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My name is Matt and im 17 and live in Virginia. My page is about stuff that goes on and anything that i find interesting enough to put on here. Be sure to visit all the pages within my site and not just his one. Look to the left to see the index. This site gets updated every now and than so come back for more pictures and stories and stuff. If you want to contact me my email is and i have AOL instant messanger. My name on that is Yorkwrstlr135. Feel free to link me on your page and if you do email me so i can link your site onto mine. I NEED A NAME FOR MY SITE, ANY SUGGESTIONS POST THEM ON MY MESSAGE BOARD


Been forever since i last updated this page. Well today was a good day, LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! Finally, my high school career is over, only thing im gonna miss is wrestling probably. This saturday is beach week, which is gonna kick sooo much ass. A week of skimboarding and partying, and me and my girlfriend got our own room, haha, nice!! For every one out there who doesnt know, im going to Christopher Newport University this summer and im gonna try to transfer to Virginia Tech after the first year. Well nothing much has been goin on lately, just school and gradution crap. If anyone knows of a good $10 an hour job i could do this summer i would like to know. Im just about tired of framing houses in the 100 degree summer weather. I want a nice job where i can sit in the AC and not do a whole lot, so if you know of a job like that hit me up. Well i read something pretty funny today in this darwin awards book. This book has stories of stupid people and stuff. Well these 6 guys and one girl stole a yacht. There plans were to steal the yacht and use it to sail around the world. None of these people knew how to drive this boat or anything and your just about to see how stupid they are. Well they only managed to sail about 300 yards of the world before they crashed into a near by dock. When police boarded the boat they saw how well prepared these people were for there trip around the world. They had 500 pounds of beans, 1000 condoms, and a book entitled "navigating by the stars" Thats all they had, no water, no food besides beans, no maps or anything. Good thing they brought the condoms and werent planning to breed.


been being a little nostalgic lately...... Ever feel like your loosing touch with your friends? Getting tied up in school, sports, and girls. Seems like some of my best friends, i dont even talk to anymore because they(and me) are tied up in girls, sports, and such. Its a shame because i remember how much fun i used to have just going outside and playing a game of basketball with my friends, or playing hockey outside with my friends, or going paintballing with my friends, or going over a friends house to play some 3 way starcraft!!(haha those were the days!!) or just chillen being bored with all your friends. I remember when my best friend used to live across the street and it seemed almost everyday wede be playin basketball, or doin somethin, now it seems we dont even talk anymore. Man i wish i could go back when me and my friends werent even really interested in girls and spent all of our time together, now its almost all over.......


Been a long time since Ive updated. Ive been really busy cause wrestling has been going on since begining of november. Im finally 18!! Im going to get my tattoo today, click here to see it. Its probably gonna hurt like hell but whatever.


Well its been a while since ive last updated. Mostly been crap with school and my car. Also rec soccer started for me so ive been pretty busy. Ive gotten pretty good a skimboarding, now that the summer is coming to an end. I ripped it up yesterday at Virginia Beach. Heres a pic i just got, im gonna try and put more pictures up if i can find out what i did wit all of them....sign my guest book!!! now!!!!


Found some recent pics......

My Friend Liz
This is a picture of my friend Liz who lives in manassas VA. Shes a really sweat awesome girl who i met in nags head.

My Friend Liz and I
This Picture is of me and my friend Liz in nags head.

Me kickin ass at Virginia Duals
this picture is of me wrestling this year at the Virgnia Duals, which is like a huge wrestling tournament. I kicked this guys ass, i think i pinned him in the first period.
Me and some of my friends at the beach
This is (starting at the left) Me, Liz, Caroline, and Mason at nags head.
Me and Mason at nags head
Im on the right with my new Slotstik skimboard, mason is on the right with his Victoria.
Me and a bunch of my friends at spring break in nags head
Starting from the left....Brandy, Me, Charity, Sarah, Mason, and Eileen is the one in the back


Well I was looking at my page today and i relized that it was majorly out of date. All the pictures are like 3 years old and my email adress on this has been changed for a year. So i updated alot of the pictures and i seem to have lost my skimboarding pictures from when me and mason went to nags head, but that will be updated as soon as i find em. Something that i found out today, fog lights for your car are pretty cheap (about 40$) and easy to install. It took me like an hour to put em on my car and it makes my car look alot better. Chromed out windshiled whipers are also pretty cool. Shout outs to all the peeps who signed my guestbook with POSITIVE entries.


Been a long time since ive updated, but i dont think anyone cares anyway cause everyone who signs my guest book seems like they have nothing intelligent to say and talk shit about this so FUCK U ALL!!! Actually i could care less, i never spend anytime updating this page or put any effort into it at all. But for the queer who is saying im a fag and stuffand i cant skimboard or snowboard needs to get a life. I am decent at snowboarding, i could care less if you say i suck at that, but i can rip it up on the skimboard, all those pictures are like 3 or 4 years old, thats because i never update my page. So all you mindless idiots, if you are gonna be a fag about it, dont even bother writing stuff, you just make yourself sound like a dumbass. But im happy people are actually finding this page and viewing it and im guessing its having strong emotional affects on some people. That makes me feel good to know how strong people react to my page. Ill try and be better and updating this page, peace.


New title, back by popular demand...of one person. But its better than the old one, im sure crystal wont like it. Haha, well Im gonna be doing easter stuff all day today. Going to church...easter basket, ya know, all that stuff. tell me what ya think of the new title. Peace.


Seeing as my message board just all of a sudden doesnt work anymore i have a guestbook go sign IT, now!!!!

Ok, some things that have really, really been pissing me off. Me and my girlfriend just recently broke up for reasons I choose not to discuss. Anyway there were problems and she thought it would be better if we didnt go out with eachother any more. She said we should still be really good friends and all that stuff and I thought that was cool. So next day at school ya know im talking to her and everything is cool. Well friday rolls around and there is a girl's soccer game. My ex-girlfriend was playing a rival school so I went up to the school to watch it. Well after the game I walk up to her and tell her good game and all that stuff and I wanted to talk to her and stuff but the guy's were playing next and she was gonna be ball girl so she said "bye" and ran off. I was just like "whatever" and went up in the stands to hang out with some of my friends from the other school....who happen to be girls. Well I was sitting by this one girl who likes me and we were talking and stuff, not a big deal, its been about 5 or 6 days since ive been single. Well I didnt think anything of it and after the game I went on home. Well the monday at school was....well...interesting. Rumors already started that I was making out with this girl at the soccer game, that i played my old girlfriend and just dropped her and went after another girl right after, all this stupid shit, all I was doing was fucking talking to this girl!! All these girls thought i was a terrible person. Keep in mind I was basically the one who got dumped. Ok, so i was talking to a girl 5 days after I broke up and im a terrible guy. But get this, my ex(crystal) was hanging out with 2 guys all afternoon before the game, she was being carried around by them cause her feet were hurting ot something! She was all over these 2 guys all day long and thats OK but i talk to a girl and im such a dick! God!!! what the fuck is wrong with me??!?! The girls at my school are so retarted it isnt funny! They are telling her to start going out with this one guy just to make me jealous...ok im the bad person in all of this. Why that is im not exactly sure yet. Another thing, Im trying to still be good friends with crystal(my ex), ive invited her over, ive asked several times if she wanted to do something, ive called her, i try to talk to her in school, she totally blows me off everytime. And everyone is telling me that I just dropped her and that she ment nothing to me!!! Im the one trying to be friends with her!! I swear, people at my school are sooooo gay. And even crystal says "geeze, you never talk to me anymore, i thought we were gonna be friends?" Hello?! Whos the one always trying to do! So basically theres nothing i can do. So now im hanging out with this girl that goes to another school and everyone says she really likes me so thats cool. Im meeting a lot of people and they are ALOT cooler than the peeps at my school. Ok, another thing thats really gay. I recently went out of town for state competion for FBLA. The trip all in all wasnt to bad, kinda boring. But anyway after all the competetion theres this dance thing at the end so everyone can relax i guess. Ok well this rather large girl who seems to like me decided she would follow me around teh whole night till i danced with her. So i did dance with her, and i thought ok, its over, shell leave me alone. So i go to school and someone was like...I heard about you and that one girl! I was like "what are you talking about?" And they said that this girl is going around saying that she was freak dancin all over me, making out with me, we were holding hands, i told everyone that i really liked her, and that were gonna be going out. I was like What the Fuck?!?!?! So know everyone is laughing at me cause they thought i was gettin down with this...slightly overweight girl. Well i asked the girl about it, obviously she denied saying anyof it. And its all over the school....great!!! Just what i need. So my week has sucked majorly for the most part. Thank god only one more day of school till spring break!!! I cant wait!! Im probably gonna be going to the beach and hanging out with this really cool girl from Grafton High School. Well this has been a long ass post, just letting all you know that if you think you have to put up with a lot of shit, just look at what i have to deal with. And theres a new chapter to the story just about every day. For some reason I am under the spotlight when it comes to making up shit about people. I guess i should be flattered that so many people choose to talk about me. Well im out, peace, and dont forget to sign my Guestbook!!


I havent been very good at updating this page because ive been pretty busy. Well something that ive been doing is mainly wrestling. But this past weekend I went snowboarding with my family and my girlfriend. I went to wintergreen in virignia. Its a pretty small resort but it was so much fun. I went for 3 days in a row so i was gettin pretty good. For all you skiers out there i strongly recomend trying snowboarding. Its so much more fun than skiing. Trust me, youll never wanna ski again.

Another thing, i got a phat system for my car. My car is a '91 240sx. I got 4" polks in the front and the back. I also got a 600 watt kenwood amp and a 12" kenwood sub. Its very nice, it has nice bass and can get very loud.

A few more things before i leave. Here is a site that proves teachers are idiots and if your in a public school your SOL. This site is awesome. They have phat backrounds and progs and stuff. Go check both of them out. Peace.


Long time no update. Pictures have been updated! Go check them out.


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