My Visual Basic Programs!!!
This program encrypts text.  It is extremely easy to use and has a help file.  Please give any feedback in the guestbook.
This program calculates the roots of the inputted Quadratic Formula.  Very Good for cheating on maths homework. 
Please give feedback in the guestbook.
Quad Roots
Temperature This program can convert celcius to farenheit, or vice versa.  Very Useful!!
Magic Eight Ball
What you see is what you get.  Got a question you want an answer to, just type it in, and let the mystical ball do its work.
Great Joke!!  When you open the program, it thanks you for purchasing the cup holder and asks you to press the button to activate cup holder.  When the button is pressed, it opens the CD/DVD Drive.
Cup Holder
This is a stupid little program that i made when i was bored, it boosts your confidence, download to find out more.
All my other projects are text based for the moment, get them here.