Chapter 34

Angela's Apartment - Miami Florida*

She was up before her alarm went off, and after taking a quick shower she
headed down to the living room reaching for her cell phone and punching in
Beth's number.

* Quaint Hotel - Burlington, VT*

"Hello?" Beth replied feeling Chris slide his arms around her waist.
"Angela...........what are you calling me for?" "I missed talking to you.........." "Your
boyfriend did enough talking for both of you the other day." "What do you
mean?" she asked. "I mean your days of acting like my friend are over.... in fact
why did you even call ... to help me count the bruises from the last time I saw
your boyfriend? Or to gloat about what he did? Tell me Angela does he whisper it
in your ear when you two are in the sack?"

"I..........I don't know what your talking about.........." "Angela I called to talk to you
a few days ago and your boyfriend answered the phone. He took great pleasure
in describing what was going on........" "I went to bed......." she protested.
"Waiting for him to join you I take it?" "No..........Beth I wouldn't do that to you
you’re my friend."

"No, Angela I was your friend. You see as the old saying goes... you made your
bed now lie in it," she said slamming the phone down. "Are you okay?" Chris
asked. "I think so but you know what's funny.........she hurt me worse then he
ever did."

Chapter 35

* Angela's Apartment - Miami, Florida*

They were just walking out the door as he was coming up the walkway. "I
realized this was way too important to be broadcast all over a resturant," he said,
glancing at Matt as they headed back inside.

"So the quicker we finish the quicker you leave," she said."Can
we at,least talk alone?" "What you have to say can be said in front of Matt."
"Angela can he at least go in the other room?" "No he can't, because he doesn't
trust you," Matt  replied glaring at him.

"Look we were.............." "Look you’re wasting time and before we even start
talking about our future let's talk about our past.............what exactly did you tell
Beth the night I went to bed and you were supposed to have left?" "You figure it
out sweetheart. I told that little tramp............"

Her hand was across his face the moment the word left his mouth. "Don't you
ever call her that again. And let me tell you something else I don't know what is
wrong with you, but if you plan on even seeing this baby you better get a grip."

He reached out, grabbing her arm pulling her against him roughly and Matt was
across the room in seconds. "Let her go now before I show you what a real fight
is like." "This is between her and I." "No see.... that's where you’re wrong
because you just don't put your hands on someone who is as special to me as
she is, so you let go or I will make it so your arm is disconnected from the rest of
your body.........."

"Fine.........." he said quickly moving to cup her face kissing her softly before
slowly pulling away placing two fingers against his lips and then on hers."You'll
be back in my arms soon... count on it," he said placing his hand on her
stomach. "Get out," she said.

Smiling he walked out reaching for his cell phone. "Hey it's's not
safe for her to stay here. The plan goes in to effect at midnight tonight."

Chapter 36

*The Arena - Miami Florida*

"Matt this is a piercing show," she said, as a guy with blue spiked hair walked by
arguing with his girlfriend about who had the prettier earring. "Would you have
come if I told you what it was?" he asked. "No," she said. "Exactly," he replied.
"Well I will stay for a little bit I guess but just remember you are so going to pay
for this."

It was almost four hours later and he could tell she was getting tired. "Why don't
we head on out of here I have a suprise for you anyway." "Oh..........tell me........
tell me," she said excitedly laying a hand on his arm. "I love when you smile and
get that look in your eyes," he said. "Matt don't.""I'm sorry it just .. it brings back
so many memories..........we promised each other so much."

"Things aren't the same between us because we’re not the same people
anymore.""Where did you hear that on Montel?" he asked. "No," she replied.
"Let's just get out of here. We can talk about this more later." "Sure,"she said
following him out.

She laid her hand over his as soon as they got in the car and he quickly jerked it
away. "Please.........." "I'm sorry." "Angela..............we could have been so happy,
you just had to take that lying little floozy's word over mine." "I didn't know what
to think .................she had come to the door and told me..." "You could have
asked me about could have trusted my love for you and you could
have realized I would never have done anything to hurt you........I wanted to
spend the rest of my life with you."

Sitting back against the seat she turned to face him. "What about now?" she
asked softly.

Chapter 37

"I don't know," he said, turning to look at her. "I see," she replied softly.
"Angela..." he began and she put up her hand to silence him. "No, it's my fault I
shouldn't have listened to that woman." "Can we talk about something else? I
wanted to surprise you. I got your favorite movie and some popcorn and stuff."
"You didn't have to do all that," she replied. "I wanted to," he replied smiling at

He was just placing the movie in the VCR when she came back with the
popcorn. "I added some extra butter just like you like it," she said setting the bowl
down. "Can I get you a soda or anything?" "No thanks.............maybe after I have
had some of the popcorn though." "Okay," she said sitting down on the couch.

"This movie kind of reminds me of know you being the beauty
and me the............." "Don't even say it," she replied, placing a finger against his
lips. He took her hand kissing the finger. "Please Matt..............." she began and
he quickly got up. "I'm so sorry I just can't seem to keep my hands to myself
when it comes to you." "Let's just watch the movie okay?" she asked. "Okay," he
replied sitting back down.

They were both asleep before the movie was even over and the two men outside
her apartment smiled at each other as the one quietly turned the lock letting him
in. He moved over to the couch leaning down to gently pick her up.
"Mmm............" she whimpered snuggling against his chest. "That's it honey it's
time for you to go home," he said heading toward the door, not noticing what
slipped out landing on the floor by Matt's feet.

Chapter 38

*Somewhere in Miami Florida*

He stood there for a moment watching her sleep."So how long should the
sedative last?" "Well, I gave it to her as soon as we got her in the car so maybe
four or five hours?" he said, trying to sneak a glance at the young woman on the
bed. "Good, keep an eye on her I have some errands that...........must be taken
care of."

It was almost eight hours later and it was just about dark when she began to
wake up. "So you’re awake?""Rock?" she said looking up just as the other man
came into the room. "Where am I?" "Someplace safe," he replied sitting down
next to her on the bed. "Where's Matt?" "He won't ever get near you again," he
replied and she moved backward, the look in his eyes frightening her. "Why are
you doing this?" "Angela...I have to protect my family."

"Is that all for tonight?" Angela turned to look at the other man in the room."Yes
that will be it for tonight... remember breakfast at nine tomorrow" "Of course," he
said trying to sneak a glance at her.

He moved to lock the door, watching her intently. "Who was that?" she asked. "A
friend." "What's your friend’s name?" she asked."You don't need to know that
right now, "he replied starting to unbutton his shirt. "What are you doing?"
"Getting ready for bed.” "I just slept for a long time................" "Angela I didn't say
we were going to sleep."

Chapter 39

*Somewhere in Miami*

"You don't actually think you and I are going to..........." she began."No I don't
think.....I know," he replied moving next to her pulling her to him for a kiss.
"Please.............don't do this," she said. "Your really not in a position to object
now are you?" "Think about the baby ...............I have your child inside of me."
"That's why we had to get you out of there............." he said, moving to kiss her
neck. "He's going to come and look for me.""No he won't because you see he is
never going to find you. We will be one step ahead of him at all
lay down here and let me feel you next to me again.” "I don't know what's going
on with you............" "Let me explain it another way Angela go along
with everything I say or Matt will have a little.............accident shall we say?"

"What has gotten into you?" she asked."I told you............I have to protect my
family." "How long do you plan on keeping me here?" "For the rest of our lives,"
he said, moving to press her down on the bed. Slowly she turned her head away
not being able to even watch what was about to take place. "Angela," he
whispered, and she didn''t even move to look at him. "You can rape me if you
want Rock........but you will not make me watch it."

He laughed softly leaning down to kiss her neck."Honey you know this isn't rape
not when we both enjoy it so much." "Just so you know as soon as I get out of
here I am going to get a restraining order against you."

He took her hands moving them above her head."Don't try it
won't get it because now that you are here with me..........I don't plan on ever
letting you go."

Chapter 40

*Angela's apartment - Miami Florida*

Matt woke up slowly noticing she wasn't there. "Angela?" he called and when he
didn't get an answer he became alarmed. "She always leaves a note," he
thought to himself moving back into the living room. Settling down on the couch
he gave her exactly two hours to come back before he called the police.

When she hadn't come back four hours late he was on the phone with the police.
"Look Detective Ross I am telling you something weird is going on here now
please at least go check it out..............well no, it's only mean
she has to be gone for twenty-four hours before you get off your butts and do
something? Well, fine you just go stake out the local Dunkin Donuts and I will
find her.... thanks for nothing " he said, slamming down the phone. "Don't worry
Angela I will find you," he said heading to get his jacket.

He had just about walked past it when he noticed it on the table. Picking it up he
read it slowly, anger building inside of him. "You went back to him and broke
Beth's heart...don't think I haven't noticed. You will pay and I will make sure of
that. You wont know when or how but I will get you so watch yourself and tell that
coward boyfriend of yours it's not over." He tossed the letter to the table
muttering one thing.... "Jericho."

Chapter 41

*Somewhere in Miami*

He got up from the bed, walking over to the dresser. "Rock?" she asked softly.
"Go to sleep," he said picking up a bottle off the dresser. "Are you okay?" "I can't
do it. I can't be so cruel as that while my child is laying inside of

Getting up she walked over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder. "You let your
emotions get the best of you." "I hurt you..............I hurt Beth.........I'm a monster."
"Rock no," she cried taking his arm only to have him jerk it away. "Don't please...
I don't want to hurt you anymore............I love you Angela...........but after what I
have done I don't deserve you or our child."

He walked from the room and she went after him only to have someone grab her
arm. "Let him go...........he needs to think and get things straight." "He's really not
a monster," she cried. "We know that, but he needs to figure it out for himself." "I
still love him," she admitted softly sinking down onto the couch.

Sitting down next to her he rocked her slowly letting her get it out. "Then honey
when he gets back and is calmed down you tell him that." "How can I do this to
Beth though.........what he did was horrible." "What does your heart say?" "I need
time to think," she said. "Well I will be here if you need me just call for Al."

Chapter 42

*Somewhere in Miami*

She was reading when he came back in and he moved to sit next to her on the
couch. "You didn't sneak off while I was gone?" he asked. "No, I didn't because
we have some things to talk about." "Like what?" he asked. "Our child, and our
future." "I didn't think we had one." "Rock look... I will be one of the first to admit
that what you did was totally horrible.............but like the old saying goes you
can't control who you fall in love with.............." "You still love me?" he asked
surprised. "Yes,"she whispered softly.

"You know Beth won't be too crazy about this," he pointed out. "I don't think Beth
is talking to me anyway right now," she replied."Angela......would you take my
ring  back?" "Let's take this one step at a time okay?" "Sure," he said reaching
for her hand lacing it with his.

He reached over laying a hand on her stomach. "I can't wait to hold this little one
in my arms." "I could never keep you away from your child," she said laying her
head on his arm. "What's on your mind?" he asked. " I wish we
weren't at each other's throats almost..........." "I think as long as you and I are
together then it's gonna be like that," he said sadly.

"I am going to try and call her again," she said reaching for the phone. "Can I just
stay like this for a while?" he asked looking up at her. "Sure.........daddy," she
said smiling at him placing her hand over his.

"Hello..............Beth it's me.............can we talk?"

Chapter 43

* A quaint hotel - Vermont*

"Have you came to your senses yet?" she asked. "Beth...........why can't we......."
"I think I asked you a question," she replied shortly. "You might as well know the
truth. I still love him Beth...........Yes I know what he did was horrible but we both
know you can't control who you fall in love with." "I don't think we have anything
to say to each other now or ever" She was just about to hang up when she heard
a scream come across the phone lines.

"Beth what is it, what's wrong?" she asked sitting up in alarm. "Your crazy as a
loon boyfriend just barged in our hotel room and has Chris up against the wall
demanding to know where you are" "My boyfriend..............." she said, getting a
look from Rock. Suddenly it hit her who she was talking about. "Beth may I talk to
him............?" "I guess," she said.

"Angela where are you.............." "Matt I'm fine and I am safe. What made you
think Chris had anything to do with my disappearance?" "This note he left," he
said reading her the note. "Matt..........think about would Chris get from
Vermont to Florida and back again in that amount of time?................That note
must have been planted to frame Chris and I think I know who did it," she said
looking at Rock.

"I guess I owe Chris an apology?" he asked laughing. "Yeah I would say so and
Matt you remember a while back you asked me if I would give you a second
chance?" "Yes," he asked. "I'm sorry I just don't think I can do that." "It's Rock
isn't it?" he asked. " is," she replied softly. "Tell him if he ever hurts
you again..............." "I don't think he will," she replied. "Even if he does, you
know where to find me?" "Yes, I do and thank you for being a good friend now go
say you’re sorry to Beth and Chris." "Yes maam," he replied laughing.

Chapter 44

*Somewhere in Miami*

Rock watched as she hung up the phone. "What else did she say?" "I made my
decision and so now I have to live with my choices...............and then she hung
up on me" "Baby, I'm sorry..........." "I'm going up to Vermont and we are going to
have this out," "Angela" he began grabbing her arm. "No.... my mind is made
up." "Think about our child. You don't need the stress right now." "Maybe your
right in fact I am kind of tired would you go get me a pillow?" "Honey you don't
have to sleep on the couch." "I know but I want to watch this old movie." "Oh
okay. I'll be right back," he  said placing a soft kiss against her lips and heading
into the other room. "I love you Rock, but this is something I have to do, " she
said heading for the door.

*Miami Airport*

She had just stepped up to buy her ticket when a hand was slapped down on the
counter next to her. "May I ask what you are doing here?" he asked. "I just......"
"How did you get here so fast?" "I walked," she said softly. "You walked?" he
said staring at her. "It wasn''t that far.""We are going home," he said, reaching for
her purse. "You can go home if you want I am going to see Beth" "You are one
of the most pig headed women I have ever met," he said and she whirled on him
angrily. "Well, you are acting like a donkey's behind and if you want to be this
way maybe we shouldn't get back together?"

"Oh were getting back together all right because I have to make sure you don't
try and go to Mexico or something to talk to Beth." "You can't stop me Rock," she
said crossing her arms defiantly. "Obviously you underestimate me," he replied
moving toward her. Slowly he picked her up and placed her over his shoulder
walking from the airport.
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