Chapter 23

*Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

"What are you doing answering her phone?" she asked. "Now Beth..........did you
really think her little act of hating me was real? I should have Vince give her a job
she's such a good actress I mean Beth, we’re getting married..........." "She
wouldn't do that.........she's my friend." "Beth, wake up and smell the
pie.........she's in there resting up because she said something about hot
passionate............" The phone was slammed down before he could finish and he
couldn't help bur laugh when he thought about how his plan was working.

*A Quaint Hotel - Burlington Vermont*

"Beth honey what's wrong?" he asked."That trashy little..........guess who's
making himself all warm and comfy in my ex friend's bed?" "Who?" he asked.
"The man who put me in the hospital." "What?" Chris asked, moving to grab his
jacket. "What are you doing?" "Don't tell him I'm coming and I can...." "Chris......"
"You don't want me to go take him apart?" "Not right now honey............that's
gonna be my job,"she said, with a smile before moving into the other room for a
glass of water.

Chapter 24

Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

The phone was ringing as Angela was slowly waking up. "Hello?" she said. "Hi
Angela, this is Linda McMahon. I was wondering if maybe you have time to talk?
"Mrs. Mcmahon may I ask what this about?" "A job" she replied. "I'm truly sorry
Mrs. Mcmahon but I have already accepted a job offer here in Miami" "Oh...... I
see Vince will be disappointed he wanted to hire you the minute he saw you, I
hope you would think about maybe coming out for a pay per view or something?"
"Mrs. McMahon if i may ask why the sudden interest in me?"

"Angela, I am going to be honest with you...........Vince thinks you would be a
great addition to our diva roster........" "Mrs. McMahon I really don't feel like that's
the job for me right now thank you anyway for the offer." "'Of course I will talk to
you again soon, I would like for us to be friends?" "Sure I would like tha....t now if
you will excuse me I have things to do." "Sure bye for now." "Bye bye," Angela
replied hanging up.

She was making herself some chicken soup when there was a knock at the door.
"I'm coming, I'm coming," she called heading to the door. The minute she
opened a pair of massive arms enveloped her in a hug. "You’re breaking my
ribs," she said laughing as he released her. "It's been a long time," he said.
"Yeah it has," she replied. "So can I come in?" "Sure, come on in," she said
starting to head into the living room. "Just shut the door behind you."

Chapter 25

*Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

"So what have you been up to?" he asked. "Well, a few things. I have a new job
and a" "A what?" he asked looking staring at her. "A baby... you
know what comes before it becomes a child?" "Wow you have been busy haven't
you?" he asked and she playfully slapped his arm. "How about you? I don't see a
ring on your finger." "You won’t either...........because I know better then to play
the marriage game." "Yeah well some of us may not be that smart," she said
getting up.

"Angela?" he asked softly. "Hmmm?" "What's going on? There's something
you’re not telling me." "You always did know when I was hiding things didn't
you?" she asked. "I sure did because you get this look on your face like you've
got right now." "It's about the baby's father." "Oh...........what is he in jail?" "Not
yet," she said. "Excuse me?" he replied. "This is kind of a long story." "Honey
just talk to me. I told you back in Baltimore I would always be there for you and I
meant talk.""I better get a drink first," she said heading for the
kitchen. "It better be milk," he called.

Chapter 26

*Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

She came back into the room, sitting down across from him on the couch. "Now
you were saying?" he asked. Laughing softly she set her glass down. "I guess
you could say my so called ex fiancee has hurt me and someone who I happen
to consider  a friend, very deeply." "I see," he replied. "Angela what about the can't  keep him or her away from their father.""Watch me," she said.

"Does he know..........?" "Yes, he does and I can see both sides. I mean what he
did was so horrible, but like you said I can't keep the baby away from him.""You
have a little while to make that decision." "Yeah but something tells me it won't
get easier as time goes by," she replied. "So let's talk about you and what has
been going on since the last time we were together?"

They talked for a couple of hours before she went to get herself some more milk.
She had just walked into the kitchen when the phone rang. "I'll get it," he called
picking up the receiver. "Hello?" "Who is this?" The voice on the other end
asked. "This is Matt who is this?"

Chapter 27

Angela walked into the room and he handed her the phone. "Who is it?" she
asked, smiling at him."Some guy named The Rock?" he replied laughing, but
when he saw her face he stopped laughing immediately. "Do you want me to
hang up on him?" he asked. "No it's okay I will talk to him," she said.

"Hello?" "Who is that?" he asked. "Who I see is none of your business... we’re
not together anymore remember?" "So... I can't still care about you?""Did you
want something or did you just call to ............" "We need to talk," he said. "No
way, " she replied. "Angela please this is about us.............our child................our
future." "Can I bring somebody with me?" "Whatever, just please meet me for
breakfast in the morning?" "All right fine... you get one hour and then I'm gone."
"I love you Angela," he said and then he hung up.

"The baby's father?" he asked."Very perceptive Dr.Watson," she teased sitting
back down on the couch. "Would you like me to go with you?" he asked. "Yes, I
think I would," she replied. "In fact why don't you just stay here tonight? I have
the extra guest room................""Strictly as friends right?" he asked. "Of course. I
mean we can't let what happened in Baltimore happen again right?" "Definitely
not," he replied. "It sure was fun though.”

Chapter 28

*A quaint little cabin - Burlington Vermont*

Chris smiled to himself as he got everything ready. The roses were placed by the
couch. Champagne and chocolates were by the fire and her special surprise was in the dresser in the bedroom while the other one was

"Beth come on you have to see the Y2snowman I made," he called.
"Y2snowman?" she asked coming into the room. "You have to see it," he
repeated reaching for her hand. "All right I'm coming...............Chris what's going
on?" "What do you mean?" "I mean champagne, roses and chocolates..........all
right Jericho you are up to something," she said as he led her outside.

"Chris how did you get those pants on that snowman?" she asked. "I spray
painted them on" he said smiling at her."Oh hey there seems to be something
wrong with the nose can you go fix it for me?" "Sure," she said heading up to the

He smiled when he heard shriek. "Chris.....this is a....." she began only to turn
and find him on one knee the snow falling down softly around him. "Beth..........I
know a while back you lost your memory...........well please help me make some
happy memories... ones that you won't ever forget starting with our
wedding.........will you marry me?"

Chapter 29

*Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

"Oh isn't that where you got this?" she asked pointing to the earring that was
nestled in his ear. "No, I did that myself about six weeks ago," he replied
laughing. "You did that...........I thought you were afraid ..............after that one
incident." "Some things are better left forgotten in the past," he pointed out.

"Do you think I should get my ears pierced?" "It's up to you," he said. "Gee
thanks for the advice," she replied laughing. "Hey let's talk about something
else." "Okay like what?" "Well, after we go talk to this guy tomorrow how would
you like to spend the day together? There's this show at the arena I want to go
to." "Oh really what kind of show?" "It's a jewelry show," he said smiling. "Ohhh
that's my kind of show," she said laughing.

"You know you’re still beautiful," he said leaning closer. "Matt don't.............I'm
not ready yet." "Okay............I'm sorry it's just we were so close a while back."
"Well things have changed since we were together." "Can I ask you something?"
"Sure," she replied. "If you ever get over him.............would you give me another

Chapter 30

*Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

"I don't know's gonna be a while before I can even think about
another man." "I know I just want to you know to keep my name in the hat so to
speak." She laughed softly and he smiled."How about we go out to dinner to
celebrate my first night back?" "That sounds like fun............"" you
pick.... do we get dressed up or go blue jean attire?" "I really don't feel like
getting dressed up so I guess blue jeans it is." "Sounds good to me," he replied.

"So what should we talk about now... the weather?" "How about sports?" she
asked. "Umm.... aren't you afraid you will be..........out of your league?" "Out of
my league? I don't think so..... girls can like sports too." "Watching how the guys
move in those pants don't exactly count." "All right wise guy what sport would you
like to chat about?"

Before he could answer her phone rang and she reached for it only to hear some
very chilling words. "Don't get too close to him."

Chapter 31

Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

"Who is this?" she asked and the person on the other end laughed. "A friend of
Rock's and honey that's all you need to know right now," he said. "Why can't he
just leave me alone?" "You have his child inside of you............He will never be
out of your life............face it Angela he loves you and he's going to have you."
"How do you know my name?" she asked. "He's told me all about
sound real pretty honey maybe when you two get back together you will invite
me to the wedding?"

Matt reached for the phone placing it back in place on the desk. "Angela are you
okay?" "No," she whispered wrapping her arms around herself. "Come
on.........come sit down," he said leading her over to the couch."He knew my
name.........he said Rock told him all about me." He pulled her into his arms and
she placed her head on his chest. "He's gonna get me," she whispered. "No
sweetheart he's not.........I can promise you that." "How?" she asked simply.
"Well you see I don't plan on leaving you alone."

She looked up into his eyes and he noticed the fear in her eyes. "You won't let
him get me?" she asked. "He won't get near you," he promised.

Chapter 32

*A quaint hotel - Burlington,Vt*

"Of course I will marry you," she replied throwing her arms around his neck. "I
was hoping you would say that," he said, moving to place a soft kiss on her lips
as he moved to pull her scarf from around her neck. "What are you doing?" she
asked. "Getting in some honeymoon practice," he said laughing, moving to place
a kiss on her neck.

"Chris," she began, moaning softly when he began to massage her neck. "Yes?"
he asked. "You don't need any honeymoon practice you definitely have expertise
in that area." "Why thank you my dear," he replied, as his hands moved down
inside of her jacket. "Umm how about you imagine us together snuggling under a
warm blanket, some champagne and some nice juicy strawberries?" "I'll race you
inside," he said, heading toward the front door.

She caught up with him just as he was reaching for the door knob. "Chris I need
a kiss." "You can have all the kisses you want just as soon as we get inside," he
replied. Suddenly he found himself pressed against the side of the house. "Chris.
I need a kiss," she repeated just as she claimed his lips with a kiss that almost
made him breathless.

Slowly breaking the kiss she smiled at him. "You know something else baby?"
she asked. "What?" he asked. "I win,"she replied, sneaking inside the door and
shutting it behind her.

Chapter 33

* A Quaint Hotel - Burlington,VT*

She was off again as soon as he opened the door. " better
stop or you won't get to hear my good news," he called out when he saw her
head into the bedroom. "What good news?" she asked opening the door and
that's when he made his move, pushing open the door and grabbing her around
the waist.

"Just for that...........I will only make love to you for twenty-three of the following
twenty-four hours," he teased laying her down on the bed. "Oh I have ways of
convincing you,"she said kissing him deeply. "We shall see," he replied, moving
to turn out the lights.

"Chris what is that?" she asked glancing over at the nightstand. "I's
a motion lamp.........I bought it cause I thought the colors were pretty." "When did
you have the time to buy that?" she asked. "Yesterday morning when you took
that incredibly long shower," he said. "Oh okay," she said.

He noticed that she seemed to be staring at the lamp, so he moved to undo her
jeans. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Just keep looking at the lamp," he said
laughing. "Yes, Major Nelson," she replied, groaning when his mouth found the
area of skin on her stomach that he knew almost always drove her wild. "Chris..."
she began moving to tangle her hands in his hair. "Should I turn the lamp off?"
he asked looking up into her eyes. "Yes, I think so I have definitely found
something much more interesting."
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