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Welcome to my trading site. I've been trading films for the last 5 years and been "specialized" in hard-to-find foreign films, cult and weird cinematic experiences.

Lately I've been more interested in collecting films from the czech new wave era and czech horror/fantasy. Also, I got my hands on the "bible" FILM AS A SUBVERSIVE ART by Amos Vogel so I'm seeking most of the titles discussed in there. For other titles I'm looking for check out my WANTS.

Unfortunately I can't make DVD-R but will gladly take yours! because of that everything listed here was recorded at SP speed on best quality brand VHS and (most of the time) the sound's in Hi-Fi. I expect the same from you.

For more informations on the titles I own visit: The Internet Movie Database.

Oh yeah for the first timer, I'M NOT SELLING THESE MOVIES. I only trade with other collector.

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