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Vedas and Mathematics

Early age mathematicians had made Mathematics a Religion and created a simple set of rules to handle complex problems. This ancient science was lost for a long time only to have been discovered recently.

In this site I intend to share with you the wisdom behind the sutras written long back by some Brilliant Rishis (learned men). I will try to give as many examples as possible to help you quickly understand the concept and also practice the same. The site is absolutely FREE. Please give me sometime to develop the complete material. However you can keep visiting the site for interesting notes and updates.

To start off, I will try to show how easy it is to solve complex mathematical calculations with the use of a few sutras (rules)...

Example 1: How much time would you take to multiply 61 * 69? Did you need to use a pen and paper for this?

The traditional way to solve this would be:

* 69
549 ...1 (Multiply 9 to 61)
366X ...2 (Multiply 6 to 61, with space on the right)
4209 (Sum up the lines 1 and 2)

I could have never done this calculation without pen and paper.


The application of the same:

61 * 69 = (6 * 7) / (9 * 1) = 42 / 09 = 4209

Try this now: 47 * 43 :
Check 7+3 = 10 and the tens digit is same for both numbers being multiplied: So:
(4 * 5) / (7 * 3) = 20 / 21 = 2021

Could you reach to the answer before you could type the digits into your computer/calculator?


Well the question I generally get after this introduction is how many such Sutras (rules) do I have to remember to solve all types of problems?

The answer is merely 16 Sutras and 13 Sub-Sutras!! That is enough to solve all types of mathematical problems including multiplications, square roots, fractions, HCF, LCM, etc. Compare that to how many tables you had to remember and how many complex procedures you have remembered to solve mathematical problems??

Vedic Mathematics applies to arithmetic, algebra, geometry – plane and solid, trigonometry – plane and spherical, conics- geometrical and analytical, astronomy, calculus – differential and integral etc., etc.

Vedic Mathematics uses elegant, coherent and unified structures that are direct and easy unlike the methods taught in school. I was afraid of problems due to the rigour involved in doing calculations. Vedic Mathematics opens a fresh way to look at old problems or is it an old way to look at fresh problems!!

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