As it turned out, work was the best thing for her. She was so busy that she
was able to keep any thought of Don from entering her mind....that was until she
accidentally overheard Torrie talking to Stacy Keibler. “He’s just the sweetest
thing. I suppose I should feel bad about what happened. But really.....if she was
all that great, would he have dumped her so fast?” “Probably not,” said Stacy.
“And if you want to know the truth..she probably got what was coming to her. I
haven’t met a single woman here who didn’t treat me like I was poison.”
“They’re probably jealous,’ said Torrie. “No we aren’t jealous,’ said Dara
walking into the room. “Why would anyone be jealous of a two bit tramp?” Torrie
swung around and stared at her. “Well, well,” she said. “If it isn’t the loser. Tell
me...how’s Don? Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t know.” It took every ounce of will
power that Dara had not to smack the phony smile from her face.
“I’ll talk to you later,” Stacy said, smiling at Torrie. She turned to Dara and
just smirked. “See ya, Olive Oyl,” thought Dara wickedly. Torrie watched Dara
carefully, still not sure what it was Don had seen in her in the first place. When
Dara turned back to her she caught her examining her. “Is there a problem?” she
asked. “No....not at all,” she said. “But I really have to go.” She tried to edge
around Dara but Dara wouldn’t budge. “Excuse me?” said Torrie.
“There is no excuse for you,” Dara said, practically nose to nose with her.
“Does it bother you at all that Don was engaged. Does it matter at all that you
hurt another person?” Torrie continued to stare boldly into Dara’s eyes. “I didn’t
think so,” Dara said with a soft laugh. “You’re the kind of a person who takes
what she wants and the hell with the consequences. I guess the rumors we
heard about you are true after all.” “Rumors?” she asked, a hint of humor in her
voice. “Yeah. Things like you going after every man you see. Things like dating
one guy but sleeping with another.” “Those are lies,” she said defensively. “Not
according to Billy Kidman.” The mention of his name hardened Torrie’s face.
It was well known that they had been involved in a very nasty, public
break up. And it had been Billy who had broken up with her. “I don’t have to talk
about this with you, she said, finally pushing past Dara. “Let me just give you
something to think about,” said Dara to Torrie’s retreating back. “What makes
you think Don won’t do to you what he did to me? He claimed that he loved me.
We were going to be married. But one cheap come on from you and he was
gone. Frankly, you did me a big favor. I found out before it was too late what a
worthless SOB he really is. Just keep your eye on him. If he did it to me, he sure
as hell can do it to you.’
Torrie stared at her, her eyes cold and hard. Then she spun around and
strode from the room. Instead of feeling the pain she had been feeling for days,
Dara suddenly felt like a weight had been lifted from her. “Remind me never to
get into an argument with you.” She turned and Glenn was leaning against the
door frame. “I wasn’t eavesdropping, honestly. But boy...once you got started, I
just had to hear the rest.’ “Was I awful?” she asked. “You were brilliant,’ he said,
walking over to her. “The question is..how do you feel?” “I feel.....like I’m sick of
talking about Don and Miss “Anything in Pants Will Do.”
Glenn laughed softly. “Umm, Dara. Are you doing anything after the taping
tonight? I thought maybe you’d like to go and get a beer or something. Strictly as
friends,” he added quickly. She looked up into his warm, blue eyes. “Sure Glenn,
I’d like that.” “Great, I’ll meet you back here later.” She watched as he walked off.
Suddenly she realized that she was staring at him...and totally enjoying the view.
“Where did that come from?” she wondered as she headed back to work.


For the first time since she had met him...she began to look at Glenn just
a little more closely. She knew what a sweet, friendly guy he was..but why was
she suddenly noticing how incredibly good looking he was? “I’m on the rebound,”
she thought to herself. “X-Pac would probably look good to me.” Then she
practically laughed out loud. “God forbid I should ever get that desperate.”
She and Stephanie were organizing some notes for the next day’s story
meeting, when Glenn walked up. “You ready?” he asked. Dara looked up at
Steph. “Sure, go ahead...we’re done here,” she said. “You want to join us?” he
asked. “A bunch of us are gonna go for a beer.” “Thanks,’ said Steph. “But I’m
beat. My father was just a little crankier than usual tonight and my head is
pounding.” “I hear you,” said Glenn with a laugh. “Maybe next time.”
Dara reached down and got her bag. “We thought we’d all meet at the
hotel bar....is that’s ok?” “That’s fine,” she said. When they walked in she was
relieved to see so many familiar faces. She wasn’t quite sure she was ready to
spend any time alone with him. When they had their drinks she looked up and
Terri was waving them over. She sat down next to her friend and Glenn sat
across from her. A quick glance around told her that, as usual, no one from
WCW had decided to join them. “Yes, they were invited,” Terri said, as if reading
her mind.
“You know..I can kind of understand how they feel,’ Glenn said quietly.
“Oh?’ said Terri, raising her eyebrows. “I’ve been through a lot of federations. It’s
like being the new kid in school. You go around thinking that nobody likes you.’
“Well in this case...they’re right,” Terri said. Glenn looked at her with a slight
smile. “All right...I don’t dislike all of them. Just the nasty ones.”
Glenn laughed and shook his head. Terri and Dara got into a whispered
conversation and Glenn was having a semi-coherent talk with Perry Saturn,
when he noticed them walk in. The break up between Dara and Don was
common knowledge....as was the reason behind it. A low murmur went through
the group when Torrie stepped through the door clinging to Don’s hand. Dara
looked up when she realized how quiet it had gotten. She followed everyone’s
gaze and her eyes locked with Torrie’s.
She immediately turned away and continued her conversation with Terri.
After several minutes she turned to Glenn. “So what are you and Perry talking
about?” she asked. “I was hoping you could tell me,” he said, with a laugh.
“Would you like another beer?” he asked. “Sure...,” she said, handing him her
empty bottle. When he returned he leaned over to whisper in her ear. “We don’t
have to stay you know. I’ll understand if you want to leave.” Dara looked up at
him gratefully. It had been a long time since someone had put her feelings first.
“Nope....I’d really like to stay. Actually I was sitting here wondering which one of
them got the short end of the stick.”
Glenn laughed out loud, causing Torrie and Don to look their way. For the
rest of the evening Glenn did his best to keep her entertained....and it worked. In
fact, it worked so well that Don found himself staring over at the two of them,
wondering exactly what was going on. Glenn glanced in his direction and simply
stared. “Don’t get any ideas,” he thought. “You had your chance and you blew
it....you idiot.”
Finally Dara decided that she was getting tired and Glenn offered to walk
her to her room. “You don’t have to leave,’ she said. “I really should get some
sleep,” he said. “Besides I like to get to the gym early....beat the crowds.” He
walked with her down the hall and waited while she found her key. “You really
didn’t have to do this,’ she said. “My mother raised me to be a gentleman,” he
said with a smile. She opened her door. “Well then good-night Sir Galahad,” she
teased. He took her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing it gently. “Good-night fair
lady,” he responded, grinning before he sauntered down the hall.
She closed her door and leaned against it. She took a deep breath,
hoping it would slow her pounding heart. The feel of his lips against her skin had
sent a tingle through her. “Oh man,” she thought...this has nothing to do with
being on the rebound.”

The next morning she was leaning against the wall, glancing through the
paper as she waited for the elevator. As the doors slid open she stepped
forward, still engrossed in a story. Suddenly she felt like she hit a brick wall. “Oh
gee, I’m sorry...” She looked up into Glenn’s smiling face. “Do you always read
while you’re walking?” he asked. “No not usually,’ she responded, with a smile.
“Finished at the gym?” she asked. “Yep, I was going to change and get some
breakfast. What about you?” “Same thing,’ she said.
“Well come on then. Wait for me and we can have breakfast together.”
“Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to..” “Let’s go,” he said, taking her hand. “I
like it when we get to stay in the same city for two days. I can actually relax.’ She
sat in a chair by the window as he tossed his bag into the corner and walked into
the bathroom. “Was the gym crowded?” she asked. “It was when I left,’ he said,
coming back into the room.
She found herself staring at him...not quite sure how to react. He had
taken off his T-shirt and was rubbing his arms with a towel. She couldn’t take her
eyes away from him. Somehow he looked bigger to her. His chest was so broad
and his arms....? She had the almost uncontrollable urge to stand up and run her
hands along them.
It was then that she realized that he was asking her a question. “I’m
sorry...what did you say?” she asked. “I wanted to know if you wanted to go out
or just go to the coffee shop?’ “The coffee shop is fine,” she murmured, totally
embarrassed at being caught. He turned to toss the towel back onto the sink. A
small smile played at the corners of his mouth. “Maybe there’s hope for me after
all,” he thought.
He reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out another shirt, straining to
pull it over his well proportioned torso. “Ready?” he asked. “You bet,’ she said,
standing next to him. The heat coming from his body seemed to come in waves.
He placed his hand gently against her back as she passed him to walk into the
hall. A surge went up her spine like a jolt of electricity. She was glad he couldn’t
see her reaction, but she would have been thrilled to know he was reacting in the
same way.
They sat in a corner booth and talked about the previous night’s show.
“Ok, now you have all the inside info,” he said, leaning across the table. “What
have they got planned for me?” “Do you want to see me get fired?” she asked.
“No...I suppose not,” he said. “Who would I eat breakfast with?” He was telling
her a story about an independent organization he had worked for when Torrie
walked in. A second later Don appeared behind her.
Dara glanced up and then turned back to finish listening to Glenn’s story.
Torrie and Don had to pass their booth in order to be seated and Dara was
shocked to see Don glare at Glenn. “Is he nuts?’ asked Glenn. “Is he actually
annoyed that you’re sitting here with me?” “Probably,” she said. “It’s ok for him to
find someone else...but I’m supposed to sit in my room alone and pine away for
him. “Oh, like hell,’ said Glenn. “Don’t let him bother you,’ she said.
They finished up their breakfast and prepared to leave. “let me make a
quick stop in the ladies room,’ she said. “Ok,” replied Glenn, as he went to wait
for her in the hall. Don saw his chance and stood up suddenly. “I’ll be right back,’
he said to Torrie. “Yeah..sure,’ she said, too busy looking into a mirror to even
really hear him. He stepped out into the hall and walked over to where Glenn
was sitting. “You and I need to talk,” he said. “Fine,’ said Glenn. “But don’t be
surprised if you don’t like what I have to say.”


Don stared at the larger man, choosing his words carefully. “You do
realize that Dara and I just broke up?” “Of course I do,” said Glenn. “Who do you
think drove her home the night she caught you and Torrie?’ “I wasn’t really sure,”
Don said quietly. “But I’ll bet you didn’t lose any sleep over it, did you?” “Look.
I’m not here to discuss my relationship with Dara. What I really wanted to talk
about is your relationship with her.”
“What makes you think it’s any of your business?” asked Glenn, almost
amused at Don’s nerve. “Well in spite of everything that’s happened between
us..I still care about her. I don’t want to see her get hurt.” Glenn couldn’t stop
himself from laughing out loud. “Dara never told me how funny you are.” “I’m not
joking Glenn. Don’t try and make a move on her because she’s vulnerable right
now.” In an instant, Glenn was on his feet and looming over Don.
“For your information I haven’t made a move on her, as you like to put it. I
happen to like her. I was there as her friend....period. Now if that happens to
develop into something else...that’s our business, not yours.” He took one step
closer to Don and lowered his voice so that his words came out in a fierce
whisper. “What you did to her was unforgivable. She’s a sweet, wonderful
woman. And she’s too damn good for you. So take your phony concern and stay
the hell away from her. One of us really cares about what happens to her..and it
sure as hell isn’t you!”
Don stepped back quickly, convinced that Glenn was on the verge of
actually hitting him. “Now go back to your girlfriend, before she finds somebody
better...which wouldn’t be all that hard.’ Don backed away slowly and returned to
his seat. Glenn sat back on the bench, breathing hard . “Ok, ready when
you are,” Dara said brightly when she re-joined him. He stood up and they began
to walk off. Suddenly he stopped and took her arm. “I need to ask you
something. If I were to ask you out, would you think I was hitting on you just
because I knew you had just broken up with someone else?” “What are you
talking about?” she asked. “Let’s just say I asked you out to dinner tonight?
Would you think I was making a move on you or would you just think that I just
wanted to have dinner with you?”
“Well...I don’t know....I mean..” “Never mind, “ he said, beginning to walk
away. “Glenn wait a minute,” she said, grabbing onto his arm. “Do you want to
have dinner with me tonight?” He stopped and began to laugh. “I can’t figure out
who’s asking who any more. Will you have dinner with me?” he asked softly.
“Yes...I will,” she replied. “And for what it’s worth...I don’t think you’re making a
move.” “Great,” he said quietly, hoping she couldn’t hear the relief in his voice.
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