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Ah, the Hand of Valor.

I knew them before they even were the Hand of Valor, I brought them together, I sent them out into the world, to ready themselves for the tasks that destiny had set.

They have not seen me in some time. They wonder about me, no doubt, but I still watch, as I have ever done, still and silent as an uncaring sentinel.

I told them that I would be out of reach, but they had no idea how far. Though powerful, they are still young. The multiverse is wide and wondrous, magnificent enough even to impress an old wyrm like me. And--as they will learn, in due time--it is interconnected like a web of vast magnitude and infinite complexity, weaving together time and space, mind and matter, fact and fantasy. Webs upon webs upon webs, and still new ones in which to become entanlged.

They are young, but there are those who are older, and wiser, and who have learned to understand how this all fits together. So, for the time being, I wait here, in a land they call "Canada," with one whom I can speak to about such things.

Here, then, are the heroes called the Hand of Valor. I present them to you as best as I am able (for my skills with these machines are scarcely greater than that of my host). Visit, read, and learn of them.

They are as real as you, in another time and in another place, fighting for their world and all worlds.

                                                          --Ilyuandirilan "the Webmaster"
                                                                            3 September, 2004
                                                                         (25 Eleint, 1373 DR)