Chapter 11

“Hey...I think you’re going the wrong way,” he said. She turned
to look at him and he instantly knew she was in no joking mood.
“What’s wrong?” he asked her. “My car died,” she said. “Are you
sure?” he asked. She gave him a look and he had to laugh. “Come on,”
he said. “Let’s take a look.” She handed him the keys and he tried to
start it. After several tries he looked up at her. “You’re’s dead.”
I hope you don’t take this the wrong way,’ she said...”but you are no
help at all.”
He quickly pulled a cell phone from his pocket. “That’s what you
think,” he said. He quickly dialed a number. “Hi Mike, it’s Shane. No
it’s not my car this time,’ he said with a laugh. “It’s a friends car.’ He
smiled at her when he said this. “Yeah, it’s in the downstairs parking
garage.” She handed him her registration card and he gave the
mechanic her car’s make and model, as well as the license plate
number. “Twenty minutes? That’s fine. Thanks.” He clicked off his
phone. “Is that help enough?” he asked. “I take it back,” she said,
returning his smile.
He noticed that she was shivering. “Come on,” he said, taking
her hand. He led her to his car. Quickly, he unlocked the door and let
her in. He rushed to the driver’s side and climbed in. He started the
engine abd turned up the heat. Within minutes she was feeling better.
“I’m sorry to be such a bother,” she said. “I’m sure you have
better things to do.” He laughed softly. “Contrary to popular belief..I
am not a party animal. My big plans for the evening consisted of
dinner and watching basketball on TV.” “Well that’s still better than
sitting here waiting for a tow truck with me.” He turned to her and
smiled. “The tow truck I could do without..but being here with you?
That’s not so bad.” He smiled warmly at her and she felt a flutter in
her stomach.
“So tell me,” he began, “are you and item?” She
shook her head slowly. “Nope. We really only went out a couple of
times. It just didn’t work out.” He nodded silently. “You and Marissa
make a nice couple,” she offered. “You sound like her mother,” he
laughed. “Marissa and I have known each other for years. We’ve never
been anything more than friends...unfortunately her mother just can’t
seem to come to grips with that.”
She was trying to make sense of what he had just said, when the
tow truck pulled into the garage. “Ah, help at last,” he said. She got
out of the car and followed him over to where her car was parked.
“This guy is a real life saver,” Shane said. “Yeah, but his timing stinks,”
she thought. 

Chapter 12

She stood and watched while the two men tried in vain to get
her car started. Mike turned to her. “I’m’s your alternator.
We’ll have to tow it.” “If it was a horse we could just shoot it,” she
said. Shane laughed out loud. “Well go ahead,’ she said. “You might as
well take it.” She sighed softly as she watched her car disappear into
the night. “The perfect end to the perfect week,” she thought.
“I need to find a phone book.” “Why?” asked Shane. “Well if I’m
going to get home tonight, I’ll need to call a taxi.” “Don’t be silly,” he
said. “I’ll drive you.” “I can’t ask you to do that,” she said. “I’ve taken
up enough of your time tonight.” “It’s not a good idea to argue with
the boss,” he teased. “You’re right,” she agreed. “Besides I’m too tired
to fight with you.’
She got into his car and gave him directions to her apartment.
He found a parking space right in front. “I’ve lived here for three years
and I’ve never gotten this space,’ she said. “It’s that McMahon clout,”
he said. She laughed softly. “Listen,” she began. “Why don’t you come
upstairs. I can get you something to eat. I feel like I at least owe you
that much.” “You don’t owe me anything,’ he said. “I was glad to
help.” “I’d still like to do it for you,’ she said. “You can even watch the
basketball game.” “Ok, you talked me into it,” he said.
She took his jacket when they got inside. “The TV is right in
there,’ she said. “Can I get you something to drink?” “A soda would be
fine.” “Coming right up,” she said, disappearing into the kitchen. She
leaned her hands on the counter. “I can’t believe that Shane McMahon
is sitting in my living room,” she thought. She got a soda from the
refrigerator, fumbling with the pop top. She took a deep breath and
brought it out to him. “Would burgers be ok?” she asked. “I don’t want
you going to any trouble,’ he said. “I told you it’s no trouble. They’ll be
ready in a few minutes.”
She carried his food into him. “Who’s winning?” The Knicks,” he
said sourly. “I guess you’re not a fan,” she said. “Nope..I’m a Celtics
man. Do you follow basketball?” “Now and then,” she replied. “Who do
you like?” She glanced up, smiling apologetically. “Not the Knicks?” he
moaned. “I grew up in New Jersey,” she said. “That’s Knick’s country.”
“I suppose I’ll have to forgive you then,” he said, taking a bite of his
They finished their food, watching the game and good naturedly
teasing one another. When the game was over, he sat back and
stretched. Glancing down at his watch, he stood up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t
mean to stay this late.” “It isn’t late,’ she said. “That’s true. If you
want to know the truth, this is the first night I’ll get home before
midnight.” “You work too hard,” she said. “Like father, like son,” he
said with a laugh.
She walked with him to the door. “”Thanks for dinner,” he said.
“You’re a very good cook.” “It was my pleasure,’ she said. “Thanks for
helping with my car.” He opened the door and stepped into the hall. “I
just thought of are you going to get to work
tomorrow?” She laughed softly. “I have no idea. I suppose a day off is
out of the question?” “I need at least one person there who knows
what to do,’ he said. “I guess I could call Angela.” “Don’t bother,’ he
said. “I’ll just swing by and pick you up.” “I can’t ask you to do that.”
“You didn’t ask....I offered.” “I’ll see you at eight.”
She watched as he walked off down the hall.Closing the door
softly, she leaned her back against it, smiling at the thought of seeing
him again in the morning. She turned off the lights and headed for her
bedroom, even though she knew she probably wouldn’t be getting
much sleep.

Chapter 13

She agonized over what to wear. “This is ridiculous,” she
thought. “It’s not like he’ll even notice.” She just finished spraying on
some perfume when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to his
smiling face. “Good morning,” he said, cheerfully. “Hi, come on in. I
won’t be a minute. There’s coffee in the kitchen,” she called over her
shoulder. He was pouring a cup when she rushed into the kitchen,
putting on her earrings. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We’re going to be late,
aren’t we?” “I won’t tell the boss, if you won’t,” he teased.
She walked across the kitchen to get a cup for herself. Shane
couldn’t help but watch. “You look very nice today,’ he said. She
turned in surprise. “Thanks. You think they’ll have my car ready
today?” “Probably,” he said. “Mike is pretty reliable. If it isn’t, you can
count on me.” “Oh’ve done way too much for me already. I
wouldn’t think of imposing.”  “You’re arguing again,” he said. She
smiled at his attempt to sound stern.
As they drove to work, he told her the story of how
came about. “My dad isn’t exactly what you’d call computer literate,’
he said with a grin. “It took some doing..but we dragged him kicking
and screaming into the computer age.” “He must be happy with it
now,’ she observed. “I’m not even sure he looks at it,’ he said,
laughing softly. “But I’m happy with it...and right now that’s all that
They walked into the office together, laughing at a story he had
just told her. Judi and Angela were hanging up their coats. When they
haerd the two of them, they stopped and stared. “Am I reallly seeing
that?” asked Angela. “Something tells me that she won’t be writing any
letters of resignation today,” added Judi.
As soon as Emma was seated at her esk, her two friends were at
her side. “Ok, spill it,” said Judi. “Spill what?” asked Emma. “Don’t
make us hurt you,” Angela said, leaning over her desk. “There’s
nothing to tell really. Shane drove me to work this morning.” “Drove
you to work?” they said in unison. “Shhhh,” said Emma. “He’ll hear
you.” They glanced quickly at Shane’s door. “Ok, for now,” said Judi.
“But we’ll be back her at break time..and you better have some details
to share.” The two women walked to their desks, pausing to look back
at Emma, who was trying to look innocent.
  At ten o’clock on the nose they were back at her desk. “Let’s
go,’ said Judi. “You have some explaining to do.’ They walked quickly
to the break room. “Can I at least get some coffee?” she asked. “Only
if you hurry,” said Angela. She filled her cup and sat with her friends.
“Well?” said Judi, “start talking.” Emma filled them in on the details
from the night before. “You see, I told you he was a nice guy,” said
Angela. “He really is,” Emma said quietly. “But that still doesn’t change
anything. He only helped me with my car.’ “I don’t know,” said
Judi.”Not many guys would go out of their way like he did.”
“I suppose not,’ said Emma. She was lost in thought when Shane
stuck his head in the door. “There you are. Mike just called. Your car is
ready. Why don’t you let me take you out to lunch and then I’ll drive
you over there?” She looked up at him speechless. Angela kicked her
under the table. “Oh..sure..that would be fine,’ she said. “I’ll see you
at noon then.” He gave her a quick smiled and headed back to his
office. Judi and Angela looked at her closely. “Still think he’s just being
nice?” asked Judi. But Emma was still staring at the spot Shane had
just been standing in.

Chapter 14

He took her to a small restaurant a few blocks from work. “I
hope you don’t mind..I know I should have asked where you’d like to
go...but i really like the food here.” She smiled at his unecessary
apology. “This is fine,” she said. “I happen to like this place.” They
ordered their lunch and sat and talked about some new ideas he had
for the site. “I’m trying to make this the best site out there,’ he told
her. “I suppose everybody in the office hates me huh?” “Of course
not,” she said quickly. He seemed surprised by her quick defense of
him. “What I mean is,” she began, “ everybody I talk to loves working
there.” “I’m glad to hear that,” he said, noticing her embarrassment.
They finished their lunch and headed back to his car. He was just
about to open her door when she dropped her sunglasses. They both
stooped down to pick them up. When they stood, their faces were only
inches apart. She was close enough to smell his after shave, close
enough to see the flecks of gold in his dark brown eyes, close enough
to....She quickly looked down, pretending to search for something in
her purse. He leaned over and unlocked her door.
They drove to the garage, sitting in an awkward silence. When
he pulled into the garage, she quickly jumped from the car. She stood,
waiting for her credit card slip, trying not to meet his gaze. He tried to
hold a conversation with Mike, while trying not to steal glances in her
direction. “Thanks for all your help,’ she said, opening her car
door.”Any time,” he replied. “I’ll see you back at the office.”
She pulled out of the parking lot, still envisioning his eyes. At the
next traffic light, she stopped, grateful for the chance to clear her
head. But once more, all she could see was his face, tantalizingly close
to hers. The blaring of a horn behind her, shook her from her
daydream. She looked up to see a green light.
When she walked back into her office, she was met with the
smiles of her two friends. “Must be nice to take a two hour lunch.”
teased Judi. “That’s what happens when the boss likes you,’ said
Angela. But Emma didn’t respond to either comment. She sat behind
her desk and immediately looked for something to keep her mind
occupied. She forced herself to keep her eyes down when he walked
past her desk. He stopped at his office door to take a quick glance at
her, before going in. When she heard the door close, she dropped her
head in her hands and breathed a sigh of relief.
“If i’m lucky, he never noticed my attraction to him,” she
thought. “I don’t think I could bear the rejection.” Inside his office, he
sat behind his desk, his thoughts on the woman sitting just a few feet
away. “I can’t believe I never noticed how green her eyes are,’ he

Chapter 15

At the end of the day, she hurried to clear off her desk. In the
course of one afternoon, she had gone from wishing she could be with
Shane to trying everything she could to avoid him. She almost
succeeded. She was just reaching for her coat, when she heard his
office door open. “Through for the day?” he asked. She turned, giving
him a small smile. “Yep, I’m done.” “Would you like to go for a drink?”
She froze...her hand in mid air. “If you have other plans, I’ll
understand,” he said. “No,” she said quickly. “I’d love to go for a
drink.” “Great,” he said. “Let me get my jacket.”
He stepped back into his office and she leaned her head against
the wall. “What is wrong with you?” she thought. She looked up
towards his door. “Well, he did ask me,” she thought. He came back
out and glanced at her. “Something wrong?” he asked. “No, not at
all...why?” “Well you look like you’re trying to come up with the
answer to the world’s problems.” She laughed softly. “Nothing that
simple,” she thought.
They went to a small place near work. He ordered some wine
and grabbed a basket of pretzels for them. “How’s the car?” “Oh just
fine. Runs like new.” “It better or Mike will answer to me,” he said,
giving her a wink. They talked about work for a while. He was amused
by her descriptions of some of the people they worked with. She sat,
fascinated by his sories about growing up in the world of wrestling.
“For the longest time I thought everyone’s dad beat people up for a
living,” he said.
She laughed and laid her hand on his. As soon as her fingers
touched his, she tried to pull her hand back. But Shane caught her. He
held her hand gently, and looked up into her eyes. “If I’m out of line,
please let me know,” he began. “But I’ve sensed a change between the
two of us. Am I wrong?” She shook her head silently. “If I ask you
something..wil you give me an honest answer.” “Of course,’ she said.
“Did I imagine it....or was there an.....attraction....between us this
afternoon?’ She paused, searching for the right words. “I can only
speak for myself,” she said. “But.....yes, there was an attraction.”
She could feel herself blushing as she lowered her eyes. She was
scared to death to look up at him. Suddenly she felt his hand tighten
around hers. “That’s good, “ he said softly. “I was afraid it was just
Chapters 16 - 21