Remember To Love

Chapter 1

Rocky glanced over at the woman who lay next to him. "You do seem to just get
better and better," he said laughing. "How many girls have you told that to in the
past week?" she replied, moving onto her elbow. "Umm, counting,"
he said, moving to place a soft gentle kiss against her lips.

"You know you have to be at the arena in exactly forty-seven minutes?" she
asked, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Yeah I can make it though. Besides
what's Vince gonna do fire me?" he teased. "Not if he knows what's good for the
company." He slowly moved on top of her. "I know what you want right now," he
said leaning down to claim her lips in another gentle kiss that took her breath
away. "You would most definitely be one hundred percent correct Mr. Johnson,"
she said wrapping her arms around his neck just as the phone rang.

"Hello?" Rocky said, hearing her move behind him. " calm down.
I can't understand people when they talk that fast..............Angela?....Yeah hold
on just a second. How did he know you were here?" he teased, handing her the
phone. "Where else would I be?" she said, watching him walk from the bedroom.

"Hello.........Chris what's wrong?" she asked not liking the sound and tone of his
voice. " have to get to the hospital." "What's going on did you
pull a muscle again or something?" "No.............Angela.... it's Beth...........she's
been's real bad............." "I'll be right there," she replied hanging
up before he could even finish the sentence.

Chapter 2

She raced down the hallway, picking up clothes as she went. He had just walked
into the living room when a blue silk blouse was placed in front of his face. "This
was a three hundred dollar blouse." "You shouldn't have drove me wild out there
on the dance floor." "Oh brother," she said. "Angela what happened?" "I have to
get to the hospital." "I will take you, just tell me what happened?" She turned to
face him. "Somebody just made the biggest mistake of their life," she said,
heading back down to the bedroom.

"Chris," she called as soon as they spotted him in one of the hospital chairs.
"How is she?" she asked. "I just went in to see her, and she looks.............there's
so many machines and she looks horrible." "Do they know who did this?" Angela
asked sitting down next to him. "No ..........If Beth wakes up......." "When she
wakes up," Angela replied. "They’re hoping she can tell us what happened.""Can
I see her?" "Sure, the
doctor said only for a few minutes though she needs her rest..... you know that
old needs their rest thing," he said. "You go spend time with her and I'll get him
some coffee," Rocky said moving behind her. "Okay..........I love you," she
whispered. "I know baby, "he replied heading for the cafeteria.

Walking into the room she set her stuff down on the chair, moving over next to
the bed. "Hey now, what are you doing in this hospital bed you’re supposed to be
out there enjoying life and loving that handsome blonde out there..........Beth
please wake've always been there for me ever since we first met. I
am going to find out who did this to you I promise "she said. "Did I tell you I sent
my designs to the director of the Dolphins cheerleaders.........she loved them and
wants to meet with me in a couple of weeks.......................Wake up Beth

Feeling a hand on her shoulder she looked up to see Chris standing there. "Hey
why don't you go home and get some sleep. Rocky and I will stay with her?" "No
thanks. I want to be here in case she wakes up or................" "Don't even say it
okay? She is going to wake up." "Yeah I just have to keep believing that."
"Where's Rocky?" she asked."He went to call Vince.... something about
demanding I take time off or something," he said, sitting down across from her.
"So the director really likes your designs?" "How long were you standing there?"
she asked. "Long enough," he replied.

"You know she thinks of you like a sister." "She's kind of like my sister too,"
Angela replied. "You know she was the only one who didn't laugh in my face
when I told her I wanted to be a designer........." "She told me she wants to be
your maid of honor when you and Rocky get married" "Only if I get to return the
favor when you two get married?"

Glancing over toward the bed Chris seemed lost in thought. "I really hope you
can Angela............."

Chapter 3

She sat there for almost an hour talking to Beth, trying to get her to wake up.
Feeling a hand on her shoulder she turned to see Rocky standing there. "I got
you some coffee," he said handing her the steaming cup. "What did Vince say?"
"Him and Linda are on their way."

"I told Chris to go get something to eat ...........he hasn't eaten for three days."
"He's in love," Rocky pointed out, reaching for her hand. "Why won't she wake
up?" she asked. "I don't know honey." Standing up she moved to lay her head on
his chest. "Hold me...........please?" she asked as he quickly wrapped his arms
around her.

"I am going to run down to the gift shop and get some flowers or something for
this room. Will you stay here with her?""Sure," he said placing his hand under
her chin tilting her face. "She knows how much we all want her to wake up," he
said, placing a gentle kiss against her lips.

Rocky sat down next to the bed staring at the woman who laid there. "Beth, you
just have to wake up," he began reaching for her hand. "Chris loves you so much
he's like a man who.............."

A sudden movement caught his eye as she began to open her eyes."Beth,
honey, you’re gonna open those eyes aren't you?" he asked as Chris and Angela
came back into the room. "Beth?" Chris asked moving to the other side of the
bed just as she opened her eyes for the first time in a couple of days. "Hey
beautiful you came back to me," Chris said leaning down to place a kiss against
her lips when she began to back away from him. "Beth?" he asked. "Who are
you?" she asked. "I'm your boyfriend.........." he began, glancing up at Rocky and

"I don't have a boyfriend....I'm a married woman." "A married who?"
Chris asked and she turned her head slightly to the other side of the bed. "To

Chapter 4

Rocky turned to glance at Angela just in time to see a look cross her face that he
wasn't sure he liked. "No," she said simply, walking up behind him. "Why can't I
be?" Beth asked. "Because I love him and he loves me," she replied wrapping
her arms around his neck.

"Hello... I am standing right over here," Chris said. "Who are you?" Beth asked
staring at him. "I am the man who loves you," he replied. She glanced over at
Rocky before she spoke. "Am I cheating on you............with him?" "Uhhh........"
he began. "How come she remembers you, and thinks you’re married but not
anybody else?" Chris asked, and Angela immediately spoke up. "I don't know but
I am going to find a doctor."

She was back a few moments later. "This is Dr. Willing, he was the doctor that
first examined find out why she can't remember." "She remembers
we’re married," Rocky said. "You keep quiet before you need a doctor,” she
replied. "You two are not married," Chris said glaring at the man on the other
side of the room. "Ok supposedly married how's that?" "Better," he replied. "I am
going to have to ask you to step out of the room so I can examine my patient."
"All right we will be in the hall," Angela said.

"Rocky," Beth called and he turned. "Yes?" he asked. "Please.........stay with
me....don't go."

Chapter 5

"Angela......" he began looking back toward the bed. "Yes?" she asked. "I really
should stay with her...................." "I see... well do me a favor okay? Remind me
of this date next year so I can send you guys a present...........paper is the one
for the first anniversary right?" "You’re not being fair," he called out, but she had
already shut the door behind her.

"I don't believe this............I finally get her to wake up and she thinks she's
married to him..........." "Yeah interesting how things are going now don't you
think?" "What do you mean?" he asked watching her as she sat down on one of
the chairs. "I don't know what I am saying anymore," she replied.

"Maybe she has ..........I don't know..." Chris began starting to pace up and down
the  hall. "I want Beth to get well... I really do. But why does she have to have my
boyfriend to do it?" Chris looked over just in time to see her start to cry. "Hey
honey it's gonna be okay...........Beth is gonna get all better and then we will both
start planning our weddings."

She stood up walking over to the coffee machine."You really think so?" she
asked. "She is going to be fine," he said moving to pull her into his arms for a
hug. "I'm just so scared. I know you are sweetheart," he replied when a voice
from behind them startled them both.

"Maybe Beth isn't the one I should be keeping my eye on?

Chapter 6

She turned to find Rocky standing there his eyes were almost glued to the spot
where Chris's hands were resting on her shoulders. "What did the doctor say?"
he asked. "She has amnesia and we should all try and go along with her until
she gets her memory back." "Which means?" Chris asked. "Which means they
stay married for a little while longer,"she replied walking off.

He found her in the sun room looking out the window. "Angela," he said softly.
"Shouldn't you be with your wife?" "We’re not really married remember?" he
asked moving to pull her into his arms. "I love you.........." He cupped her face,
kissing her softly. "She's taking you away from me.........and it's breaking my
heart." "Angela honey nobody is taking me away from you." "I just............I mean
I really do want Beth to get better." "I know you do about if I
see if Chris will stay with her tonight and we will go somewhere special just the
two of us?" he asked moving to kiss her neck.

"My, My cheating already?" she teased wrapping her arms around his neck. "So
what about tonight?" he asked. "We’ll see. Think we can get Chris to stay with
her?" "You want to bet on it?" he asked laughing.

Chapter 7

Any other time Chris would have loved to have her watch him, but she wasn't
watching him. No, actually staring was the word. "You need a shave," she said.
"Well, thank you for your opinion Mrs. Calvin Klein," he shot back and felt like a
number one jerk when he saw the look on her face. "I was just............" she
began. "No, it's my fault okay.............I'm sorry," he replied moving to sit next to
her on the bed.

"That other lady that was in she mad at me?" "Angela..........well,"
he began. "She just doesn't understand some things right now" "She likes him
doesn't she?" she asked. "Who?" he replied. "My husband," Beth said. "That's
the understatement of the millineum,"he thought to himself. "You look tired why
don't you try and get some sleep?" "I don't want to sleep I want to talk........" "Ok,"
he replied. "Do we have any ..........babies?" she asked him. "Umm, no you
don't." "Oh I see,"she laid back against the pillows. "I would like to have a baby
with him," she said, and this time it was Chris's turn to stare.

They walked in a few moments later to find him still watching her. "What's going
on?" Angela asked. "She wants to have his baby," Chris said. "When it gets cold
in Florida," Angela replied. "He is my husband," Beth replied almost glaring at
her. "Look this little game is.............." Rocky grabbed her arm moving over into a
corner of the room. "Calm down okay before I have to get a referee in here." "I
know I really should chill, it's just this whole........." "I know honey it's hard on me
too," he replied. "Yeah it's really killing you I can tell," she shot back walking back
over to the bed.

"Beth..........."she began. "I know you may not remember me....." "You’re right I
don't  remember you.........are you my secretary or something like that?" Beth
asked looking at her.

Chapter 8

"Yeah or something,"she replied. "Angela why don't you take Chris and tell him
about the idea for tonight?" Rocky said. "Sure come on Chris," she replied as
they walked out in the hall. "Angela I am sorry but if this goes on for much longer
I might end up punching your boyfriend." "Listen would you, umm, stay with Beth
tonight so Rocky and I can get some time together?" "Sure but do you think
she's gonna let him out of her sight for a moment?" "She will if I have to sneak
him out, she will."

It was later that evening when they were all sitting there by the bed."I think I
am going to run and get something to eat anybody want anything?" she asked.
"No thanks," Chris replied. "What about you.............Rocky?" "Where are you
going?" "I don't know maybe to get some pizza." "Sounds good...........Beth
honey would you mind if I went and got something to eat?" "She's not your
mother," he turned when he heard Angela and gave her a look. "Sure I will
probably try and get some rest anyway." "Don't worry Rocky I will keep her
company," Chris said smiling. "Okay great," he replied standing up reaching for
his jacket.

They were just at the door when Beth's voice stopped them. "Aren't you going to
kiss me good-bye?"

Chapter 9

"I have to go get something out of the car," he replied heading for the door."Oh
okay," Beth replied sounding disappointed. "I will come by and see you in the
morning." Angela said. "Yeah sure," she replied reaching for the TV remote.

As soon as she shut the door she was grabbed from behind. "Did I make the
right decision?" he asked. "Yes, you did," she said laughing. "Either way I was
going to get smacked so this seemed like the best thing to do." "So are you
hungry?" "Not really are you?" "Yes, I am...............for you," he replied smiling.

They got back to the apartment and his hands were already trying to undo her
shirt. "You are hungry," she teased. "Starved," he said pressing her against the
wall. "How long do we have together?" he asked. "I'm not really thinking about
that right now," she replied trying to get his shirt over his head.

He picked her up carrying her into the bedroom laying her down on the bed.
Wrapping her arms around his neck she brought his mouth down to hers for a
hot kiss that left them both trembling. Slowly he moved to take her breast in his
mouth, hearing her moan softly. "Do you like that sweetheart?" he asked, looking
up into her eyes. "Yes...........please..........more."

"I love you so much," he said placing a light kiss against her stomach. "More
than Beth?" she teased watching as he finished undressing her. "Beth who?" he

Chapter 10

He laid there watching her sleep, lightly stroking her hair. She whimpered in her
sleep, moving to cuddle closer to him. "I'm not going anywhere Angel," he said,
as she opened her eyes. "Hi," she said. "Hi, if you don't move your leg I might
have to ravish you again?" "Mm.........maybe I don't want to move my leg?" she
taunted. "So you want me to ravish you?" Moving to lay on the other pillow she
smiled at him. "Ravish away."

"Baby wait we need to talk.""What about?" she asked."Us," he said. "Why don't
I like the sound of that?" "Oh no it's nothing like that............I hope you will be
happy about this?" he began. "Okay what is it?" He moved to get something,
from across the room heading back over to the bed.

"You know we have been together for a while right?" he asked. "Yes," she said.
"Have you ever thought about taking the next step?" "The next...............oh you mean what I think you mean?" she asked."Well you look at this
and then you tell me," he said opening the box to reveal a ruby and sapphire
engagement ring.

"I think you mean what I thought you meant,"she laughed. "So may I put it on
Mrs. Johnson?" he asked. "On one condition." "Anything." "We get married as
soon as possible?" "As soon as Beth is better we are going to a church and we
are getting married now you promise me you will never take this off?" "Never,"
she replied

Chapter 11

By the time they got to the hospital the next day it was almost ten thirty. "Well,
hello how was your..........dinner?" Chris asked laughing. "Oh it was nice wasn't
it baby?" she asked. "Oh yeah I wouldn't mind having more dinners like that,"
she laughed before turning to face Chris. "I just got some new hand lotion would
you tell me if it works?" she asked holding her hand up. "That's a ring," he
said."Boy he sure is smart," Rocky said laughing.

"What are you going to tell your other wife?" Chris asked, earning a look from
Angela that made him almost back up a step. "This is going to be my one and
only wife," he said pulling her into his arms. "How is Beth?" she asked. "The said she might get to come home tomorrow" "That's
great............" "Yeah real great for me. Now she can ignore me there too."

" soon as she gets her memory back you guys will be right back to
where you were before all this stuff happened.... totally and completely in love."
"I guess so," he replied."Chris listen ..........she loves you... she's just a
dream world right now, so to speak" "Yeah well it's a nightmare for me, " he
replied walking off.

They walked into the hospital room and she smiled as soon as she saw him. "I
might get to come home tomorrow." "Chris told us... that's great," he said softly.
"How are you feeling?" Angela asked. "Okay........still a little sore," she said. "I
bet you will be glad to get home?" "Yeah I can't wait to sleep in my own
bed..........this hospital bed is just not comfortable and I miss having my husband
by my side," she said smiling at him.

Angela moved to sit down next to the bed and Beth reached for her hand
examining the ring. "This is very pretty............where did you get it?"
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