She fought hard to control the moans of pleasure that were aching to be released.
Shane ran his hands over her body eagerly, following each touch with a trail of soft kisses.
While he traveled the length of her, she did her best to undress him as well. Finally they
laid together, gazing into each other’s eyes. “Is this as good as your fantasy?” she asked.
“Oh..it’s soooo much better,’ he whispered.
He kissed her neck softly and then moved down until he could taste and tease at
her nipples. Running one hand through his hair, she used her other one to stroke him
gently. “Oh, God, Angela....you drive me crazy,” he whispered. As much as he hated to
move....he couldn’t fight the urge to taste all of her. He parted her legs gently and lowered
his head. The second his tongue touched her, she arched in pure pleasure.He held tightly
to her hips as he slowly and thoroughly explored every part of her.
“Shane...please. I’m going to....” “I know baby,” he whispered. “That’s what I
want.....let go....please.” She dropped her head back and gave into a tidal wave of
pleasure. He refused to let her move until she had enjoyed every second of it. Her chest
was heaving as she struggled for breath. But before she could completely regain her
composure he moved up and slowly eased inside of her. She buried her head against his
neck, muffling her cries of passion. Shane began to move and much to her surprise and
delight, she began to respond once more. “I can’t believe what you’re doing to me,’ she
said, her voice cracking with emotion. With one final thrust they both reached that all too
familiar peak. She called out his name..practically sobbing. Clinging to one another, they
fought to regain themselves.
After several minutes, Shane leaned back and looked into her eyes. He ran a finger
across her brow and smiled.”I love you Angela,” he said softly. “Oh Shane...I love you too,”
she replied. He wrapped her in a tight hug, almost afraid to let her go. “I think your
parents are probably wondering where we are,’ she said. “I suppose you’re right,’ he said,
rising reluctantly. They dressed quickly and headed for the door. He grabbed her by the
waist and gave her one more sweet kiss. “Thank you for making me the happiest man in
the world.”

“What do you suppose they’re doing up there?” Vince asked. “I’m sure I don’t
know,” replied Linda, although she was willing to take an educated guess. “You know
Vince...I could be wrong. But I think Shane is very serious about this girl.” “Really? What
makes you say that?” “Oh....the fact that he can’t take his eyes off of her....he never once
stopped touching her....little things like that.’ “Oh it’s probably just one of those things,’
he said, taking a piece of cheese from the tray on the table. “Now Vince....Shane is exactly
like you. He doesn’t do things half heartedly. I can tell that this girl has a hold over him.”
She glanced quickly up the stairs. “She has his heart. I just hope she doesn’t break it.”
Several minutes later they made their way back downstairs. “The rest of the house
is gorgeous,” Angela said with a smile. “You were gone for quite some time. I had no idea
it was quite that big, “Vince said, biting into a cracker. Linda glared at him before turning
to Angela. “Shane told me that you want to write a novel one day.’ “Yeah,” she said
quietly. “It’s kind of a dream of mine. I’m not sure if it will ever come true though.” “Oh?
Why not?’ “Well, most of my time is taken up with my work. It doesn’t leave a lot of free
time to devote to a novel.”
“You could always give up Shane,” Vince teased. She turned and looked straight
into Shane’s eyes. “No...that’s something I could never do.’ Linda glanced at Vince as if to
say, “I told you so.” “Well, I think you have some real talent, “ Linda said. “Don’t sell
yourself short. Something tells me you’ll find a way to get it all done.” “I hope you’re
right,” she said, taking a sip of her lemonade.
Dinner proved to be much more fun than she had anticipated. Vince wasn’t scary
at all. In fact he was very charming and funny. He kept her laughing with stories about
Shane when he was growing up. “Gee dad..way to make me look good,” he said, covering
his eyes wearily. “This young lady might as well know what she’s in for,’ he said, winking at
her. She reached over and took Shane’s hand. In that instant, Linda, Vince and even Shane
knew just how serious she was about him..
When they left, Angela received warm hug from Linda. “I want to see you back
here,’ she said. “Don’t worry mom,” he said. “That’s a promise I can keep.” He took her by
the hand and led her down the stairs. They had driven about a mile when he suddenly
made a quick turn. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see,” he said. He drove to the top of the
hill and pulled over. Opening his door he looked over at her. “Come on....I want to show
you something.’ She followed him around the bend where she stopped suddenly. “Oh my
gosh....Shane this is beautiful.’
They could see the entire valley beneath them, bathed in a fiery light from the
brilliant sunset. “I used to come here all the time,’ he said. “I always thought of it as my
secret.” “It’s wonderful,” she whispered. He stood and watched her as she gazed at the
landscape. Suddenly he knew the time was right. “Angela, look at me,’ he said. She turned
and looked at him quizzically. “I have never in my life felt about anybody, the way I feel
about you. You are everything I ever dreamed about. I know that there is no way I’ll ever
be happy without you. This may be sudden....but please.....say you’ll marry me.” 

For a few seconds, Angela was speechless. She had dreamed of him saying those
words to her. And now that he had, she was completely dumbfounded. “Did you hear me?”
he asked. She merely nodded her head. Visions flashed through her mind of the two of
them, living together, sharing a life....having children. “I guess I got my answer,” he said
quietly, when no response came from her. He turned to walk away.
Suddenly she was snapped back to reality. “Shane...wait. Where are you going?”
“Back to the car,” he said. “But you didn’t let me answer,” she said. “I figured when you
didn’t say anything...that was your answer.” “I think I just had to convince myself that you
really did ask me,” she said.
“I really did,” he said, taking her hands. “You are the person I want to spend my
life with.” Tears welled in her eyes. as she tightened her grip on his hands. “You know the
first night I met you....I had this crazy idea that maybe you would someday fall in love with
me...and want to marry me. I never really let myself believe it could happen.....but now...”
“Angela.....do you love me?” he asked searching her face. “Oh God....yes,’ she
whispered. “Well then?” She threw her arms around his neck and held him so close, that
breathing was difficult. “Yes....I’ll marry you,” she cried. He threw his head back and yelled
so loud she was sure it echoed halfway across the valley. “Do you know how happy I am?
he asked her. “Yeah...I have a pretty good idea,’ she said.
“We should tell mom and dad,’ he said taking her hand. “No....wait,” she said.
“What? he asked sensing some hesitation in her. “This is the most wonderful thing that’s
ever happened to me,” she said. “I’d really like to enjoy it for a while.” “I’m not sure what
you mean,” he said. She took a deep breath and tried to explain. “Weddings are a big deal.
Everybody likes to get involved. I saw it happen with my sisters. After a while people tend
to forget who’s getting married....or even why. I’d like to keep this between us....just for a
little while. Kind of like a delicious secret that we don’t have to share with anybody. I’m
gonna have to share you soon enough. Right now I’d just like to be a little selfish. Do you
understand?” she asked.
He looked at her carefully for a few seconds. “You are still going to marry
me....right?” “Try and stop me,” she said, kissing him slowly. “Then I’ll do whatever makes
you happy,” he said.


More than two weeks went by when Shane finally had to ask her the question that
had been preying on his mind. “Angela?” he asked ,as she sat thumbing through a
magazine. “Yeah?’ she replied, looking up with a smile. “I remember you mentioned that
you had two sisters.” She quickly lowered her head. “That’s right,’ she said quietly. “Well I
was wondering...do you have any other family?” She put the magazine down gently and
looked back up.
“My parents died when I was 16. I moved in with my sister and her husband. My
other sister wasn’t married at the time. I stayed for exactly two years. The day I turned 18,
I was history.” Shane could tell by the look on her face and the flat, cold tone of her voice
that it was something she preferred not to talk about. “Well the reason I asked...is I
thought maybe you’d like to invite them over here...you know...let them know you’re
getting married.” 
Angela knew that Shane was only trying to be nice. But the last thing she wanted to
see was either one of her sisters. “We could invite my parents and Steph and Hunter.
Everyone could get to know one another.” The thought of her sisters and their awful
husbands in the same room with Shane and his family, literally made her sick. “Honey, it’s
awfully nice of you to want to do that.....but both of my sisters live down in New York. And
to be honest, I’m not sure they’d be willing to travel all that distance just for a dinner.”
“Well couldn’t they spend the night?”
“Shane not everyone is a McMahon...hotels cost money.” “Honey I wasn’t
suggesting a hotel. My parents have a big house and....’ She slammed the magazine down
hard on the table. “What is it about no that you don’t understand?” She walked from the
room and left him staring after her in shock. They had never so much as raised their
voices to one another. Something had to be really wrong for her to be reacting so harshly.
By the time he got into the kitchen she was sitting at the table, her back to the
door. “Honey.....what is it? I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought it would be nice. We
could get everyone together and tell them our good news.” She kept her head down,
refusing to meet his eyes. She knew if she looked up she’d give in. And she’s regret it for
the rest of her life. “I know you wanted to keep it a secret for a while...but aren’t you dying
to tell anyone? I know I am.”
“Shane....what’s the hurry?” she asked. “Angela, I asked you two weeks ago. I’d
really like to tell my parents at least.” “Fine...if that’s what you want,’ she said with
resignation. “No..it isn’t what I want. I want both of us to be happy about this...but right
now I can tell that I’m the only one who even seems to care.” He was pacing back and
forth, he voice becoming louder and louder. “You were so excited the day I asked you. Now
it’s like it doesn’t matter a bit to you.’
“Shane, I think you’re over reacting,” she said. “And I think you’ve changed your
mind but you just don’t know how to tell me,’ he said, walking from the room.


“Shane...no...please!” She ran behind him and grabbed him, clinging to him as if
her life depended on it. “More than anything in this world I want to be your wife. I would
never change my mind.” She was crying so hard it scared him. He led her to the couch
and sat her down. “Honey please don’t cry,’ he whispered. “It does matter to me,’ she
continued. He tried to loosen her arms from his neck but she seemed terrified to let go.
“Oh please tell me you aren’t going to call off the wedding.”
“Are you crazy?’ he said. “I would never do that.” She loosened her arms allowing
him to look into her eyes. He couldn’t believe how frightened she looked. “You and I are
getting married...I promise you that. But I don’t understand why you’re so dead set
against having our families know that we’re engaged. I mean you won’t even let me buy
you a ring.’
“Shane it isn’t your family. I think your parents are great. And if your sister is
anything like you, I’m sure I’ll love her. It’s my family,” she said quietly. “What about your
family?” he asked. “You grew up in a perfect family,” she said. “You had two parents that
loved you...a sister you’re obviously crazy about....a beautiful home..” He held her hands
gently, urging her to go on. “In my family every penny counted. My parents fought about
money every single day. And when they died it was like my sisters thought they did it
deliberately. All they could see were the bills they had to pay...and the little sister they had
to support.
“Even now that they’re married....all they talk about is money. They’re constantly
asking how much I make. Can’t you see why I don’t want them anywhere near your
family?’ All they’d want to talk about is how rich your family is. That’s all your parents
would have to see. Then they’d know that I’m not good enough for you.’
“What?” he said, gripping her arms tightly. “How can you even say that? Have I
ever once led you to believe that I even care about how much money you have? Or how
much your family has? Damn it....I love you. And not because of what you have but for who
you are.’ “Oh God, I love you,” she cried, wrapping herself around him again. He held her
close whispering in her ear until she had calmed down. Then he gently took her face in his
hands and kissed her. “If you don’t want to involve your family right now...that’s fine. I’m
not going to push you. But I really would like to tell my mom and dad. They really liked
you a lot and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled for us.’
“I know you’re right,’ she said, wiping her tears. “I’ll tell you what. “You go freshen
up. I’m gonna call my mom and my sister. You and I are going to take them all out and
share our happiness with them....right after I buy you a ring that is.” She glanced down at
her finger and quickly back up at him. “Really Shane you don’t have to....” “I want to,” he
said softly. “I want the whole world to know how much I love you....ok?’ “Ok,” she replied.


As it turned out, telling his family had been a wonderful experience. His mother
cried, his father hugged her so hard she thought he’d break her ribs, and Stephanie
offered to fill her in on all of Shane’s little secrets. Everyone absolutely loved her ring. It
was a 2 carat emerald cut diamond. “Shane picked it out,’ she said quietly. “Well you kept
picking the ones that you needed a magnifying glass to see,” he said in his defense. “Well I
think it’s gorgeous,’ said Steph. Angela smiled and thanked her, but she was still very self
conscious about it.
When Shane took her home that night he could see that she was visibly relieved. “I
kept having this recurring nightmare that we told your parents and they had a fit.” “I told
you they liked you. And all it will take is a little time before they love you.’ They got
undressed and crawled under the covers. Angela held up her hand and let the light play off
the surface of the sparkling gem. Shane took her hand and kissed it. “I still say it’s too
big,’ she said. “And I say....come here,” he whispered, gathering her into his arms.
“The next step we have to take is setting a date. “I know,” she said thoughtfully.
“Can I have a couple of days to think about it?” “All right, “ he said, slowly inching down
the strap of her nightgown. “But I’m telling you right now. It had better be before the end
of the year.’ “It will be...I promise,” she said softly. “As for now....” He kissed her
passionately. “Nobody is going to stop me from becoming your wife,’ she thought.
“Absolutely no one.’
Two days later a woman sat at her kitchen table surrounded by dirty dishes and
half eaten food. She was flipping through the newspaper when the picture caught her eye.
The cigarette she was smoking tumbled from her fingers as she sat up to make sure she
was seeing right. She read the short article twice and went immediately to the phone.
“Kathy....it’s Diane. Have you read the paper yet today? Well get your butt outside and get
it. There’s something in there you just have to see.’
She held on, waiting for her sister, lighting another cigarette. Several seconds
later, Kathy came back on the line. “Ok, turn to the family section and look at the
engagement announcements.” She waited a few minutes and suddenly she heard her
sister’s surprised response. “I don’t believe it,’ she said. “Our baby sister is finally getting
married......and to money from the looks of things.’ Diane smiled slowly. “Something tells
me that we need to pay a long overdue visit to our loving sister.” “And her rich fiancé,”
added Kathy.

Shane was trying to figure out a new computer program he had just installed when
he heard a knock at the door. He walked over and opened it. They stood there staring at
him, smiling at how lucky their little sister was. “You have to be Shane,” Diane said,
holding out her hand. “I do?” he said, not sure he wanted to take it. “I’m Diane...and this is
Kathy. We’re Angela’s sisters.” “Oh,” he said, his face lighting up. “Come on in. You’re
right. I’m Shane...Angela’s fiancé.” “Angela always was the lucky one in the family,’ Kathy
said, letting her eyes drift over him.
“Why don’t you come in and sit down? Angela is out shopping with my sister
Stephanie. They should be back soon. Can I get you anything?’ “I have some thoughts on
what you can get me,” Diane mumbled. “What’s that?” he said. “Oh nothing for me,’ she
said. “Me either,’ said Kathy. For some reason Shane found himself wishing that Angela
would come through the door.
They made small talk for several minutes. Diane and Kathy tried to sneak glances
around the room, trying to see just how rich Shane might be. Just when he thought he
might have run out of things to say, he heard her key in the door. She and Steph were
chattering happily when he stood up quickly. “Honey, look who’s here.’ Diane and Kathy
stood up and turned. “Hey sis,” they said in unison. But instead of smiling, Angela looked
like she had seen a ghost. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “We came to
congratulate you,” Diane said. “It isn’t everyday our little sister gets engaged. “And to
someone so gorgeous,” added Kathy.
If there had been a hole nearby, Angela would have gratefully crawled into it. Diane
and Kathy turned their attention to Stephanie. “You must be Shane’s sister,” said Diane.
She smiled and nodded. “Stephanie,” she said extending her hand. Angela cringed when
she saw Diane hold onto Stephanie’s hand to get a better look at the bracelet she was
As if they could read her mind, Kathy suddenly spoke up. “So let’s see the ring.”
Shane smiled at her and she slowly held out her hand. “Oh my God,” said Diane. “You
could probably feed my family for a year with what you paid for that.’ Angela felt her face
go crimson. “That sure is some rock,’ said Kathy. “Did you pick it out?” “No....actually I
did,’ said Shane. “I wanted a ring as gorgeous as she is.’ She looked up at him gratefully.
Diane and Kathy shared a knowing look. Yep, their little sister was going to be
sitting pretty. Angela walked past them to put her packages in the bedroom. “I’ll be right
back,’ Shane said. “So how was shopping?’ he asked. “Fine,” she said softly. “Did you buy
something sexy?” “Not really,” she replied, taking off her sweater. “Honey, what’s wrong?
Are you angry with me?” She looked up at him quickly and just as quickly rushed into his
arms. “Please promise me something?” “Anything, you know that.’ “Promise me that no
matter what they say or do....you won’t stop loving me.” “Angela, I could never.....” “Shane
please....promise me.” Ok....I promise,” he said. She took his face and kissed him, slowly
and deeply. “I love you,’ she whispered. “I love you too, honey.” he replied, wondering
what in the world had her so terrified.


She stayed glued to his side for the rest of their visit. Stephanie had made an
excuse and left early. As Angela walked her to the door she apologized for her sisters.
“Honey, don’t worry about it,” she said. “We all have people in our families that we’d
rather avoid. Remind me to tell you about our Aunt Agnes sometime.” Angela hugged her
tightly. “This is what a sister is supposed to be,” she thought.
“So when is the big day?” Kathy asked. “We haven’t set the date yet,’ said Shane,
wrapping a protective arm around her shoulder. “Well come on Angela, what are you
waiting for. Marry this hunk before somebody snatches him away from you.” “There’s no
chance of that happening,’ he said, looking into her eyes. “It isn’t going to be a big
wedding,” she said. “Just some close friends and family.” Shane looked at her in surprise.
This was all news to him.
“Well either way...be sure to keep us posted. We’ll have to go shopping, We can’t
be looking bad in front of Shane’s society friends.” He felt Angela tense up next to him and
he was beginning to realize what she had been talking about. Finally they decided it was
time to leave. Angela opened the door for them doing everything short of pushing them
into the hallway. “We’ll give you a call,” Diane told her. “I can’t wait for the big day.” They
waved good bye to Shane and Angela quickly closed the door.
“They’re very....umm....interesting,” he offered. “They’re awful,” she corrected him.
“I can’t believe they just showed up here. “Well I guess they wanted to see you.” “No...they
wanted to see you.....and where you live...and what you drive...” He could see that she was
getting upset. “I’m gonna go lie down,’ she said.
He walked in behind her, looking at her carefully. She sat on the edge of the bed
rubbing her eyes. “Look at me,” he whispered. She lowered her hands and turned to him.
He began to unbutton her blouse slowly. “Shane?” “Relax, honey. Something tells me you
could use a nice relaxing massage.’ “God, you must be a mind reader,” she said. She laid
on her stomach and he slowly began to knead her aching shoulders. Gradually he could
feel her muscles relaxing, giving in to the delicious pressure from his hands.
He moved his hands down along her back, working each muscle until she was
almost moaning with satisfaction. “Roll over,” he said softly. She did as he asked and he
undid her jeans. Slipping then down her legs he could feel him self responding just to the
sight of her. He lifted one leg carefully and began to rub her calf. With slow, unyielding
pressure he slowly worked his way up.
Angela’s breathing became more shallow as she lay there lost in the pleasure of
each sweet touch. When he had finished with her other leg. He lowered it gently and gazed
into her eyes. “I want you,’ he whispered. “Oh yes,” she said, pulling him down for a long,
deep kiss. His tongue entwined with hers, each of them desperate to taste the other fully.
His hands worked quickly, removing what was left of her clothing . Running his eyes the
length of her body, he lost no time getting himself undressed.
Angela was aching to touch him. Her hands roamed over his body, stopping to
tease his nipples and straying lower to caress him completely. He groaned with desire as
she began to stroke him. Her touches were light and deft at first. When she could tell how
much he wanted her, he hand moved more insistently. “I need you....now,” he whispered
roughly. She pulled him on top of her and he entered her almost immediately. Moving
together was second nature to them as they brought each other to the brink of ecstasy.
With a final thrust Shane brought them both over the edge, crying out in sweet release.
For minutes afterward she refused to let him go. When she finally did. She looked
into his eyes. “Shane....what if we eloped?”

He had to admit, he wasn’t crazy about the idea at first, but now that he was
finally her husband, he couldn’t imagine why he hadn’t thought of it himself. It took some
explaining to his parents, but they had finally managed to talk them into a very small,
private ceremony at the estate.
When they had finally been pronounced man and wife he had grabbed her and kissed her
before the ceremony was even over.
Looking around at the people who had become her new family, Angela smiled with
relief. She would drop a line to her sisters when she and Shane returned from their
honeymoon. They wouldn’t be happy, but she didn’t care. There was one person in the
world she wanted to please and that was her husband.
They were sitting together, talking quietly, when Vince and Linda approached
them. We have something for you,” Linda said quietly. “Vince and I remember what it was
like to start out in a new life together,” she began, taking one of Angela’s hands. “Now we
know that Shane is much better off than Vince was at his age..but this is something we
still want to do for you. She handed Angela an envelope. “We want you to put this towards
a new house of your own.”
Angela looked down at her hand, unsure of what to say. “It’s very easy to see just
how happy you’ve made our son...and we just wanted you to know that we’re looking
forward to having you in our family. “Angela?” Shane said, lifting her chin. Tears filled her
eyes and threatened to roll down her cheeks. “I don’t know what to say. No one has ever
treated me this way.”
She looked up at Vince and Linda. “I promise you that I will do everything that I
can to make Shane happy. I love him with all of my heart.” “That’s all we care about,” said
Vince. She stood up and hugged them both. As they walked away Shane put his arms
around her. “You have a wonderful family,” she whispered. “Hey..they’re your family too,
you know.” She smiled softly at the thought.
Because they had so quickly set their wedding plans into motion, there was no
time for any lavish honeymoon plans. However they did manage to work out a few days in
Bermuda. “I’m sorry about this,” he had told her. But there are some things at work that I
just can’t leave for that long. “I don’t care,” she whispered. “As long as we’re married.”
Shane had found a small, very private hotel, with separate little cottages for
honeymoon couples. When they had finally arrived and unpacked, she sat down and took a
deep breath. She looked at the wedding rings sparkling on her fingers. “Are you happy?”
he asked. “More than I ever thought possible,” she whispered. “Why don’t you change. I
know they have a nice little restaurant. We could grab a late lunch. She changed into a
very light, short sundress. Shane stopped to look at her. “Mmmm, very sexy. Maybe we
should stay here.”
“Shane we have plenty of time for that. I hate to say this....but I’m hungry.” I
know...so am I,” he growled. “Let’s go tiger,” she teased, leading him out the door. The
restaurant was quiet and dark, a cool oasis from the hot sun. Shane quietly requested, a
private table, preferably in the back. He explained that they were on their honeymoon and
just wanted some quiet time alone. The maitre’d nodded quietly and showed them to a
small table tucked into a corner away from the rest of the room.
Shane ordered for them and then very slowly slid his chair around closer to hers.
“Shane?” she asked with a smile. He dropped his hand to her knee and began to slide it
slowly upwards. “Shane, somebody will see us!” she said, trying to halt the progress of his
fingers. “No they won’t. That’s why I asked for this table.” He leaned over and pressed his
lips to hers, gently rubbing them back and forth, sending shivers up her spine.”You’re very
good at this honeymoon stuff,’ she said, arching her neck as he nibbled gently. “Oh be
patient, he said. “I get much better.’
Once more he kissed her, teasing her lips apart and searching her mouth gently
with his tongue. Suddenly she realized that his hand was on the move again. It rested at
the top of her thigh, gently teasing at the edge of her panties. She shifted slightly and his
eager fingers slipped under the silky material and found her soft warmth. He smiled when
he felt how she was responding to him. A small gasp escaped from her as her gently
The waiter approached and set down their food. “Can I bring you anything else?” he
asked. “Not a thing,” said Shane. Angela smiled at the huskiness on his voice. “This looks
delicious,” she said. “Speaking of delicious....” he said softly, slipping from his chair. He
knelt in front of her and pushed her dress up. He quickly reached underneath and eased
her underwear off. He tucked it into his pocket and slowly spread her legs apart. She
dropped her hand onto his head as his tongue made contact with her.
Gritting her teeth to keep from crying out, she sat there and let him taste all of her.
His tongue was everywhere. He licked slowly at first, then with more urgency when he felt
her nearing the edge.Then he backed off, licking and sucking slowly and gently, until she
was literally aching for release, “Oh God, Shane, now....please.’ He held onto her hips and
brought her to a long, incredible climax. She looked down and realized the she had the
tablecloth clutched in her hands.
Shane quickly returned to his seat, smiling mischievously. “That was quite an
appetizer.’ “I can’t wait for the main course,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss him.
“Sounds good,” he said, fingering the soft, material that he still had in his pocket. “Oh
trust me, you won’t be disappointed,” she said.


The rest of their honeymoon went about as they expected. Very little time in the
sun and quite a lot of time spent in each other’s arms. They were both more than a little
tired when they boarded their flight for Connecticut. “Now, I definitely have to check in at
work,” he said. “But tomorrow, we start looking for a house.” “What’s your hurry?” she
asked. “Well, in case you didn’t notice, I haven’t given you a wedding present yet. I want us
to pick out a house first.” “Why?’ she asked, intrigued by the smile on his face. “Never you
mind,” he said. “You just start thinking about where you’d like to live.”
Two days later they saw their first houses. Shane seemed to go for the larger ones
in the new developments. She smiled and nodded at each amenity the real estate agent
pointed out.....but she still didn’t feel comfortable. Finally Shane caught on and quietly
took her aside. “Something’s wrong..now talk to me.” “Shane....these houses are all
beautiful....but..” “But what?” “They have no character. They’re brand new. They’ve never
been lived in....they have no history. I mean look around...there are no trees or gardens!”
“Well, not yet,” he pointed out. “You wanted to know where I wanted to live....right?” He
nodded in agreement. “Well, what I really want is something a little smaller, with some
trees and flowers....something that looks like a home.’
Suddenly he knew what she meant. He took the real estate agent aside and
explained things to her. A slow smile spread across her face. “I know just the house,” she
said. Ten minutes later they pulled up in front of a charming, older house, with blue
shutters, roses in the garden and an oak tree out front. Angela stared up at it in
amazement. “This is it,” she whispered.
When they went inside, she was even more convinced. She could feel the love and
happiness that had been shared in this home. “Does it have what I asked for?” Shane
whispered to the agent. She nodded silently. “Downstairs,” she said. Shane turned to
Angela and without even asking, he knew they had found what she wanted.. 
She absolutely loved setting up their new home. She took pleasure in every little
detail. Unfortunately, she had to take a break, when she was offered an assignment that
would take her out of town for a couple of days. “Now don’t touch a thing,” she warned
him. “I want to finish it when I get back.’ “Don’t worry,” he said.
As soon as she was gone he was on the phone. “Mary? She’s gone. Get your guys
together and get over here now. We only have two days.’ When Angela returned the first
thing she did....after kissing her husband....was check to make sure he hadn’t changed any
of the things she had started. “I promised I wouldn’t,” he said. “The only thing I did was in
one of the little rooms downstairs.’ “What did you do?” she asked suspiciously. Taking her
hand, he led her down the stairs. “Come on. I think you’ll like it.”
He opened the door with a flourish and she stood there, not quite sure about what
she was looking at. The room had been freshly painted....in her favorite color, she noticed.
There was a new desk, a computer, a printer and anything else you would need for a home
office. “Wow you’ve been busy,” she said. “Oh wait. I forgot one thing,” he said. He
reached into the desk and pulled out a frame. Inside was her journalism degree. “Where
do you want to hang it?” he asked. She looked up at him in surprise. “You mean....all of
this..?” “It’s for you,” he said quietly.
He took her and they sat together on the loveseat in the corner. “I know how badly
you want to write your novel. And you can’t do it, if you’re working all the time. I want you
to quit your job. I want you to come in here everyday and work on that novel. I want you to
have your dream.’ Tears filled her eyes as she looked around and finally turned to her
husband. “You’re my dream,” she whispered. “Do you like it?”he asked hopefully. “I love
it,” she said. “So you’ll leave that job you hate?’ “Hand me the phone,” she said with a

One feature of the house that she absolutely loved, but hated to admit, was the
swimming pool. “I just seems so extravagant,” she had said to Stephanie. “You know...it’s
ok to enjoy what Shane can give you,” she explained. “I’ve never seen him so happy. He
loves you and he wants to give you the world. Take the swimming pool and make him
happy.” Stephanie always had a knack for making her smile.
Angela enjoyed the time she spent with Steph. They had grown very close....as
close as real sisters. She had somehow managed to hold off her own sisters from visiting,
but she knew that wouldn’t last forever. Shane had been putting in extra hours at his
office...and although she would have preferred to have him at home...she did put the time
to good use. Her novel was going much better than planned and she thought maybe she
would have it ready for a publisher within the month.
When Shane called and said he would be home in twenty minutes. She was about
to head into the kitchen when she looked out the window and her eye was immediately
drawn to the sparkling blue water. She grabbed a bottle of wine from the cabinet, two
glasses and headed for the pool. By the time he got home she had the wine chilled and
some fresh vegetables cut and waiting on a tray
Shane arrived home, tossed his briefcase on the hall table and called her name.
“Out here,” she replied. He walked to the patio door and smiled. “Enjoying yourself?” “Not
as much as I could be,” she said seductively. “Come here and give me a kiss.” He walked
over bending down to kiss her and his eyes widened in surprise. “Angela....where’s your
swimsuit?” “In the house,” she replied. She could hear his breath start to quicken. “Why
don’t you come in and join me?” she said quietly. “Ill be right back,” he said, rushing into
the house.
Minutes later, he returned wearing a robe. “I’m waiting,” she said, holding out her
arms. Dropping the robe, he dove, knifing through the water and surfacing next to her.
“Mrs. McMahon....you are incredible,” he whispered. Without answering, she slid her arms
around his neck and kissed him. Their tongues joined sweetly, stroking and tasting. “If I
had known about this I would have been home a lot sooner,” he said, nuzzling her neck as
his hands slipped under the water to caress her.
She whimpered in pleasure as he ran the fingers of one hand across her breast and
used the fingers of his other hand to stroke between her thighs. He slowly turned her
around until her back was against the cool tile wall. Never once did he stop tasting or
touching her. Slowly she dipped her hand into the water until it closed around him. A deep
moan of desire came from him. “I want you ....now,” she said. He held her hips and lifted
her. Wrapping her legs around his waist she helped to guide him inside, gasping when he
filled her. Shane began to move, as languid as the water lapping around them. “Come on
baby....faster,” she urged. “Let me feel you.” Smiling with increased desire, he sped up his
movements until they were both groaning with the need to finish. In a sudden flurry of
movement they both arched out of the water as they were overcome with an incredible
wave of pleasure. As she struggled to catch her breath, she reached into the water to
scoop up small handfuls to pour on Shane’s heated body. “And to think I thought about
getting rid of this pool,” she said with a soft laugh.


Angela glanced at her schedule one last time. If she left now, she could make her
stop at the post office and still get to her doctor’s appointment on time. She ran her hand
over the manila envelope on the desk. She had finally finished her novel the night before. It
sat there on her desk waiting to be mailed. If she wanted the truth to be known....she was
terrified to send it. She knew it was good, but what would a publisher think? Well, she’d
know soon enough.
Her stop at the post office only took minutes. “Not very long for something that
could change my life,” she thought. As she headed to the doctor’s office she was
amazingly calm. “Now if anything could change my life, it would be this,” she pondered.
But instead of being nervous, she was looking forward to what the doctor might possibly
tell her.
An hour later she was walking back to her car, her feet barely touching the ground.
She slid behind the steering wheel and paused. Suddenly she got an idea. She pulled out
and headed for the department store. Checking her watch, she figured she would have just
enough time to pick up what she was looking for and get home before Shane.
Shane arrived home to the smell of something delicious cooking. He walked into
the kitchen and peeked over her shoulder at the bubbling pots on the stove. “Feeling
domestic?” he asked, kissing her cheek. “Yes...I am,” she replied, feeding him a piece of
the chicken she had cooked. “Hurry up and get changed. Dinner is ready.” He headed
upstairs whistling. He had always been pretty sure that being married to her would make
him happy...but he never thought he would be this happy.
When he walked back into the dining room, he noticed a small wrapped package
next to his plate. “What’s this?” he asked. She set down the plate of potatoes she was
carrying and wiped her hands. “Just a little something I saw today. I thought it would look
nice on your desk.” He sat down and opened it up. It was a picture frame decorated with
toys and blocks and balloons. “This is cute,” he said, somewhat bewildered. “But isn’t this
for a baby’s picture?” She stood there smiling and nodding at him. It took a second, but
suddenly he was on his feet, wrapping her in his arms.
“I can’t believe it. A baby?” “That’s right,” she said, hugging him tightly. “When?”
he asked, gazing into her eyes. “Oh I’d say about seven months.” He sat back down,
pulling her onto his lap. “We’ll have to decorate a nursery. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to tell
my parents....and Steph!” She laughed at his unbridled enthusiasm. “You are gonna make
one terrific dad,’ she said. “We’ll have to come up with names.” “Maybe we should find out
if it’s a boy or a girl.” she suggested. “Yeah...I guess,” he said, laughing softly, “I didn’t
think you could make me any happier...but you have,’ he said softly. “I love you.....with all
of my heart.” His kiss was warm and deep. She felt more love for him at that moment then
she ever thought possible.
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