Chapter 12

"Someone very special gave it to me," she replied. “Oh.......did Chris give it to
you?" ","she said softly. "Did your boyfriend?" "Yeah you could say
that," she replied. "You know Beth............I know you don't remember but Chris
loves you with all his heart and.............." "No..........I am a married woman and I
love my husband," she said. "Look your husband is............." she began only to
have Rocky lay a hand on her shoulder. "Yes?" Beth asked. "A very special
man," she finished.

"He's not your husband dammit," Chris exploded jumping up from the chair he
was sitting in. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "Look Rocky is in love
with Angela.......he's the one that gave her the ring and I love you," he said.
"You’re lying," she said. "Oh yeah?............Ask him," Chris replied.

"Rocky?" she asked turning to the other man. "Don't lie to her either Rocky," he
replied just as the door opened and the doctor came in. "Hello, how's the
patient?" he asked smiling. "That depends on his answer," Beth said looking
over at Rocky.

Chapter 13

"I really want to hear what the doctor has to say........." he said turning to look at
the doctor. "Well, Beth I think you will be interested in hearing this too," he said.
"Oh why is that?" she asked. "Because I have been assured you will be very well
taken care of so......I have decided to release you today instead of tomorrow."

"Beth that's great," Angela said smiling at her. "Let's go... I am so ready, "she
replied throwing back the covers."Whoa now just a second missy... you have to
take things slow because you want your memory back right?" he asked.
"I......guess," she said. "You guess?" Chris asked, staring at her. "Chris let's let
Beth get dressed," Angela said moving to take his arm."Yeah sure," he replied as
they walked out of the room.

"So where is she gonna stay?" Rocky asked as they waited. "Well, how about
with you guys?" Chris asked. "Then you had that dream shattered and not by
Goldust either," Angela replied. "No I'm serious. That way we could intensely
work on helping her get her memory back." "I think you need your head
examined," she replied,

"I see what he's saying," Rocky replied. "I'm glad somebody does," he said
glaring at Angela. "Look..........I want to help Beth as much as you guys do but
how is her coming to stay with us going to help her?" "Because she sees you
and him together it might jar something?"

"Well, all right..............she can come." "There's one more thing." "What?"she
asked. "I have to come too,"he said.

Chapter 14

"What is this... a sleep over?" she asked. "I just want to be there for her," he
replied. "I know you do and of course you can come too." "I better go check on
her," she said knocking on the door before opening it. "Hey you almost done.
"Yeah, umm, sit down, we need to talk" "Is everything okay?""Yes I am almost
ready to go." "Great," she replied smiling at her.

As soon as they got to the apartment the phone was ringing. "Hello?" Rocky said
as Angela and Chris helped Beth get settled. "You’re a little too late she's
already home but if you want to come by the apartment you can.........Great see
you then." "Who was that?" Angela asked coming into the room. "Linda......her
and Vince went to the hospital and kind of freaked when they saw Beth's room
empty till they talked to the nurse and she told them she was sent home."
"Oh.........I'm gonna make some hot chocolate you want some?" "Can I have tiny
little marshmallows in mine?" "Of course," she replied laughing as they headed
to the kitchen.

She walked into the living room to find Beth sitting on the couch watching the TV.
"Anything good on?" she asked sitting down next to her, handing her a cup of hot
chocolate. "Not really.............Do you think we could go shopping tomorrow?" she
asked taking a sip. "Ohh.......that sounds like fun," she replied smiling. "Good I
want to get some shopping done and maybe get something special for Rocky."

Chapter 15

The next morning she was up before the alarm went off. There was a knock on
the door and when she opened it she was suprised to find a single red rose
taped to it. "I hope you like it?" "I love it.............are Chris and Beth still sleeping?"
"Yeah why... you getting some ideas?" he asked. "Yeah but not the kind you’re
thinking about,"she replied laughing. "Let's suprise them with breakfast.... maybe
some blueberry pancakes?" "Sounds good," he said. "Last one in the kitchen
has to clean up," he said heading for the kitchen.

"It was nice to see Vince and Linda again yesterday." "Yeah it was.........Shane
too," he said laughing. "I, umm, asked Shane to give me away at the wedding."
"What did he say?" "He said he would be happy to and if you hadn't got to me
first..........""I don't think I want to hear the rest of this," he said laughing. "You’re
right you don't,” she said, moving to pour some orange juice.

"These are just about ready..........I'm gonna go wake up prince and princess
charming." "Wait you have some syrup on you from when you.......tested the
last batch." "Where?" he asked. "Right here,"she said kissing him deeply.
"Mmm...can't decide which tastes sweeter you or the syrup," he teased as she
moved to finish pouring the juice, but a sudden movement caught her eye and
she froze.

"Beth," she said softly, noticing the other woman standing there in the doorway.

Chapter 16

"Get away from him," she said. "How long have you been standing there?" she
asked, moving to get the plates from the dishwasher. "Long enough," Beth
replied coming into the room. "Please let me explain." "What's there to explain.
You were kissing my man."

"Beth..........." "No see, I realize something.........I can't ever let that happen
again." "What do you mean?" Rocky asked and Beth turned to face him. "You
thought you could play your little game and get away with it didn't you?" she
asked. "Beth.....what are you talking about?" Angela asked moving to stand next
to him.

"What I am talking about is how he tried to trick both of us into thinking he loved
us.” "You’re talking crazy," he began. "Oh am I? Actually I think I am quite sane
because you see I was just getting dressed and I saw these bruises for the first
time." "Bruises... I never hit you.........." "Oh will your lying ever stop? You did hit
me Rock..............I got my memory back and I know who attacked me.........I
know who put me in that hospital bed.........It was you ..........wasn't it Rocky?"

Chapter 17

"Is it true Rocky?" Angela asked, needing to know the truth but afraid of his
answer. "Tell her how you were jealous of me. How if I didn't stop being her
friend you would make me pay?" "Rock?" she asked. "Angela let me........." "Just
please yes or no?" "Yes," he said softly. Slowly she slipped off her ring setting it
on the table. "Angela, wait please?" She turned to face him thinking about what
she would say. "I don't ever want to see you again," she said, walking from the

"Angela?" "Please go and let my heart break in peace." "Honey, Beth told me
what happened." "Go ahead and laugh I have been a fool." "No you were
just........" "A fool," she replied. "Angela.........can we talk?" "Haven't you hurt her
enough?" "Stay out of this Jericho," he warned. "No, you back off... she happens
to be a very good friend of mine and I don't care for the way you have been
treating her." "It's okay Chris, I'll talk to him,"she said. "Beth and I will be right
outside," he said glancing at Rocky as he walked out.

"I thought I told you I didn't want to see you?" "Please give me ten minutes I want
a chance to explain?" "What's there to explain were jealous of my
friend so you beat her up? If I do the same thing will you do that to me?" "No," he
said grabbing her arm. "Looks like you already started," she replied.

Chapter 18

"Where are you going to go ?" "As far away from him as possible.........Beth I am
so sorry." "Honey it's not your fault." "I'm just glad you remembered before we
got married. Where are you..........""Chris and I are going to Vermont for a couple
of weeks we have a lot of time to make up for." "Just promise I still get a wedding
invitation?" "Oh you’re still gonna be my maid of honor right?" "Count on it," she
replied hugging her friend.

*Six Weeks Later - Miami Florida*

"I am so sister had the flu and and I must have caught it from her
because I definitely had a fever this morning." "Don't worry about it let's get down
to business..........I would like to offer you a job as the chief designer." "I'll take it,
thank you," she said moving to shake the other woman's hand. "Now lets go
introduce you to the girls shall we?" "We shall," she replied standing up.
Suddenly the room started to spin, and she sank down into the chair. The other
woman moved around her desk pushing the intercom button. "Lisa.........get me
the team doctor and hurry."

She was just walking from the locker room when she heard voices. "This is
gonna be the best idea we ever had..........almost as good as the Pro Bowl idea."
Just as she was about to turn the corner the next statement stopped her cold.
"We have to start publicity soon it's not everyday The Rock comes to a Dolphin’s

Chapter 19

"It's a real pleasure to be here guys I............" Their eyes met and neither one
could look away. "Rock?" one of the men said. "You guys go ahead. I'll catch up
with you later." "Okay sure," he replied. "Can we go somewhere...............?" "No,
I was just on my way to meet the cheerleaders I'm the new chief designer." "Oh
congratulations." "Thanks," she said."You still look beautiful," he replied reaching
out to caress her face.

"Don't.........please." "I can't help it Angela it's been torture without you......" "I
have to go," she said walking off.

She had just about reached her car later that day when he caught up with her
again. "I'm sorry Angela," he said pulling her against him. "It's been so long since
I've had you in my arms." Cupping her face he placed a finger against her lips
when she started to speak. "Let me remind you of what it was like." The kiss was
tender and exploring, his hands immediately started to move over her body.
"Rocky," she moaned when his thumbs brushed against her sensitive nipples.
"Oh damn baby.......I've missed you so much please tell me there's nobody in
your life?" "No, I've been busy with my designs and stuff............." "I never
stopped loving you," he said kissing her forehead.

"Angela, what did Doctor Dillon say?" They turned to see the cheerleading
director coming toward them. "Doctor? What doctor?" he asked her. Ignoring him
she turned to the other woman. "He examined me and wants me to go see my
own doctor  when I get a chance. I'll see you at practice Tuesday night." "Okay
take care and see you then."

Chapter 20

"Are you okay..........what kind of doctor was it?" "Calm down I was just feeling
like I had the flu." "You are going right to your place and get in bed." "Rock I
shouldn't even be talking to you." "Angela stop it right now I am going to take
care of you now lets go."

As soon as they got to her apartment he picked her up carrying her into the bed
room. "Can I get you some Sprite or something?" "I'm fine really... now please
just go." He moved toward the bedroom door. "I don't think so. I am going to stay
here with you.............until you’re well." "You can't," she began, moving to sit up.
"Why can't I?" he asked. "You just can't." "You’re keeping a secret." "How many
times do I have to ask you to leave?" "I'm not leaving until you tell me what's
really going on..........all of it."

"You are the most I have ever met." "Yeah but you still love
me right?" he asked smiling at her. "Don't go there right now," she said laying
back against the pillows. "You might as well tell me because I am not moving till
you do.""I can call the cops they would move you............." "Sweetheart you know
you couldn't even pick up the phone to call the cops on me...........besides I have
ways of making you talk remember," he said, moving over to the bed. "No Rock
don't .........." "Why not?" he asked. "I'm pregnant," she said softly.

Chapter 21

*Quaint hotel - Burlington,Vermont*

Beth stood there watching the snow fall. "How about we build a roaring fire and
I'll make some hot chocolate or something?" "That sounds nice," she said as he
came up behind her, rubbing her shoulders."We have two wonderful weeks up
here.....I hope you can put up with me for that long," he teased moving to kiss
her shoulder. "Oh I definitely think I can... for two weeks and longer....much
longer," she said turning to face him.

"Beth listen...........I was kind of wondering something." "What's that?" she asked.
"No, I better not tell you yet." "Why are you doing this?" she asked, playfully
pushing him away. "I love you Beth," he said softly. "I love you too, and I am so
glad I remembered you and what we share." "So am I," he said laughing. "All
right off to the making of hot chocolate you go, and don't forget those cute little

He walked into the kitchen, making sure she couldn't hear before pulling out his
cell phone. "Vince McMahon please...........well get him out of the meeting this is
important.....look lady tell him either he gets on this phone or I make a visit to
Linda and just well, let's just say we have a little talk........."

It was about two minutes before Vince came on the line."What do you think
you’re doing?" he asked, and Chris laughed. "It's simple Vince.... you meet me in
your office two weeks from today. We have a lot of business to discuss." "What's
this about?" he asked. "Let's just say...........something or actually somebody
needs a little lesson on how to treat women.....namely mine....See you in a
couple ofd weeks Vince and your secret is safe with me......for now," he said
laughing as he hung up the phone.

Chapter 22

*Angela's Apartment -Miami Florida*

"What did you just say?" he asked staring at her. "I'm know as in
having a baby?" "My baby," he said softly. "Our baby," she replied. "Angela don't
you see I can't leave now...." "Oh you’re leaving. I don't know how yet but you’re
leaving." "You can't keep me from my child." "What are you gonna do Rock, take
me to court? What lawyer in their right mind would represent you and further
more there isn't a judge on this planet who would help you unless you paid him.
Now get out I am going to lay down for a while." "This isn't over," he said. "I think
it is," she replied heading into the bedroom.

*Quaint Hotel - Burlington,Vermont*

"What are you doing?" Chris asked watching her reach for his cell phone. "I
wanted to check on Angela...........I really don't like the idea of her being by
herself.""She knows how to dial 911 right?" he asked laughing. "Give me five
minutes and then we can head for the bedroom," she said. "Use the speed dial,"
he replied.

*Angela's Apartment -Miami Florida*

He was just heading out the door when the phone rang and before it could ring
throughout the whole house he picked it up, moving to look at some pictures she
had placed on the wall. "Hello?" he asked.
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