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Last Updated: December 25th at 8:14 PM
1) I'm baaaaaaack! After a 2 month absense (almost) I have returned.. rejoice.. I know you want to! Oh, and hey, I fixed the counter.. and it even kept counting, even though I didn't know the counter was still on the page! Exciting eh?

2) Another e-mail-like journal entry.. Suffer :P

3) I'm ok.. A little short, but.. yeah.. you'll understand.
    Thank you for visiting my homepage. I didn't want to have my page in the West Hollywood section, but I suppose, due to the "questionable" content, West Hollywood is the most "suitable" place for my page. It kind of sucks that I have to have my page in a section where only a select group is going to read. My page is NOT a porn page, so if that's what you're looking for, go somewhere else.

     My page is also not
ONLY for a gay/lesbian/bisexual audience, but for everyone. This page contains information about me (maybe a picture or two.. gotta get a decent one taken before I post it though), information about things I like, and also a section for things which annoy me. I also am keeping a journal of my daily exploits, thoughts and feelings..

     If any of this interests you, check back every couple of days, because my page is always under construction...

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