He slowly closed the door watching her as she moved over toward the dresser.
"I...umm... wanted to ask you something." Sure baby, " he said.?"Would you
..........I mean would you.........." "Linda honey it's okay," he said sliding off his
shirt. "Damn,"she whispered softly.

"I bought something and well.... umm..... would you wear it?" He looked up at
her. "Just what is it you bought?" he asked, and she moved over toward the side
of the dresser handing him the bag. "Well, the wrapping paper looks plain
enough," he said laughing. "I...........wanted to be sexy for you," she said. "You
are sexy for me honey don't ever doubt that," he replied pulling out the package.

"Linda is this what I think it is?" he asked a slight smile crossing his face. "The
sales lady said they ....umm.... were all the rage." "Oh they’re the rage all right,"
he replied laughing. "It's okay if you don't want to............" "Linda stop right
now..........I like this side of you...... playful and adventurous..... even a little
erotic." he said."So will you go put them on?" she asked, moving to get
undressed. "Be right back," he said heading for the bathroom.

He stood there staring at the package for a moment. "Chocolate edible
underwear hmmm ............."Laughing softly he pulled the bag out of his pocket
placing it on the edge of the sink. "Looks like you’re not the only one with a
surprise," he thought to himself.


He came out of the bathroom to find Linda laying on the bed covered up. "What
do you think you’re doing," he teased moving next to the bed."Waiting for you "
she said. Tugging the sheet down he leaned down placing a soft kiss against her
lips. "Those things that you said when Vince was here.........." "I meant every
word," he said.

"Those look very good on you." "You know I really do love you........"
"Dwayne.........I want you." Moving onto the bed he kissed her quickly moving
down her neck. "Oh," she said softly. "You like that?" "Yes... please don't stop."

Crying out she arched against him when his mouth moved to her breast. He was
just moving to the other one when the shrill ring of the phone made them both
jump. "Hello?" she asked softly rolling onto her side. "Mom it's me." "Hey
Stephanie what's up?" she asked, smiling as Dwayne began to kiss his way
down her shoulder.

"Well, I was wondering if I could come see you cause I'm like getting married in a
couple of days and................" "What did you just say?" Linda asked. "I'm getting
married Mom."


"Stephanie you’re not dating anybody," she pointed out. "Mom, I met somebody
and we really know each other." "When did you meet this person?" she
asked."Friday night." "Stephanie Marie McMahon you have known this person for
let's see one, two days and you think your ready to get married?" "You and
Daddy didn't wait," she said almost snidely. "Yeah and look where it got us," she

Dwayne got up slowly and she moved to grab his arm. "Later... you need to deal
with this right now. I'm not going anywhere, " he said softly. "Mom, did you hear
me?" "I'm sorry Stephanie what did you say?" "We’re coming up tomorrow
because he wants to meet you and Daddy."

"Umm Steph listen.... have you talked to your father lately?" "Yeah he told me
you asked for a divorce..........why Mom?" "I just couldn't put up with everything
anymore Steph............" "You know Mom it is time you had a chance at being
happy and from what has been going on these past few years you weren't
getting it from dad."

She glanced over at the man who was sitting in the chair by the bed watching
her. "Yeah but I'm sure getting it now," she thought to herself.


"Now Mr. Johnson," she said as soon as she set the phone back down. "Yes," he
asked. "You can come over here..........I promise to keep my hands to myself."
He laughed softly. "That won't be no fun," he replied.

"So what did Steph want?" "She's getting married to some guy she met on Friday
I think and they’re coming here tomorrow because he wants to meet Vince and
me." "Oh," he replied. "Dwayne what is it? What's wrong?" she asked. "Linda are
you going to tell her about us?" "Of course I am,"she replied. "You are a part of
my life now and if Steph can't accept that then that's her problem."

"Linda look ...........I have tried to think of a million ways to do this .............what
do you think about Stephanie not being the only one who is getting married?""I
don't think Vince and Amy..............." "Sweetheart I'm not talking about Vince and
Amy and before you ask no I don't mean Shane and Rissa." "Then that

He loved the look on her face when she realized what he was talking about.
"Linda..........marry me.............please?"


"Honey it's a yes or no question," he said. "Yes," she replied softly as he opened
the small black box to reveal a beautiful four carat engagement ring. "This is the
ring my grandfather gave my grandmother." "Oh Dwayne I don't..........." "Stop,
this ring has so much love behind it............my dad gave it to my mom and now
I am giving it to you." "You make me feel so special." "That's because you are,"
he replied.

Holding up her hand she admired the ring before turning to face him."Let's call
Vince." "What?" he asked. "So I can gloat," she explained laughing. "I have a
better idea." "Oh?" she asked. "Yes, how about we go out for a nice quiet
romantic dinner and then maybe go dancing or something?" "Well, can we call
Vince when we get home?" "Honey I don't plan on letting you near a
phone...........in fact you are not moving from my sight do you understand me?"
"Yes, sir," she replied laughing.

"Good now you go take a nice long hot bubble bath and I will go find us some
nice quiet place to have dinner." "Your gonna spoil me." "I know but sweetheart
I'm having so much fun doing it," he replied kissing her lightly before heading the
from the room.

She was just moving to slip into the tub when the phone rang. "Hello?" "Yes, hi I
was given this number..........I'm looking for Dwayne...........do you know where he
is?" Linda gripped the phone tightly before asking. "Who may I ask is calling?"
"This is his girlfriend .....who is this?"


She sat there in the bathtub trying to block out those words from her mind and
keep the tears from flowing. "My boyfriend" kept playing like a cruel taunting
song in her head. "I was a stupid old fool," she thought to herself.

"Honey I found this..........what's wrong?" he asked kneeling down next to the tub.
"Nothing," she replied turning her head away. "Linda..........please.........talk to
me, it's got to be something you've been crying." "I need to get out of the tub
could you please leave the room?" "Linda our reservations.........." "I won't be
going to dinner with you tonight.........I don't feel all that well and I wouldn't want
to bore you with my company."

Standing up he reached for a towel only to have her almost jerk away from him.
"Don't," she said softly taking the towel from him. He stood there in complete
bewilderment. "What happened between the time you came to get in this tub
and now?" he demanded. "I just realized that I was lying to myself and well..........
you need somebody who can make you happy, who can give you a child." "I
want you........." "Please just stop all the damn lies," she cried racing from the

Finding her on the bed he moved to gently take her in his arms."I won't let you go
until you tell me what's going on, " he said when she tried to protest. "Answer me
something............you want to have children one day don't you?" she asked.
"Well,.........I " "Be truthful," she said. "What is all this about?" "You’re avoiding
the question" she pointed out. "Well, I mean yes children are cute and......." "You
just answered my question," she replied moving to slip off his ring.

He felt like he was going to pass out. "What are you doing?" "Here go give this to
her and then your children can pass it down.........." "Give it to who?" he asked,
as she got up walking over to the dresser. "Your girlfriend...........she called here
earlier looking for you" "My girlfriend?" "Yes,........now please leave." "Honey I'll
go down to the............." "No Dwayne that's not what I meant...............please
leave the house."


"Can't we talk this out?" he asked. "There's nothing to talk about..........just
answer me this.............why did you string me along? Dammit Dwayne I fell in
love with you. You actually had me thinking we could have had a
future.........guess the joke’s on me............again."

"So your just giving up on us? Linda whoever this woman is I don't know her........
I haven't been with anybody else but you." "Please Dwayne don't make this any
harder then it already is." "I'm not giving up Linda...........not on you. I won't give
up on us without a fight. I will prove to you that we belong together and I have no
idea who this woman is," he said grabbing his jacket and heading from the room.

She waited until the door slammed before she let the tears move down her
cheeks, and she could only whisper his name. Pulling his pillow to her she heard
the phone ring but didn't feel like answering it. Finally after the tenth ring she
picked it up. "Hello?" "Hi Mom it's me...........Rissa and I have some great news."
"What's that Shane?" she asked. "You’re going to be a grandma in about eight
months," he said.
Chapters 22- 28
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