The Revenge Of Linda McMahon
By: Angela


The Rock sat at a table in the dining room of the arena talking to some of the
other wrestlers. "Look out boss lady at twelve o clock," Bubba Ray Dudley said.
"Man why doesn't Stephanie go whine somewhere where it's appreciated like the
zoo?" he said. "Uhh man," D-Von said. "What?" he replied. "Mr. Johnson I will be
sure and tell my daughter that you compare her to a farm animal." Rocky turned
to find Linda McMahon behind him. "Rocky got busted," Bubba Ray said trying to
hold in his laughter. "May I see you in my office?" "Yes ma'am," Rock replied
getting up to follow her.

He turned to her as soon as they stepped into her office. "Mrs. McMahon about
those Stephanie comments........." "I don't want to talk about Stephanie. I want to
propose a deal to you." "What kind of deal?""I have become aware of Vince's
little explorations into the diva locker room, so I have decided it's time to start
fighting fire with fire." "So where do I fit into all of this?" Slowly she walked up to
him, and before she could lose her nerve completely she softly kissed him.
"Does that give you any ideas?" she asked.


"Mrs. McMahon," he began only to have her press a finger against his lips.
"You don't have to answer me now, you have my number," she said. "I am
really flattered........." Another kiss stopped him cold. "You have my number,"
she repeated.

"So man, everything clear with the head cheese?" D -Von asked him later that
day in the locker room. "Yeah..........sure," he said reaching for a shirt. "That's
good.....wouldn't want to be on Mrs. McMahon's bad side," he said grabbing his
bag and heading from the room. Rocky just laughed. "Man, if you only knew."


Linda sat at her desk, contemplating her actions earlier in the day. She smiled
when she remembered the part that included the kiss. "Wow," she said, placing
her finger against her lips."Please Rocky make the right decision.........I can
make you so happy."

"Are you feeling all right?" came a voice from the door way. "Yes, Vince don't
worry I'm not having a nervous breakdown.... although you certainly have given
me the ammo for one.""Are we having a bad day?" "No actually I am having a
damn good day," she said laughing softly. "I won't be home tonight. Amy and I
are going to the plaza hotel for the night."

"Make sure you pack all the things you need... you know... toothbrush,
clothes.........viagra," she said smiling sweetly. "Remind me again why I married
you? A trashy little........." "Don't say it Vince," she warned."You’re right.  I should
be thinking about the plans Amy and I made for tonight. You are going to be a
good little girl while I'm gone... right?" he asked. "Afraid I will go out and have
some fun?""I better get going...don't wait up." "Oh I wont.... nothing special to
wait up for," she said as he headed out the door.


It was later that evening when the maid came in to tell her she had company.
She turned to face her. "Send them in," she replied moving back to staring at
the fireplace. Picking up a picture she studied it for a moment. "The wedding
that was over on the honeymoon," she thought before tossing the picture into
the roaring fire.

Rocky stood in the doorway studying her before making his presence known.
She was still a striking woman. The white pantsuit she was wearing showed off
her still trim figure. "May I get you a drink?" "How did you know I was here?" he
asked as he stepped into the room. "Your cologne. I remember how it smelled
from when we were in my office." "It would be silly of me to ask why you’re here."
"You’re not a silly woman Linda," he said softly."Yes I am ..............silly and old."

He walked up behind her turning her to face him, taking the drink from her hand.
"Rocky," she whispered. "Don't talk okay?" "Okay," she replied and then he was
kissing her. His tongue moved inside of her mouth. Moving down to her neck he
felt her hands move up his chest as she moaned. "I still can't believe this is really
happening," she said sliding her fingers through his hair. "Why? You’re still a
very desirable woman," he said kissing her quickly once more. "So it's safe to
say your answer is yes?" she asked moving to sit on the couch. "It would be safe
Mrs. McMahon." "You know after everything that's going to happen between better call me Linda."


"Just what is going to happen here?" Rocky asked."Well it's simple. Vince
thinks he can have his little overnight guests............and I thought, hey what's
good for one McMahon..............""So you want me to hop between the sheets
with you?" he asked. "I wish you wouldn't be so crude." "Sorry you want me to
have sex with you?""What I want is a relationship. Somebody to hold me when I
cry, laugh at my jokes. I guess making love would be included in there.""Linda it's
probably none of my business but shouldn't you be talking these things over with

Linda laughed softly."Vince lost his chance when he started bed hopping with
Amy." "Rock," she began, slowly starting to unbutton his shirt. "Mm......yes?" She
looked deep into his eyes before whispering. "Make love to me." His hand moved
to cup the back of her head, bringing their lips together. Moaning softly she
shifted positions so that she was straddling him."I like this position," she said.

She watched as he began to undo the buttons on the top of the pantsuit. "Why
do women wear things with a gazillion buttons?" "To tease the men in our
lives," she replied moving to kiss his neck. "Oh," he replied simply. "Rocky I
want to touch you.""Not yet I want to explore you. Oh and by the way, my name
is Dwayne, just want to make sure you scream out the right name," he said
picking her up in his arms heading toward the bedroom.


He stood there staring at the bed which was decorated with purple and green
sheets. "Interesting color scheme," he pointed out. "Vince picked them out
after I refused to get the leopard ones." "I don't think I want to know." "No, you
don't and besides what was that thing you said about not talking?"

Slipping the shirt from his shoulders, her gaze moved over him. "Thank
you," she said placing her lips against his. His hands moved up to cup her face.
Walking backward he guided her toward the bed. Moaning softly she smiled
when his hands brushed against her breasts. The blouse slipped from her
shoulders and he turned her against him to undo her bra. "Please............go
slow," she whispered. "I will," he promised.


He smiled when she whimpered softly."Tell me what you like Linda?""Just
.....touch me," she said. She watched as he removed the rest of her clothes.
"Do you want to do me?" he asked soflty. "Yes.............." she replied her hands
shaking as they reached for the buckle of his belt. He placed his hands over hers
for a moment trying to calm her down."Linda.............honey relax." "I.............I
should be used to this but ....""Do you want to stop because you have total
control here?" "No... please.... I want to do this.""All right," he replied.

It took a few minutes but finally he was laying her back on the bed and
moving over her gently. "Look at me........honey look me in the eyes." She
looked up and he smiled at her. "Don't ever let anybody tell you you’re not so
damn sexy you could make a man weak in the knees." "Do I Dwayne?" "Make
you weak in the knees?” “If you didn't do you think we would actually be here
right now?" "Dwayne what made you decide to do this?" "You sure don't have
good timing," he said laughing.
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