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The MWWR Editors

Pat Byrd is a professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She has published numerous textbooks on grammar/writing along with a variety of scholarly publications on the same topics. She is co-author with Beverly Benson of Applied English Grammar and Problem/Solution. She is co-editor with Joy Reid of Looking Ahead and co-author with Joy Reid of Grammar in the Composition Classroom.


Keith Folse is assistant professor of TESOL and coordinator of the M.A. TESOL Program in the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Central Florida. He has published 18 textbooks including the Clear Grammar series, More Discussion Starters, and Intermediate Reading Practices with the University of Michigan Press and Great Paragraphs, Great Essays, and Great Sentences with Houghton Mifflin. His main research interest deals with the effect that the design of an exercise or activity has on ultimate L2 learning.

Cynthia Schuemann is chair of the Department of ESL and Foreign Languages at the North Campus of Miami-Dade Community College. She, Pat Byrd, and Joy Reid are now editing a new English-for-Academic Purposes series for Houghton-Mifflin. She also authored assessement materials for Grammar Dimensions and an introductory EFL text, El Ingles Practico.