Angela was sitting cross legged on the floor looking through a catalog. “Honey...I
know I said this before,” said Shane. “But you’d better make up your mind. “I know,” she
said....but they’re both so cute.” So get both of them,” he suggested. “Shane, we only
need one mobile for over the crib. I have it narrowed down to Mickey Mouse or Winnie The
Pooh.” “I’ve always been partial to Winnie myself,” he said. She looked up at him and
laughed. “Oh I don’t know...I’ve always seen you as a Goofy kind of guy.” He looked at her
and shook his head. “It’s a good thing you’re carrying my child.”
She held out her hands and he helped her up. “Winnie it is,” she said with a smile.
“Thank goodness. We only have ten more days until the baby is born.” “Give or take a
few,” she added. She headed downstairs to call the catalog company when the doorbell
rang. It was the mail carrier with a registered letter. After she signed for it and shut the
door she glanced at the return address. Her heart skipped a beat. It was from the
publisher she had sent her book to. She was almost too afraid to open it. Finally her
curiosity got the better of her and she opened it carefully. She read it once, twice, three
times before she was satisfied that what she had read was true.  “Shane!” she called.
“Come down here....quick.” He flew down the stairs and into the living room. “What is it?
What’s wrong?” She handed him the letter, smiling broadly. He read through it and looked
up, meeting her gaze. “They’re going to publish your book,” he said in astonishment. “I
know, I can’t believe it.” He pulled her up from the chair and held her close. “I am so
proud of you,” he whispered. “I knew you could do it.’
It took most of the rest of the evening, but they managed to call everyone who
mattered and pass along the good news. By the time they were ready for bed, she was
exhausted. She’d had a nagging pain in her back all day. She knew she couldn’t take
anything for it, so she stood under the hot spray of the shower for a few extra minutes. By
the time she crawled under the covers, she was already half asleep. Shane leaned over and
kissed her gently. “Good night, sweetheart.” “Good night Shane....I love you,” she
murmured. They both fell asleep almost instantly. The problem was that she couldn’t stay
asleep. The pain in her back had returned, along with an almost constant need to use the
bathroom. She held off as long as she could, before finally giving in. Just as she stood up,
she felt a rush of warm liquid run down her leg. It took her a second to realize that her
water had broken. “Oh swell,” she thought. “I’ve probably been in labor for hours. I’m
really on top of things.”
She leaned over and gently shook Shane. “Honey....Shane?”He rolled over and
opened his eyes groggily. “What?” he asked. “I think I need to go to the hospital,’ she said.
He sat bolt upright and stared at her. “The baby?” he asked. She nodded, gritting her
teeth as another cramp passed through her. She grabbed her robe as Shane scrambled to
get dressed. “How far apart are the pains?” he asked. “I have no idea,” she said, almost
laughing. “I haven’t been paying attention.’ He looked at her in disbelief. “Are you sure
you’re in labor?” “Trust me,” she said.
An hour later they were in the delivery room and she was clinging to her hand,
trying to catch her breath. “I think one more push ought to do it,” the doctor said. “Isn’t
this an awfully fast labor?” asked Shane. “If you think I’m slowing down....forget it,” she
said, sitting forward as another contraction began to build. She squeezed Shane’s hand,
and pushed as hard as she could. Then she sat back and waited. A smile spread across
her face when she heard her child’s first cry. “Is the baby all right?” she asked. “She’s
fine,’ said the doctor.”
Seconds later she was laid in Angela’s arms. Looking up at Shane, she smiled
softly. “Thank you,” she whispered. He leaned down and kissed her, trailing a finger along
the baby’s head. “Does she have a name?” asked the doctor. “ Rose Michelle McMahon,”
they said together, laughing. “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl,’said her father.


Shane stood in the kitchen warming a bottle of milk. “Don’t forget to test it first,”
Angela said, as she ran through trying to find her other shoe and put on her earrings. “Yes
mommy,” he teased. “Shane this is the first time I’ve left her. I’m just a little nervous.”
“Sweetheart, I’m her father. And besides my mother is on red alert if something goes
wrong.’ She stopped to look at him as he held their daughter and gently rubbed her back.
“I know... I’m being silly.” She walked over and kissed Rose on the cheek and then her
husband. “This meeting shouldn’t take very long at all. Mr.Miles, the publisher, says it’s a
very standard contract for a first time author.”
She finally manage to slip on her shoe and then she stood up straight. “How do I
look?” “Incredibly sexy,” he said, winking at her. “Well, that wasn’t the look I was going
for....but thanks.” She grabbed her purse and flew out the door. “Your mommy is a very
nervous woman,” he whispered to Rose as he took the bottle from the pan of water.
When she arrived back home, she was more tired than she cared to admit. She
tossed her purse down and headed into the living room. Vince was sitting there with Rose
cradled in his arms. “Uh oh. Somebody already has grandpa’s heart,’ she said with a
laugh. “You’d better believe it,” he said. Shane and Linda came in from the kitchen. “How
was your meeting?” he asked, taking her in his arms for a quick kiss. “It was all right....I
think. I mean, how would I know if they gave me a raw deal?” Did you bring a copy of the
contract home?” asked Linda. Angela nodded. “It’s in my purse.”
“Let me see it then,’ she said. “Oh I don’t want to bother you.” “Angela....go get
it,” she said, placing her hands on her hips. “Now I know where Shane gets it from,” she
laughed. She came back in and handed the papers to her mother- in- law. “Linda looks at
contracts all day. She’ll tell you if it’s ok,” said Vince. Linda took the contract and scanned
it slowly. “Well it seems ok to me. It actually isn’t bad money for a first book.” “I’ll make
more if it sells more,” she said hopefully. “Then you’re gonna be rich,’ Shane said. “I think
you’re just a little prejudiced,” she laughed.
She glanced over to see that Rose was sound asleep. I’d better take her upstairs,’
she said. “Then I’ll change and we can order a pizza or something.” She gently lifted the
baby, kissing her softly. Shane waited until she was out of earshot before he spoke. “Just
make sure you don’t make it sound like some kind of charity job,” he said to Vince. “It
isn’t charity,” Vince reminded him. I do intend to pay her.”
Shane was hanging up the phone when she came back downstairs. “Pizza will be
here in 15 minutes,” he said. “I’ll get the soda,” said Angela. “Honey, wait,” said Shane,
taking her arm. “Mom and dad want to talk to you.” Angela looked at her in-laws
questioningly. “Oh don’t get nervous now,” Vince teased. “This is a good thing.”
“Shane let us read some of your book.” “You did?”she asked in surprise.’ “I didn’t
think you’d mind,” he said. “Oh, I don’t. But why didn’t you just ask me?” “Well, that’s my
fault,” said Vince. “I didn’t want you to know until I was sure.” “Sure of what?” Vince
leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees. “Lately, I’ve been less than impressed
with our writers. Shane has been telling us just how talented you are....and he’s right.
What I’m proposing is that you become part of our writing team.”
Angela wasn’t sure what to say. “Now before you answer, let me tell you how I want
it to work. I know you want to be home with Rose...and be free to work on your own
books....and you will be. My idea is to send you the occasional script to sort of....punch up.
It can all be done by fax and e-mail....you’d never have to leave the house.’ Angela was
stunned. “But I really don’t know much about wrestling.” “You don’t have to. Where we
really need help is with character development and storylines......plus, I’ll pay you.’
“You don’t have to do that,’ she said. “Yes, he does,’ added Linda. “We’d pay
anyone else to do it.” Angela thought for a second. “You know....I’d really like to try it.”
“That’s great,’ said Vince, standing up to hug her. “Now I’m starved.....where’s that


“You said you wanted to find out exactly what’s going on? Well here you go.” Shane
dumped an armload of tapes onto the couch next to her. This is an entire month of RAW
and Smackdown. This should help you see where we’re at...and where we need to go.”
“You expect me to watch all of this?” “Well not all at once,’ he said. “I realize that you have
a couple of other things to do.” “Yeah....just a couple,” she said shaking her head. “Will
you at least watch them with me? I may need you to explain a few things.”
“After dinner...I’m all yours,” he said seductively, as he leaned over to kiss her.
“You know Rose is only a couple of months old,” she said, playfully pushing against his
chest. “Oh I know that,” he said, nuzzling and nibbling at her. “She’s very anxious to have
a brother or sister.” “Oh? did she tell you this?” “Of course. We’re very close.” Angela
stood up to go start dinner. “Very weird too,” she said under her breath. “I heard that,’ he
laughed, chasing her into the kitchen.
When everything was cleaned up and put away, Angela settled down to nurse Rose
once more before she put her to bed for the night. Shane popped one of the tapes into the
VCR and explained a little background to her. She sat and watched, alternately laughing
and showing real surprise at some of what she was seeing. “You have some amazing guys
working for you. They really take some crazy chances.” “They’re professionals,” he said.
“They know what they’re doing.”
She took Rose up to bed and came back down to snuggle with him. “Ok...I’m ready
for the next one,” she said. She smiled broadly when the first face she saw was his. “You
look very handsome on TV,’ she said. “I do..don’t I?’ he said with a laugh. She found
herself enjoying most of what she saw....until she saw her. Shane was walking down the
ramp and this......woman....was clinging to his arm. “And who’s that?” she asked, trying to
keep the venom out of her voice. “That’s Stacy Keibler. She’s one of the new people from
WCW. She’s one of the places where we need help. We’re not exactly sure what to do with
her.” “I suppose dumping her lifeless body in the ocean is out of the question?” Shane
looked at her in amazement. “Is that my sweet, gentle wife talking?” “Your sweet, gentle
wife is gonna take that bleached blonde’s head off.” “Honey...it’s just a show.”
They watched a few minutes longer. “Tell me something? Did she forget her
pants?” “Ummm, I think it’s a mini skirt,” he explained. “Looks more like a belt,” she
grumbled. When the segment was over she turned to him. “You’re absolutely sure you
want to keep this woman?” “Yes honey. She’s under contract.” “Well, I’ll have to think long
and hard about her,” she said. Shane reached for the remote and turned off the television.
“I think we’ve watched enough for tonight.” “I know I have,’ she said, attempting to stand
Shane reached out and took her arm, pulling her back onto his lap. “There is no
way in the world I could ever want anyone but you.” “I know....” she said softly. “I just
can’t stand to see another woman touch you like she has a right to. You’re all mine....and I
have no intention of sharing you.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him. His eyes
were wide and he was breathless when she released him. “I think I like it when you’re
jealous,’ he said. “Oh do you now?”
“Yes....I do,” he repeated, slowly lifting her shirt. She moaned softly as his hands
reached up to caress her breasts. “I only want one woman in this world. And she’s in my
arms right now.” “Make love to me Shane,” she whispered.”Right here...right now.’ He
groaned in approval as she proceeded to undress him. “I missed this,” he said, teasing at
her nipples. “You and I always made love in some ....unusual places.” “Oh we will again,’
she promised, stroking him gently. He dropped his head back as she lowered herself to
take him into her mouth. She used her tongue to drive him mad with desire. “Oh God
baby...I want you so much.” he said. “I want you too,” she said, rolling to her back and
pulling him on top of her. When he entered her they both cried out their pleasure.
He began to rock slowly, smiling as her hips fell into rhythm with his.
“Faster....please,’ she begged. Lifting her slightly, he quickened his pace until they were
both ready to explode. Wrapping her legs around him tightly, she let herself go...riding an
incredible wave of pleasure. Feeling her respond, Shane thrust once more and released
deep inside of her.He looked into her eyes and smiled. “Now why would I want another

Angela knew that there was no way in the world that Shane was even remotely
interested in anyone else. But somehow her curiosity got the better of her. He was
watching her give Rose a bath when she decided to ask him. “Shane, do you think it would
be possible for me to go to one of the TV tapings?” He was blowing the soap bubbles from
Rose’s fingers when he looked up. “Well sure...I guess so.” “I mean RAW is in Hartford this
week. We could drive home afterward. I already spoke to Steph. She’ll be happy to stay
with Rose.’
“I think it’s a great idea,’ he said. “And I’ll get to see more of my favorite woman.”
“You’d better be talking about me,” she said. “Now who else could I possibly mean?” he
When they arrived for the taping, he had a problem to handle almost immediately.
“That’s ok honey...go ahead,’ she said. “I’ll just have a look around.” She recognized some
of the faces from the tapes that Shane had brought home. It was when she was getting
herself some soda that she heard that all too familiar, “nails on the blackboard” voice.
“I’m telling you Torrie, they’d better come up with something for me. Or the writers are
gonna hear about it.”
Angela was just about to say something when Shane returned. “Problem solved,”
he said with a smile. Hearing his voice, Stacy came around the corner. “Shane! Just the
man I want. We must talk about my storyline.” Her hands seemed to be everywhere. She
touched his arm, held his hand and got so close you couldn’t have slipped a piece of paper
between them. “Well, we’re working on it. In fact maybe this is the person you want to
see,” he said, smiling at Angela.” “Oh?” she said, looking at Angela as if she were dirt
under her feet.
“This is my wife Angela,” he said. “She’s been working with the writers.” “Well you
need to work a little harder,” she said. “I have absolutely no storyline at all.” Angela raised
her arms as if to bush back her hair. In the process she knocked the cup of soda that
Torrie had in her hand, backwards. Spilling the contents all over her. “Oh my gosh...I’m so
sorry,” she said. “Let me get you a napkin.” “Don’t bother,” she said. “Come on Torrie.’
Angela watched as the two women left in a bleached blonde cloud.
“That was an accident....right?” he asked. “Absolutely,” she said, putting on her
best innocent face.’ “I’m just gonna make sure she’s all right.’ She watched as Shane
walked off, her arms folded. “Something I can help you with?” She turned and found her
self staring up into the deep green eyes of The Undertaker. “Not unless you can teach me
to chokeslam someone in the next five minutes.”

“Truthfully? I think you may be a little small for that,” he said with a throaty laugh.
“Are you new around here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” “IM sorry,” she said, holding
out her hand. I’m Angela....Angela McMahon.....Shane’s wife.” “Well, it’s nice to finally
meet you. I’ve heard quite a bit about you. How’s that new baby?” “Rose is fine,” she said.
“Shane loves to show us pictures of her.’ “Oh I hope he isn’t bothering everyone.”
“Nah....we love it. It’s nice to see the Boy Wonder so happy.” She laughed softly at the use
of the nickname that Shane had told her more than once, he despised.
“I see you met some of the new personnel.” “Yes...unfortunately,” she said. “I’m
pretty sure they’re harmless. They just need to learn how we do things here,” he said.
“Let’s hope she’s a fast learner,” Angela replied. Shane returned shaking his head. “I think
I’ve cleared things up. Maybe it would be nice if you went to her personally and
apologized.” “You’ve got to be kidding?” she said in amazement. “Apologize for what? Not
standing there like a complete dummy while she pawed my husband?” “Honey, I told
you..it’s just a show.” “Well I’m sorry Shane, but I don’t see any cameras rolling at the
moment. Trust me....I’m a woman. She was hitting on you.... plain and simple.”
Shane looked up at Taker, as if to plead for his help. “Hey..don’t look at me. If this
lady says that Stacy was doing something wrong, then I believe her.” “Thanks for your
help,” Shane mumbled. “Ok, fine,” she yelled. “I’ll go apologize. Apparently my loving
husband gets a kick out of it when other women come on to him. I’ll make absolutely sure
she knows how sorry I am. I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun.’ Slamming her soda down on
the table, she stalked off.
Shane watched her, in shock over her outburst. When he turned back, Taker was
shaking his head slowly. “You know Shane...it’s pretty common knowledge around here
who’s married and who isn’t....and you even wear a wedding ring. Now we’re both adults
and we both know the difference between harmless flirting and what Stacy was doing. I
think your wife has a right to be upset.” “I think you’re right,” Shane said quietly. “I have
to find her and tell her I’m sorry.” He walked off, in search of Angela.
Stacy was still complaining to Torrie when Angela found her. “Stacy? Listen, I’m
sorry about the soda. If you like I’ll pay to have your blouse cleaned.” “You think that’s
going to change anything?” she asked. “I’ve never been treated like that by anyone. You
really need to learn some self control.’ She turned away from Angela and walked into a
nearby dressing room. Angela debated for a second and then followed her in. “I think
maybe you should be taking some of your own advice.”
“Shane is my husband. And I don’t appreciate other women ignoring the fact that
he’s married.” “ A little flirting never hurt anybody,” Stacy said. “That’s what you think,”
Angela said, grabbing her arm and swinging her around to face her. “Hey what are you
doing?” squealed Torrie. Angela spun her head around to face her. “Do me a favor.....get
lost!” Torrie backed quickly out of the room and Angela quickly pushed the door shut. “I’m
going to say this only once. As far as you’re concerned, every married man in this
company.....especially my husband, is off limits. If you decide to ignore my warning, I’ll
take care of you myself. Then I’ll make sure that my father-in-law knows every sneaky little
thing you’ve been up to.”
Stacy’s face went white. “You’re hurting my arm,” she whimpered. “Thank your
lucky stars I didn’t break it,” Angela said, releasing her hard enough to make her fall back
on the couch. “And don’t plan on having a major storyline any time soon. Be grateful you
still have a job.”
Angela turned calmly and walked into the hall. She thought she might have been
shaking from her ordeal, but she was surprisingly calm. “Angela,” Shane called as he ran
up to her. “Wait a minute. Did you apologize yet?” he asked. “In a manner of speaking,”
she said. “Listen...” he began. “No, you listen. I wasn’t wrong. How would you feel if some
man had his hands all over me? How would you like it if I let him do it, even though you
were standing right there?” Shane stood there speechless. “I don’t think it’s too much to
ask that certain privileges be reserved for your wife.” She walked off, angrier than she ever
thought she could be with him. And Shane knew he had it coming.


Shane thought it best to let her cool off for a few minutes. But her words still rang
in his ears. The thought of any man laying a finger on her just killed him. Now he could
understand why she had been so upset. He thought and thought, trying to come up with
just the right words to make it all up to her. “I’d probably be better off just falling to my
knees and begging her to forgive me.”
He walked slowly down the hall, glancing into each room as he passed, trying to
find her. Oddly enough he found her in the last place he thought she’d be....his dressing
room. He walked in and quietly shut the door. “I know you’re angry with me....and you
have every right to be. It’s just that I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know how fake it
all is. I just never thought how it would look to you.”
“When are you going to accept the fact that she wasn’t acting?” she asked him.
“She had no reason to be pretending. You weren’t shooting a promo...this wasn’t one of
your little skits. That....woman.....was making a move on you. And she didn’t give a damn
if you were married or not.” He walked over closer to where she was sitting, but still not
sure he should reach out and touch her. “Shane,” she began, turning to look up into his
eyes. “You and Rose mean everything to me. I don’t care if I never write another word. I
don’t care if the WWF never puts on another show. But the thought of losing you.....” She
turned away quickly, wiping at the tears that stung her eyes.
“Baby, no,” he cried, kneeling in front of her and taking her hands. “There is no
chance in hell that you could ever lose me. My God Angela, I love you and Rose more than
anything in this world. What happened with Stacy happened because I’m stupid....not
because I don’t love you.” He actually made her laugh softly with his comments. “You
aren’t stupid,” she told him.
“I must be. I made the woman I love, more than my own life, cry.” “I love you too,”
she said softly. He pulled her to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. Burying her
head against his chest, she let out a deep breath. “Was that a fight?” she asked. “I think
so,” he replied, rubbing her back slowly. “Does that mean we get to make up?” she asked,
looking at him with a slow building grin. “Sure..why not?” he answered. “When we get
home tonight....” I wasn’t thinking about when we get home. I was thinking about now.”
She moved from his arms and backed up until she was against the door. Reaching behind
her she turned the lock, smiling when she heard the muffled click.
“Angela?” “Come on Shane,’ she whispered. “Let’s make up.” She slowly began to
unbutton her blouse. He found he couldn’t take his eyes from her fingers. When her blouse
slipped from her shoulders and hit the floor a small cry escaped from him. He moved
forward quickly, and covered her mouth with his. Whimpers of desire came from her as his
tongue swam in her mouth. With complete abandon, they finished undressing each other,
stopping only to kiss and caress. When they were both undressed she pulled him back
against her running her hands up his chest..She smiled in delight when she felt his
hardness pressing against her.
Shane lowered his head sucking gently on her nipple. “Yes baby,” she moaned. “I
like that.” When his hand slipped between her legs he felt how ready she was. He lifted her
leg and she wrapped it around his waist. Lifting her slightly, he entered her, groaning as
she closed around him. In a sweet, sensual rhythm, they moved together. “I love you,” she
whispered over and over as she pressed her lips to his ear. Urging him on, she threw her
head back and cried out his name as he brought her to a sweet climax. Her response
triggered his, and he too gave in.
They sagged against the door, gasping for air. “I hate it when we fight....but
making up is something else,’ he said. “I never intend to fight with you again,” she
said....”But we could always pretend...now couldn’t we?”

Angela was hanging up the phone when Shane came into the kitchen, holding Rose.
“Hey mom...we’re hungry,” he said with a laugh. She looked up at the clock and gasped.
“Oh my gosh. I’m sorry. I didn’t think I’d be on the phone so long.” He handed her the
baby and turned to the fridge. “You take care of the little princess and I’ll get our dinner
started.” He began to prepare a salad to go with their steak as she nursed her daughter.
“So who was on the phone?”
“Mr. Mills,” she said. “Your publisher? What did he want?” “In a nutshell? Another
book,” she said. “Really?’ he asked. “Why do you sound so surprised?” she said. “My first
book sold very well.” “Oh I’m not surprised at all. In fact I was wondering when you were
going to start on another one.” “Well I would have already, but I can’t seem to settle on an
idea. I have a ton of them written down, I just can’t make up my mind. Maybe after dinner
you’d help me choose?” “Sure, I’d love to,” he said.
It was almost 8:00 when they were finally able to settle down together on the
couch. “Oh I forgot my idea journal,” she said. “Don’t get up...I’ll get it for you.” “Thanks
honey....it’s on the desk in my office.” Shane went downstairs and scanned the top of her
desk. Finally he saw it. Picking it up he flipped it open and glanced at a couple of ages.
“What in the....?” He sat down and read one of the pages. It was a story...a short one....
about him. He found himself becoming very aroused at what was on the page. When he
was done he flipped ahead and read some more. Once again he was the subject of a very
short, but very erotic, story.
“This is gonna make one hell of a book,” he thought. He suddenly realized that he
had been gone for a while so he stood up quickly to leave. That’s when he noticed it. It was
another journal..this one with a blue cover instead of a red one. He picked it up and
opened it. There were several pages of story outlines. All of them very good, but not nearly
as intense as what he had been reading. He picked up the other book and looked again.
That was when he realized that it must have been her personal journal.
“Well, well,” he thought. My wife has some very interesting fantasies....thank God
they all involve me.” He placed the book back where he found it and headed upstairs with
her idea book. “Ok...let’s choose your next story,” he said, kissing her cheek. She looked at
him noticing a peculiar gleam in his eyes. “What’s up?” she asked. “Oh nothing. I just love
my wife.” “Oh....that’s nice,” she said, not sure he was being totally honest. As she began
to look through the book, Shane made a mental note to read her other journal just a little
more carefully. “There’s nothing more I’d like than making some of those dreams come
true, “ he thought wickedly.

He sat and browsed through another one of her outlines. He was about to ask her a
question when he noticed that she was sound asleep. Tossing her book on the coffee table
he shook her gently. “Come on sleepy head. Time for bed.” She opened her eyes slowly
and gave him a sleepy smile. “Did I choose a story?” she asked. “No, not yet,” he said with
a laugh. “Let’s save it for tomorrow.”
Making sure she was nice and comfortable, he tucked her in, kissed her good night
and headed back downstairs. He settled in behind her desk and picked up her journal.
“Ok, Mrs. McMahon. Let’s see what kind of fantasies you have about me.’
Shane read for over an hour, stopping several times to get some water. “Wow,” he
thought. “It’s a good thing they’re all about me...or I might be just a little upset.’ One
dream she had written down actually seemed like something that he could do for her...and
very soon. He made a mental note to call his father in the morning and ask for a couple of
days off. “Angela, you are about to get lost in the woods with the man of your dreams.”
As it turned out, Vince was more than happy to give him the time off. He wasn’t
really needed at work and it would give him and Linda a chance to spoil Rose. It took some
doing, but Shane had found a rustic cabin for rent, up in the mountains of Vermont.
“Three days, completely alone? Have we ever done that?’ she asked. “I don’t believe so,”
he said. “It’s like a fantasy,” she whispered. “You can say that again. “ he mumbled.
Even the drive up was enjoyable. The scenery was perfect. The trees were the color
of fire and the air was clear and crisp. “We should bring back something nice for your
parents. They’re doing us a real favor.” “Having Rose with them is something they love,’ he
said. “I know...but I’d still like to thank them.” He smiled and reached over to take her
hand. “This weekend is going to be perfect,” he said. “I hope so,” she replied.
When she saw the cabin, she couldn’t believe it. “Shane, this is beautiful. How did
you ever find it?’ “It took a little doing...but you’re worth it,” he said. They unpacked
quickly and decided to take a walk. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different colors,”
she said, staring up into the trees. Their explorations brought them down to a quiet
stream. She stood watching the water tumble over the stones and he came up behind her,
and wrapped her in a tight embrace. “How about we head back to the cabin. I suddenly
have the urge to make love to my wife.” She turned to face him, looking deep into his eyes.
“I just hope I’ll be hearing those words for the rest of my life.” “You will, I promise,” he
The second they were in the door he couldn’t wait to start undressing her. “I need
to touch you so badly,” he groaned.  She gave herself over to him, totally lost in the feel of
his hands and lips on her body. Shane lifted her carefully, and placed her on the bed. He
leaned forward and resumed his exploration of her. “Shane,” she whispered. “Shhh,” he
said. “I am not going to stop until I’ve touched every inch of you.” Angela groaned deeply,
as he kissed, nibbled, licked and caressed all of her. By the time he was through she was
whimpering with need.
“Oh please Shane....I want you....I need you.” “I know baby, I know.” Gently he
moved over her until he was gently brushing against her. Looking into her eyes, he entered
her slowly, almost in tears over the love he saw in her eyes. They made love like they never
had before. It was so full of desire, so full of passion that when they both reached that
wonderful peak it was all they could do to keep from screaming.
“That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt,” she said, her voice still husky
with passion. “And the weekend has only started,’ he said, pulling her close to him. “I hope
I survive this,” she said with a small laugh.

They drifted in and out of a light slumber awakening long enough to kiss each
other and reassure themselves that it all wasn’t a dream. When darkness fell, Angela
grabbed her robe and went into the kitchen to make them something to eat. “Make it
something we can eat in bed,” he called. She returned with some cheese, a basket of
crackers, slices of fruit and a bottle of wine. “Perfect,” he said, snitching a piece of cheese.
“You know, This place really is made for romance. There’s no TV, no phone...not
even a radio.” “No kidding?” she said. “If you like..I can sing for you.” “No, that’s ok,” she
said, feeding him some fruit. “Are you saying you don’t like my voice?” “No comment,” she
said, kissing him softly.
Before long they had eaten everything on the plates. “You must have been
starving,” she said. “Well you do give me an appetite,” he said, nibbling at her neck. He
gathered their plates and glasses and brought them to the kitchen. On the way back he
noticed something on the shelf. Taking the box down he read it and began to smile. “Hey
Angela? You up for a little fun?” “Sure....I guess so,” she answered.
He came back to bed and showed her what he had. “A board game?” She said.
“Not just a board game...read it.” “Sexual Pursuit: The Game For Lovers.” She looked up
at him and grinned wickedly. “I’m game if you are.” Shane scanned the directions. “It
looks simple enough. We have to pick a card and do what it says. If you do, you move
ahead....if you refuse, you move back. The person who’s farthest ahead at the end wins.
“You can go first,” he said, leaning back and smiling. She chose a card and read it
out loud. “Ask your lover to do the one thing he knows always turns you on. If he’s
right...move ahead.” Angela looked up at him and smiled. “Well?” He leaned forward and
undid her robe. Letting it fall open he leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth. He
began to suck gently at first, then with more intensity, until she begged him to stop. “Was
that it?” he asked, with a sly smile. “Yes, “ she said, trying to regain her composure.
He reached out and took a card. “Have your lover see how aroused they can make
you with one kiss. If it works move ahead, if not, move back. “Piece of cake,” she said,
moving close to him. She took his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his, moving
them ever so slightly back and forth. Then with the tip of her tongue she teased his mouth
open and gently began to explore the warm depths. He felt as though they were melting
together. Then she gently drew his tongue into her mouth and sucked slowly. A groan rose
up from deep within him. Pulling back, she released him and smiled. “Are you aroused?
“What do you think?” he asked, looking down.
Angela chose next and laughed softly when she read it. “Show your lover that you
want to make love without saying a word...if it works...the game is over and you both win.”
Does it really say that?” he asked reaching for the card. She stopped him when she
allowed her robe to fall from her shoulders. Shane froze and watched her with fascination.
She ran her hands down her body, arching her back, and sighing softly. Shane
could feel himself just aching to touch her, but she held up one finger. Laying back against
the pillows she stared into his eyes as her hands made another pass down her body, this
time pausing between her legs. Shane moved quickly, tossing the game to the floor and
covering her with hot kisses.”I guess you figured out what I wanted,’ she whispered. “Oh
yeah,’ he said. “I sure did.’
When they had once more satisfied each other completely. They laid together
totally exhausted. “I think we should get some sleep,’ he suggested. “I agree,” she said,
giving him a tired, but contented smile. He quickly crossed the room to turn off a light and
peek out the window. “Hey, guess what? It’s snowing!”

When Angela opened her eyes the next morning the first thing that struck her was
how quiet it was. “Well, we are in the woods,” she thought. Picking up her robe, she
crossed the room silently, and peeked out the window. “Oh my God!” she said. Shane sat
up straight in the bed and looked towards her. “What is it?” What’s wrong. “You’d better
look at this,” she said. He crossed the room and looked out the window. “There must be
two feet of snow out there,” he said. “I thought the weatherman said a chance of flurries.”
“Think again,” she said. “How in the world are we gonna get out of here?” Shane
sat down, running his hands through his hair. “Let me think,” he mumbled. He looked up
quickly and snapped his fingers. “My cell phone! I’ll call the State Police and tell them that
we’re up here.” Angela pulled her robe tighter. “It’s freezing in here....I’m gonna make
some coffee.” She headed for the kitchen while Shane waited to be connected.
She was reading the directions on a box of oatmeal when he walked in. “Well, they
know we’re here. They might not be able to dig us out for a couple of days though.” “A
couple of days? What about Rose?” Honey..calm down. Mom will take care of her.” “You’re
right, I know....I’m just gonna miss her.” “You have me to keep you company,” he said as
he kissed her cheek. “Yeah..that’s not so bad, “ she teased. “I’m gonna give my parents a
call,’ he said. You can talk to mom if you like.”
“Maybe I should try to dig the car out,” he said after breakfast. “What for? It’s not
like we can go anywhere.” “That’s true,” he agreed. “I don’t remember a snow storm in
any of your dreams,” he said, as he fell back on the couch. “What did you say?” she asked,
eyeing him suspiciously. “Ummm, nothing...I was just....I mean...” “You read my journal,
didn’t you?” she said in disbelief. “Honey, I swear it was an accident. It was on your desk, I
thought it was your idea book for your novels...I read it by accident.” “How much of it?”
she asked. “Well......all of it,” he admitted.
Angela sat down hard and put her face in her hands. “I am so embarrassed,” she
moaned. “Sweetheart, don’t be. I was kind of flattered actually.” “You were?” “Well sure.
How many men have wives that fantasize about them? It’s usually movie stars or
something like that.” “How many times do I have to tell you that you’re my fantasy?” she
said quietly. “Well when I read them, I liked the one about the two of us being together in
a cabin in the woods. That’s why I planned this weekend for us......I just never figured on
two feet of snow.” “And here I thought it was just an incredible coincidence,” she said with
a laugh.
He walked over to her and made her sit on his lap. “Why didn’t you ever tell me
any of those dreams?” “I guess I was afraid of what you might think?” “Angela...do you
remember the night we met?” She paused for a second, and then a smile crossed her face.
“You have always had a knack for surprising me. It’s one of the things I absolutely love
about you. Frankly those stories really turned me on.” “They did? Well I don’t have the
book, but I’m sure I could remember a couple of stories to keep us occupied.”
The entire time she was talking, she was carefully unbuttoning his shirt. “I kind of
like the one where we get carried away on dad’s desk.” “Oh yeah, I remember that one,”
she said. lowering her mouth to kiss his chest. “Too bad there isn’t a desk here.” “There is
a kitchen table,” she murmured. “God I love how you think,” he said, picking her up and
carrying her to the kitchen. “I think I may have to add another page to my journal,” she
said, sighing as he helped her create a new fantasy.

Three days later they were comfortably back in their own home and Angela almost
refused to put Rose down. “I can’t help it.” she told Shane. “I can’t believe how much I
missed her.” “I know. I did too,” he said, kissing her tiny head. “She looks just like you,”
he told her. “Maybe she’ll grow out of it,” Angela said with a laugh. “I’ll have you know that
the two most beautiful women in Connecticut live right here in this house.”
“Daddy is a fibber...but I love him anyway.” Shane headed for the phone, shaking
his head. “Dad will probably want to know if you plan to make it to the TV tapings this
week,” he said. “Well, can I bring Rose?” Sure, Steph will be there this week. We’ll have
more than enough people to watch her. “You hear that honey,” she said, as Rose reached
up to tangle her tiny fingers in her mother’s hair. “Mommy’s gonna introduce you to some
When they arrived for RAW an unending stream of people came by to see Rose.
“That can’t be Shane’s kid, said Steve Blackman. “She’s beautiful. “Get away from my
family,” Shane said, playfully pushing him aside. “I think dad wanted to see you,” Shane
said to her, as he reached for the baby. “I’ll see you both later,’ she said, kissing first Rose
and then Shane.
Stacy had carefully watched everything from across the hall. When she saw Angela
leave, she walked over to Shane and took one of Rose’s hands in her fingers. “Shane..she’s
just beautiful. She has your eyes.’ “You think so? I think she looks just like Angela.” “I
don’t see it,” Stacy said, smiling at him sweetly. “Speaking of Angela....where is she?” “A
script meeting with my dad...why?” “Oh just wondering. I know that Mark has been looking
for her.” “Taker has been looking for Angela? I wonder why?” “I’m sure I have no idea,” she
said, shrugging as she walked off.
Shane checked his watch, he knew he had to be in the ring in ten minutes and
Angela still hadn’t returned. He sighed with relief when he saw his sister walking his way.
“Give me that little angel,” she said. “You’re a lifesaver Steph, he said, giving her cheek a
quick kiss before he ran off. Ten minutes later, Vince was finally satisfied with the script
changes. “Nice job everyone,” he said, standing to stretch. “Now where is my gorgeous
grand daughter?’ “Well she was with Shane....but I’m not sure where she is now,” Angela
said, looking at the TV monitor. Shane was in the ring, trying to avoid being hit by Chris
“She’s probably with Steph,” Vince said. “We’ll find her.” They were headed down
the hall glancing into door ways when she saw Taker. “Hey there,’ he said. “You haven’t
seen my daughter have you?” “The last time I saw her she was attracting a crowd down the
hall.” “I’ll go,” said Vince. “Why don’t you fill in Taker on the script changes?”
She sat down and took his script, crossing out everything that had been changed.
“Did you leave me anything to say?” he asked. Angela laughed as she turned the page.
“Just a little,” she teased. Stacy stood in the hall, smiling with satisfaction. “This couldn’t
be better if I planned it,’ she thought.
She positioned her self so that Shane would have to pass her on the way to his
dressing room. “That was a nice match,” she said. “Thanks. I like working with Chris. Have
you seen Angela.?” “Well the last time I saw her she was with Mark....I mean Taker.”
“Taker? What for?” Stacy paused, acting as if she had something to hide. “I don’t think....I
mean....well I’m not sure, but they went into his dressing room alone.’ Shane stared down
the hall and marched off. When he got outside the door he could distinctly hear her
voice...and she was laughing. When he stepped inside he wasn’t sure what to think. They
were sitting together, close together. Angela had her hand resting on his arm and you
could tell they had been that way for a while..
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” he said. “Is your match over already?’ she
asked. “Yeah. Sorry I couldn’t have made it last longer. Where’s our daughter?” “Down the
hall with your dad.” “That’s convenient...you wouldn’t want her cramping your style..now
would you?” “Shane what is wrong with you?” she asked, suddenly getting a sick feeling in
her stomach. “Not a thing. You two go back to whatever it was you were doing. I’ll go look
after Rose.” 

Angela sat completely still, Shane’s words still ringing in her ears. “What in the
world was he talking about?” she asked Taker. “Beats me,” he said. She jumped up quickly
to follow her husband. “Shane wait a minute. I was going over script changes with Taker.
Your dad said he would take care of Rose.” “Script changes? With the door closed?” “It was
noisy....we had trouble hearing,” she protested. “Well, I have to admit that’s a pretty
original excuse.” “It isn’t an excuse...it’s the truth,” she cried. He spun around, stopping
only inches from her face. “Look, this isn’t the time or the place to discuss this. The whole
world doesn’t have to know what you were doing.” “I wasn’t doing anything. Why won’t you
believe me?”
“I’m not blind and I’m not stupid. I should have figured it out when Stacy told me
that Taker was looking for you.” “Stacy?” she asked. “Since when is she such a reliable
source?” “Was she wrong?” he demanded. “That is where I found you....with Taker!” He
turned back around and continued walking. Angela felt like she was in the middle of a bad
dream. This couldn’t be her Shane. He would never doubt her love for him.
“Shane....please...you’re making a mistake.” “Angela I know what I saw. Now let’s just get
our daughter and get out of here. We can talk about this at home.”
He stood behind her silently as she bundled Rose up. Vince watched them, sure
that something was wrong. Shane held the baby as she tugged on her own coat. When she
went to kiss Vince good-bye he pulled her close. “Is everything all right?” he whispered. “I
don’t know,” she replied, glancing back at Shane. “You call us if you need anything,” he
said. Angela nodded silently as she followed Shane out the door.
They made the drive home in silence. Angela tried frantically to think of something
that would have made Shane think she had even the remotest interest in Taker. No matter
how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with a thing. When she had Rose tucked into her
crib, she entered their bedroom, finding him already undressed and in bed. “Are you going
to talk to me?” she pleaded. “Are you attracted to him?” Shane asked. “Who?” “Taker!” he
barked angrily. “Of course not,” she said. “I told you...your father asked me to go over the
script changes with him. That’s why we were together.”
“Then why did Stacy seem so convinced that the two of you......?” “Oh
Shane...wake up!” she cried. “She’s at it again! I warned her not to make any moves
towards you...so she’s doing the next best thing. She’s making you doubt my love for you.”
Suddenly Shane realized that Angela was right. “Oh my God, “ he whispered. “When I
heard what she said....and then I saw you two.....” “You chose to believe her lies instead of
trusting what you already knew....that I could never love anyone but you.” “Oh sweetheart,
you have to forgive me,” he said. “Just like that, huh?” she asked.
“How could you think for a single second that I would ever want anyone else? Don’t
you remember that incredible weekend we just spent together? Did you ever once get the
impression that I wanted to be with someone else?” “No,” he said, his voice barely audible.
“I never thought I ‘d see the day when I had to convince you that I truly love you.”
“Angela..you don’t. I know that you love me.....and I love you.” “Sure you do,” she said,
heading for the door. “You just don’t trust me.”
Shane flinched when she slammed the door. He let his head fall back against the
pillow as he placed his hands over his eyes. “How could I be so stupid?” he moaned.
Downstairs, Angela sat at her desk, tears stinging her eyes as she fingered the cover of her
journal. “Damn it Shane. How could you believe her? I’ll never love anyone but you.” She
picked up the journal, holding it for a brief second before throwing it against the wall. Then
she dropped her head to the desk and cried, her heart close to breaking.
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