He leaned down placing a soft kiss against her lips."In other words sweetheart
let's talk later," he said, moving to her neck. "Allright," she replied letting her
fingers tangle in his hair.

Downstairs the door opened and he walked in setting his keys down, determined
to get what he had to and get out. Walking into his office he quickly searched
through his desk before remembering he left what he needed in the bedroom
across the hall.

Dwayne moved to lick at her nipple before enclosing his mouth around
it.,"Oh............Dwayne," she whispered "Sweet...........Linda." "Please........
now, " she cried wrapping her legs around him.

Vince grabbed his papers stopping in front of her door. "Well, well, well Linda the
light is out you must have went to bed early..........." He raised his hand to knock
but he thought about Amy waiting for him and he headed out of the house to his

Dwayne looked up when he heard the car start up. "What's wrong?" Linda
asked. "Nothing ...........just thought I heard something," he replied.

She reached up placing a gentle kiss against his lips and he smiled at her.
"Linda I have to be inside of you honey......" Reaching up she caressed his face.
"I want you inside of me," she replied and that was all he needed to hear.

Slowly he began to ease inside of her watching her reactions. "Are you okay?"
he asked."Yes.........just please keep going." He slid totally inside of her kissing
her forehead when she whimpered softly. "Do you want me to pull out?" he
asked."No...we've come this far were not stopping now," she said laughing softly.

He began to move gently at first but then harder and faster when her cries
became louder. "Dwayne........." she cried just moments before she arched up
against him her release moving through her like a freight train at high speed.

"I could watch that over and over," he said smiling. "Well how about letting me
watch?" she teased moving to let her fingers tease his nipples. "Please........don't
do that, " he said softly. "Why does it get you..excited?" "Oh yeah," he said, and
she reached up pinching one and he groaned as he exploded inside of her.

Afterward they laid together in each other's arms and he stroked her hair."That
was definitely a very hot experience, " Dwayne said and Linda laughed before
replying. "Yeah for a first time."


She woke up slowly, reaching over to find his side of the bed empty. Getting up
she pulled on her robe, going off in search of her man.

He was sitting in the living room, watching TV when she found him and she
smiled moving behind him sliding her hands down his chest. "Good morning
sexy," she said. "Hey beautiful............" he said. "Why didn't you wake me up
when you got up?" "Because you looked so..............cute laying there asleep."

"Are you hungry?" she asked. "Well, not really but if you want I can make you
something?" "Would you make me some pancakes Dwayne?" she teased. "If
that's what you want?" "What did you just say?" she asked, moving to sit on his
lap. "Hasn't anybody ever said that to you?" "No.........With Vince it was what
Vince wants Vince gets." "That is about to become a very distant memory
because now all you have to do is ask and I will do anything and everything to try
and get it for you."

Smiling she laid her head on his chest. "I just want you." He sat there for a
moment just holding her, whispering in her ear. "So any plans today?" she
asked. "Not really," he said letting his fingers move through her hair. "Oh I got
the paper it's in the kitchen on the table" he said smiling secretly. "Oh okay be
right back," she said kissing him deeply. "Hurry............please," he said. "I will,"
she promised.

Walking into the kitchen she found the paper right where he had said but it was
what was next to it that made her smile. They sat in a crystal vase, and she
counted two dozen in all. She turned and found him leaning against the door
frame. "I hope you like them?" he asked. "They’re from you...........I love them."

"Well, that's good because it's just the first part of your surprise today." "My
what?" she asked. "Your surprise today. From midnight to midnight
tonight...........this is your day, starting with breakfast......and umm if you want that
could be in bed?" "I tell you what I want in bed but it sure ain't breakfast," she
said laying the flowers down and moving into his arms.

"You know what ............I don't know about Vince.........but I love your idea of
revenge," he said laughing.


“We’re going where?" she asked staring at him. "Ice skating," he repeated. "I
heard you tell somebody Vince never took you so.............we are going to
go.""I don't believe you," she said shaking her head.

They got to the rink and he helped her put her skates on. "Now just remember
I will be right there behind you in case you fall," he replied standing up.
Taking his hand she looked deep into his eyes. "I trust you," she whispered.

Moving slowly they made their way out onto the ice and he kept his arms
around her the whole time. "How about after this we go have some hot
chocolate?" "Whipped cream and marshmallows too?" she asked. "It wouldn't be
hot chocolate if there wasn't," he replied smiling.

They skated for about two hours before heading to the small snack area
ordering two hot chocolates. Sitting down he watched her sip hers. "What are
you staring at?"she asked. "A work of art," he replied moving to place a kiss
against her lips.

"Thank you for today," she said. "Honey when are you going to realize I like
pleasing you ............" "When I first started this little revenge plan you were
going to be just a quick roll in the hay I guess." "Now?" he asked.

She looked up into his eyes. "I can't lie to you Dwayne...........I'm falling in love
with you.”


"I think," he began walking towards her. "That those are the most beautiful words
coming from the mouth of the most beautiful woman on planet earth," he said as
he cupped her face for a soft, tender kiss.

"Let's go home," she said as soon as he released her. "You don't want to go to
the park or the zoo or even the............" She looked up at him smiling. "I want
to go home and just stare into those eyes forever," she said. "Boy we sound like
an ad for the Hallmark Company," he said laughing as they started toward the
car. Reaching over her reached for her hand as they walked across the parking

"Who's in that car?" Dwayne asked when they got back to the house. "I don't
know. I've never seen it before," she said reaching for her purse. "I need to make
a phone call so I'll be right in," he said picking up his cell phone. "I do have a
phone in there," she laughed. "I know but this is special so go on in okay?" he
asked. "Okay," she replied.

She had just shut the door when she heard his voice. "Please tell me what he
sees in you?" Whirling around she turned to face him. "What in the..........are you
doing in here Vince?"


"It doesn't matter how I got in here but if you must know the good old fashioned
way," he said holding up his house key. "Now back to my statement Linda......" "I
want you and your stuff out of this house now." "What's the matter got a night of
passion planned with Mr. Catchphrase out there?" he asked. "Dwayne has
nothing to do with this." "Bull Linda we both know he has everything to do with
this.......you are sleeping with him are you not?" he asked."That's none of your
damn business," she said outraged. "As long as that is on your finger it is, " he
said glancing at her wedding ring. Slowly she slipped it off tossing it to the floor in
front of him. "Not any more. I want a divorce... get out of my house."

He moved behind her grabbing her arm spinning her around. "Don't you ever do
that again," he said. "Go back to your tramps bed Vince you’re not welcome here
any longer." "You think you can just talk to me like I am some .............." he
began. "I said get out," she repeated.

"Not without my good bye kiss. Seems everybody else is getting one lately," he
said claiming her lips in a kiss that was far from gentle. Moving her hands up his
chest, she went to push him away but he grabbed them moving them around his

"Linda have I got a suprise for you............................"


She broke away from him to find Dwayne standing there. "Please you have to
believe me there's nothing going on." "So you and him are together?" Vince
asked. "Him has a name," Dwayne said coming into the room. "This doesn't
concern you," Vince said. "Oh but you see when it involves the woman that I love
it does."

"That you what...........?" Vince asked as Linda could only stand there staring at
Dwayne. "I don't think you need a hearing aid yet Vince. I said I love her."
"Why?" Vince replied. "Look, she is a very beautiful, caring, sexy woman. One
who I do believe you had at one time?"

"Yes, please emphasize the word had," he said almost sneering at her. "Watch
what you say Vince because I'm not in a good mood. See I don't appreciate your
treatment of her these past years, and I damn sure intend to make it up to her.”
"She's just another floozy," Vince said, and before Dwayne had a time to think he
punched him, knocking him to the floor. "So then consider that just another
punch," he said.


"I will sue you for every penny you've got," he said getting up from the floor. "Hey
I  just did what some people would stand in line to do," Dwayne replied. "Now do
like the lady said and get out." "This isn't the last of this," he told Linda. "Oh but
you see I'm here to stay... and if you want to deal with her .........you deal with me

Linda moved to whisper in his ear. "Oh yeah give me the damn key too, " he said
holding his hand out. "I will ruin both of you," he said. "Vince you’re not J. R.
Ewing so quit trying to act all big and bad now get out," he said pointing toward
the door.

The moment the door shut she turned to face him. "What a jerk" "Among other
things," he said laughing."Did you mean what you said about being here to
stay?" "Do you want me to stay?" "Do you even need ask?" she said laughing.
"It's so good to see you smile," he said."Well now that I have reason to I plan to
do a lot more of it."

"So what would you like to do now?" he asked pulling her close. "Well, I will give
you a few ideas," she said unbuttoning his shirt. "Linda............" "Yes," she
asked. "I do believe I get the idea." "Good, I thought you would," she said taking
his hand and leading him toward the bedroom.
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