About Me!!
What can I say...If you havent guessed by the fact that i'm a 17 year old who enjoys coding, i'm a bit of a geek(understatement).  I don't really do much...I wonder at times if i'm glued to my chair...
Name:                Michael

Age:                    17

Occupation:        Argos Customer Advisor + Student

Fav Program:      Smallville

Fav Song:           You spin me round - Dead or Alive (Though this                            does change regulary)....sorry about choosing                                such an old song.

I dont really know what else to write about.  There is nothing to tell, i have no life.  I spend all my time doing this website.
If you have suggestions for something for me to do, please tell me below, and i may be able to make a list of peoples suggestions.  I may even be able to do them, who knows.
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