said,
raising his hands in surrender. “But just remember, if you ever decide to dump her....”
“Out,” Shane said, pushing him to the door.
He sat at his desk, staring at the work in front of him. “Well, I have nothing else to
do,” he sighed. Three hours later he decided that he had just about finished. He was
putting the last of his papers away when his phone rang. “Shane McMahon,” he said. “God
you have a sexy voice,” she whispered. He sat down quickly, closing his eyes. “I miss you
so much,’ he said. “I miss you too baby,” she said. “Where are you?” he asked. “In a cold,
lonely, hotel room,’ she replied. “I wish I was there with you,’ he said. He could hear her
sigh softly.
“Shane...I can’t talk very long....but I was thinking.... I have some things I’d like
you to read. Why don’t you let me have your e-mail address? That way we could have a
little chat too.” “Ok...that would be fun,’ he said, and he gave her the address. “I’ll be
available after 9 tonight,’ she said. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said softly.  
He made absolutely sure he had his computer turned on at 9:00. When her instant
message came through a smile spread across his face.

Angela: Hey gorgeous....I’m sitting here all alone, wearing my shortest,        
sexiest nightie, just wishing you were here to help me take it off.

Shane stared at the screen...swallowing hard. He paused for a second and began to type.

Shane: Baby, if I was there you wouldn’t have put it on in the first place.

She read his reply and a chill went through her.

Angela: Then I’m gonna take it off right now. Oh,Shane you have no idea how my body
aches for you.

He read her words and immediately felt himself responding.

Shane: Baby, if I was there I’d take care of that ache....and you could take care of mine.

She smiled softly when she realized how aroused she was becoming.

Angela: You want to know what I’m thinking about right now? How I’d love to take you in
my mouth. I’d give anything to feel you grow hard.I’ll bet you taste so sweet.

A moan of pure desire escaped from him. He closed his eyes and imagined what she had
just written. He could almost feel the soft heat of her mouth caressing him.

Shane: Angela....please tell me what you would do.....I want to know.

Angela : Oh baby, I would lick and suck every inch of you. When I got done there wouldn’t
be a part of you that I hadn’t tasted and savored. I can feel it now....can’t you? Oh
Shane...when you’re so deep inside  my mouth all I want to do is show you how much I
want you...how much I want to make you happy.

The ache in him was so strong now, he was having trouble breathing.

Shane : “Oh baby please, I want you so much.

Angela : Then just let go baby, close your eyes and think of me. Think of my    
hands and my mouth. Think of everything I’m gonna do to you when I get back.

He did as she wrote and seconds later he was groaning in satisfaction as her words and
images brought him to a sweet release.

Shane ; “Oh baby, that was so wonderful. But I still can’t wait till we can      
really be together.

Angela : “Soon, baby. Real soon. “you have sweet dreams. And remember how much I
want you,’

She signed off, leaving him sitting there breathless but smiling. “Now it’s my turn to make
it up to you,’ he thought.

He waited all day Saturday to hear from her. By 10:00 that night he was sitting on
his couch, half asleep, trying to convince himself that he was interested in the movie he
was watching. Letting out a sigh he reached over and grabbed the remote control. “Well,
that stunk,” he said to the empty room. He was just about to haul himself up from the
couch when the phone rang. In a flash he had the receiver in his hand. “Hello?” “Hey
sweetie...I’m sorry it’s so late...is this a bad time?” He sat up quickly, his heart racing at
the sound of her voice. “Of course it isn’t too late. I was hoping you’d call.”
“You wouldn’t believe the day I had,” she said. “They send me to interview this up
and coming movie star. Only he thinks he’s bigger than Tom Cruise. I don’t know how he
gets through doorways with an ego that big. Anyway, I was supposed to have dinner with
him and his agent tonight....only the agent was conveniently under the weather. Needless
to say, Mr. Wannabe A Movie Star, tried to make some moves on me.” Shane could feel his
hand tightening on the receiver. “Honey....are you listening?” she asked. “Yeah....I’m
listening,” he replied. Angela was secretly delighted by the jealousy she could hear in his
“Believe me when I tell you that he’ll be thinking long and hard about even talking
to me again.” She could hear an almost audible sigh of relief come from him. “Shane, you
don’t think I could ever be interested in another man..do you?” “Well....no,” he began. “I
guess I just had no idea of the kind of articles you wrote for that paper of yours.” “Honey, I
write what they tell me to write. I’m new around here. I have to make a name for myself
before I can pick and choose my assignments. Believe me, it’s not my life’s ambition to
interview immature idiots all my life.’
Suddenly he felt a little better. “When will you be home?” he asked. “Early
tomorrow.....very early. There’s someone I’m dying to see.” “Well how would you feel
about having dinner with my parents? Apparently Steve “Big Mouth” Blackman mentioned
you to my dad. And he spoke to my mom and....I guess you can figure out the rest.’ “Your
parents? Gee....I’m not sure I’m ready for them yet. I mean I’m sure your mom is very
sweet. But your dad? Has he read the article I wrote?’ “He sure did,’ said Shane. “I gave it
to him.” “And here I thought you liked me,” she said, half teasing and half serious.
“You have nothing to worry about,” said Shane. “He liked the article very much. “In
fact he really wants to talk to you about it.” “Do you promise not to leave me alone for a
single minute?” she pleaded. “I promise,’ he said. “Well....ok then.’ “Great. I’ll pick you up
around 3:00. Call me when you get home.” “I will,” she said. “And Shane....the whole time
I was with that guy? I would have given anything if it had been you.’ “I’ll see you
tomorrow,” he said softly. “Sweet dreams,” she said. “Only if they’re about you,” he told
her, hanging up with a sigh.

When they drove up the long, winding driveway, she had to fight the urge to hum
the theme from “Dynasty.” “This is where you grew up?’ she asked. “Yep. Home sweet
home.” he said with a grin. “This isn’t a house.....it’s a mansion” she said with awe.
“Nah..I don’t think it’s that big.’ “Shane I grew up in a two family house, sharing a room
with two sisters. Trust me...this is a mansion.’ He turned to her in surprise. “I’d like to
meet your sisters someday,’ he said. “No you wouldn’t,” she replied, not even looking at
him. Something told him not to pursue the subject, so he filed it away for later.
The front door flew open before they were halfway up the steps. “Hey mom,” he
said, opening his arms. Linda stepped forward and let Shane wrap her in a bear hug. Then
she turned and smiled at Angela. “Mom...this is....” “Angela....I know. It’s a pleasure to
meet you,” she said. She extended her hand and Angela took it gratefully.” “Did you hit
much traffic?” she asked as she led them into the house. “Nah...you know me. I take all
the back roads.’ Linda shook her head. “Just like your father. He detours through every
backyard and horse farm between here and Hartford.”
Angela laughed softly. “I did see parts of Connecticut that I didn’t know existed.”
“Where’s dad?” Shane asked. “Where do you think?” Shane looked at her and laughed. “On
the phone.” they said in unison. “He should be off soon though.” Shane led Angela into the
living room. She had to admit, it was beautiful, but in a very comfortable way. She had
been terrified that she’d be afraid to sit on the furniture. “I made some lemonade,” Linda
said, placing a tray on the table. “Would you mind pouring?” she asked Angela. “I’m going
to throw Vince’s cell phone out the window.”
Angela stared at her as she headed up the stairs. Shane leaned to whisper in her
ear. “She’s kidding.” “Oh..I know,” she stammered. “Honey, relax. Mom likes you.” She
turned to smile at him and he took her face gently and kissed her. “Thank you Shane,” she
whispered. They heard his parents coming down the stairs. “I’m telling you Vince, if it
rings again...you can kiss it good bye.” Angela glued a smile to her face and steeled herself
to meet THE Vince McMahon.
He walked into the room and smiled immediately. “Angela, I’m very sorry. I should
have been here to meet you.” “Oh that’s all right,” she said. “I know how busy you are.” “I
guess you do. I read your article.” Angela could feel her face growing red with
embarrassment. “I hope you weren’t offended by any of it,” she said. “No, not at all. In fact
it gave me a lot to think about.” Shane rested his hand on the back of her neck and
squeezed it gently.
“You have a beautiful home here,” she said to Linda.” “Thank you. Would you like
to see the rest of it?” “I’ll show her mom,” Shane said. “I don’t want to take you away from
dinner.” He stood up and took her by the hand. “Let’s go,” he said. He pointed out several
rooms on the second floor, each one more beautiful than the one before. Finally they got
to his old room. She smiled softly when she thought of a young Shane growing up in this
“Is that you?” she asked, looking at a picture of a very cute...and young football
player.”Yeah, that’s me,” he said. “Makes me wish I had been a cheerleader,’ she said.
She was engrossed in looking at some other photos on the wall when she heard a muffled
click. Turning, she looked at him. “What are you doing?’ she asked. “Living out a fantasy,’
he whispered, approaching her slowly. “A fantasy?” she asked, becoming very intrigued.
“When I was younger I always fantasized about having a girl up here. And now it’s come
true.” He pushed her down gently on the bed and kissed her deeply.
“Shane...your parents,” she said. “The door is locked and they’re all the way
downstairs,’ he said, moving to undo her pants.”Are you sure?” she asked. “Very,” he
murmured as he finished undressing her.
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