Welcome Everyone
As you can obviously tell, this is my first attempt at a website.  I have done this, basically to see what all the fuss is about, hopefully on the way, i will discover the fun of all this.

I decided that my website has to have something to be based on, so i chose a hobby of mine, VB programming.
I think that Visual Basic Rules, and just wanted to share my vision with you all. I either get my code from books, teachers, websites or just repeatedly try until I get it to do what I want. 

As I have never made a website before, I am not sure whether I will be able to include downloads, though a mate at school should be able to tell me how. If I work it out then I will post some of my projects on here.
You can either download the VB forms if you have VB, or download the .exe file.I promise that none of my programs have trojan's, or any of that stuff in them, for a start I wouldn't know where to begin.

There are a couple cool pranks, that everyone at school keeps sending to each other, and I may include these; they are silly things like shutting down your computer, and other childish things like that, but don't worry, i'll tell you whats in a program before you go downloading it, otherwise i'm going to have a crappy reputation.

Some weird picture that came free with the website.
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