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Sun, 27 Apr 2002, DAILY ENTRIES

Tue, 2 Apr 2002, DAILY ENTRIES
I guess I will have to relearn how to do this on this homepage so that
I can add more stuff here for thos who want to to look at! So see the
story next from the Star newspaper...

Subject:  A Catch All/Up for Dick 55 Elkins

1.  I don't know what to call this which I am writing to you and
emailing to everybody.  Some people get deathly ill at
receiving these form letters, but I don't get deathly ill at
sending them.  This is just to cover a bunch of things so delete
what you don't care about which, I realize, could be the whole

2.  I stopped out to visit with AG 54 and Pat 55 (Hilson)
Gerard yesterday and found out the following:
(1) Ozzie 54 Rose doesn't retire until Jan 2003.
(2) John 54 Moran is still in Houston, but no mailing
address for him.  AJ says they talk on the phone all the
(3) Pat says that she talks with Twila 55 all the time so she
said she would get John's mailing address and give it to
Twila to email to me.  Sounds like a good plan doesn't it
sound like?
(4) AJ and Pat Spend the Winter in Lake Havesue, AZ,
or something like that.
(5) Eddie 54 Shirk has retired and he and Oz and Rod 54
Pryor and John Moren, and AJ all get together someplace
in this world every year to play golf.  The wifes are along

3.  When people tell me that their email is used for business
I delete them from my distribution list.  So I post office
mail them a notice and I get an email from them telling me
that they have an email address I can use.  Go Figure.

4.  I only know of five people who said they would be at
the 7-8-9 June 2002 joint class reunion.  And two of them
didn't tell me that, their sister did.  I know I will enjoy it.

5.  Stopped out at the Pub and told him that the reunion
was being held at his place on Friday, 7 Jun, from 6 pm
until 11 pm and he welcomes us.  He doesn't have a band
booked and I said we don't want one so we can talk like
two years ago.

6.  I am a self-appointed "Overall Coordinator" not an
"Overall Organizer".  Of course it is all organize with
nothing for the individual class coordinator (CC) to do
but notify his classmates of the Agenda.  Four CC have
told me they won't do it, so I guess they have nade the
decision for their classmates and nobody will be there.

7.  Of course there are other Classmates who have email
and they could fill in the breach but they let their egos
get in the way,  "What if nobody shows up? and then it
is my fault!"

8.  The smart classmates tell the class coordinator that
they will be there and then they aren't bothered again.
If they say no then they get more mail and email.  Dick,
do you remember that one of our classmates even paid
for two separate reunions and then never showed up at

9.  Bob 36 High sent me an email awhile back that said
his nephew Tom 56 High had alzheimers.

10.  People claim that the trouble with me is that I tell
it the way it is.  My Brother keeps telling me that I tell
it the way I think it is and it isn't.

11.  Well, just a few more items, and enough for awhile.

12.  I helped Diane 60 Warner Canady put together a
mail out for members of her class who live out of the
area.  I told her if only one of them show up all she has
to do is call the other nine members of that graduatintg
class who still have a mailing address of Grand Coulee
and tell them on the phone.  They lost Fred 60 Taylor
since the last 2000 reunion.  I told Diane that we were
going to have a joint reunion every two years just to
count those who have died.  Who know, I may be next.
....or any of us.

13.  The joint reunion for the classes of 1936-1944 are
having another reunion in May 2002.  They have had
one every two years since 1983 and then 1985 and I
don't know how they got on the even years?  So, you
all get this as a BCC so can reply only to me, but I
will gladly forward your message if you ask.  One
alumni keeps saying don't forward any of her messages
so I am not going to write the info separately to tell you
about her as she doesn't care.

14.  So forward this to anyone you think wants it.  I
don't forward to some pleaple because all I get are
Complaints.  When I was doing this for 1985 I got
six letters and six phone call from one of the all school
class coordinators telling me what he thought I was
doing wrong (because I wasn't doing it his way), but
I still visit him out at Spring Canyon where he has been
permanently since 1994, but he doen't have any more
complaints.  I think his twin sister may still be living
but I don't know.  Check here to see:         ....Matt
Tue, 28 Mar 2002, DAILY ENTRIES

Sat, 24 Nov 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
I guess it is time to start sending email for the Christmas Season.
There is a lot of stuff I want to do in sending our emails and I will post
office mail very few this year.  It's time everyone started to use email
more if they are going to learn how to use it properly.  Some more on Monday.
Wed 26 Sep 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
The and
before is available for those who are smart enough......
Sat 22 Sep 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Please send me the information for the
missing birthdates and places of birth.

(1) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Andrew and Barbara

(2) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Ramona and Rebecca

(3) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Al and Joe

(4) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Joe and Carl

(5) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Janice

(6) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Debbie and thru Debbie Linda

(7) 22 Sep 2001

Action: Ron and Tony and Harold and Kitta

Tue 18 Sep 2001, DAILY ENTRIES

The jpg are up to matpix23.jpg if you are smart enough to see them!

Sun 16 Sep 2001, DAILY ENTRIES

Here is a picture of me taken at EPCOT in January 2000

I will try to add some pages from the past week in South Dakota later.

For those smart enough here are the Earl's to look at and read:[working] Smith Fan Club to Bob to Pauline to Bob to Jim to Terry I to Bob to Karen F Library working of workers working TV Schedule

Mon 30 Jul 2001, DAILY ENTRIES

Subject:  04 Dual way of Corresponding with -
Sub-Subject:  Attending "Sweet Charity" - 30 July 2001

1. Well, I liked the play so much I am going again on Sat, 4 Aug and you can join me for the price of a ticket which is $16.00. I have seat Number 9 in Row N Section A and right now the whole rows of M, N, and O in Section A are available, but they tell me that all 100 seats may be gone by Wednesday. So you had better call (727) 587-6793 and make your arrangements. It doesn't matter where you sit because they are all good seats and you can't talk during the play anyway.

2. The second part of the evening is to have dinner first at Ronnies Family Restaurant at 2535 East Bay Drive which is just east of Keene on East Bay Drive. I will order at 6 pm and it all starts then. If you can't make the play join us (that's me, myself, and I) for dinner for around $8.00. If yhou want to attend incognito I can honor that, but you would be better attending incognito on Thursday or Friday.

3. And the third part is that AMC TV will be showing the 1969 movie, "Sweet Charity" at 10 am on Friday, 24 August. When the movie finished at 12:35 I will go to lunch. Go look at this web site: and click on the poster.

4. I stopped by Sunday Afternoon to buy my ticket and the play was just getting out so saw the cast again and talked with Jim Demetrius. He said that he thought, "Joseph and the Techniclor Raincoat" was in 1986. He guesses that he has been in about 200 plays but is not sure. I told him that it is a wonder that he remembers the lines in a play but not how many plays he has been in. BACKGROUND: I have just developed what I think is a neat system. It's a two way system of corresonding with relatives and friends. Those with email no problem. Those without I just print out the email message and mail it to them. When I get a yellow highlighter I will highlight the part that pertains to them so that's all they have to read. Those with email can highlight the part that pertains to them themselves and delete the rest. A lot of memories were revived last evening so I will put them in the next message or two and you will see what I mean...Matt 6:45 am

Those with email, who really want to correspond, can just click on reply and delete what is not wanted and added what they want to write. The others pay cash for the stamps to mail a letter. And those who want to hear more from me later on pay SASE. All the info to email to me is at the top of the page. The return address is on the envelope.

I have a free email access with NetZero, but my 40 hours ran out two days ago and won't start again until the first of next month so I am improvising. I write this on wordpad and copy it to a diskette. Then I take the diskette to the library and send the info on email. Then I can print out as many copies as I want at 10 cents a page and mail or give them to whomever I want. The rest is up to the receiver.

What I find is interesting is that anybody can go to a public library and sign up for an absolutely "free" Hotmail Email Account and learn to use it. I would bet that in most libraries there are people who would teach you how to use Hotmail or at least fgive you some help. I have even signed up about three people for Hotmail, but all of them didn't have the gumption to follow through with the concept.

So now, since both my printer and my scanner are on the fritz I am doing all this through the library system. I just don't feel like taking the time to get them fixed and I want to prove to everybody that it all can be done at the local library no mater who you are or where you are. I use four different libraries. I scanned the class pictures at the St Pete library and mostly use the Seminole Library. But I also use the Largo Library and the Pinellas Park Public Library (PPPL) whenever I am in their area. Like today PPPL is open on Sunday. If fact all four are except for Seminole.

Thur, 21 Jun 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
To see these 3-D pictures focus on a point between the two pictures
and cross your eyes...when you see three pictures the one in the middle
will be in three demention.  On Picture Number 8 can you see the road
in the background?

These ten pictures were scanned at St Petersburg
Public Library and then reduced in size with a home computer Picture
Publisher vertion #1...Matt

(1) Caption: Brother Bob with Sign
[Jun 17 03:22pm 30875]

(2) Caption: Grant, Matt, and Lauren
[Jun 17 03:22pm 17065]

(3) Caption: Grant and Lauren
[Jun 17 03:22pm 16702]

(4) Caption: LINKS Garden Party
[Jun 17 03:22pm 21213]

(5) Caption: St Matt's Cemetery
[Jun 17 03:23pm 30348]

(6)Caption: Dick 55 Elkins and Matt 55 Pachosa
[Jun 17 03:23pm 17245]

(7) Caption: Sister Mary Jo's Memorial Tree
[Jun 17 03:23pm 17245]

(8)Caption: Reg and Linda Morgan
[Jun 17 03:23pm 26552]

(9) Caption: Mold, Washjington, Cemetery
[Jun 17 03:24pm 42123]

(10) Caption: Toppinish Mural in a Day # 13

Thur, 31 May 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Subject:  More on POW Dick Behrens, our GCHS Science Teacher 

1.  I think the internet is wonderful when you can do so many things. 
Here is a simpler URL, some people call it an "earl", to see the Star 
Newspaper article on our Grand Coulee High School Science Teacher, 
Richard "Dick" Behrens, and then I have some peronal comments at the end. 

        So I will see if I can forward this article on the 27 months as a prisoner of War to anyone...Matt 

        + As featured in the on-line version of The Star of Grand Coulee. 
+ Web Address: 

2.  Matt Pachosa's personal comments: 

a.  I remember Earl 54 Whitcraft attending one of our class reunions 
and talking with Mr Behrens.  Earl finally commented, "Here I am a man 
over 50 years old and I am still calling him, Mr. Behrens." 

b.  I remember when I was in, I think, Mr Behren's Biology class as a 
sophomore and one day when we all showed up for class Mr Behrens was at 
the door to the class telling us to be quite because, "We have a sleeper". 
It seems the Bob 54 Lehto, a junior, had fallen asleep at his desk so Mr 
Behrens wrote the assignment on the blackboard for Bob's class to follow 
until the class was over.  We had bells that signaled class change times, 
but Bob didn't wake up with those.  So our class filed into the room and 
the assignment was written on the blackboard.  Within a half an hour Bob 
woke up, looked around the room, looked at the clock, and darted out of 
the room to much laughter. 

c.  Dick Behrens didn't talk much about his POW experiences until, I think, 
he started going back to Army reunions in Spearfish.  There was an article 
between 1985 and 1990 on his POW experience and I put it in the "RUB" which 
I sent out monthly from 1985 until 1992.  Roy 52 Bernds thank me for the 
article because he thought up until he read the article that Mr Behrens was 
a POW of the Japanese. 

d.  Dick Behrens is 82 and his birthday is in December.  I saw a class 
photo of Dick as a teacher at Nespelem [Maybe he showed it to me]. 
So the history is that after the year long stay in Walter Reed, Dick 
finished college [he only had a year to go when he went into the Army], 
got married to Joyce, and took a job in Nespelem because he had never 
been west of Wyoming before.  So he taught there the 47-48 school year. 
Then he came to the "new" high school in Grand Coulee from then on. 
When Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam high schools combined in 1972 Dick 
because the Junior High Science Teacher and stayed in the same building. 
[Sorry Dick if I am wrong, but this is what I remember.] 

e.  I am sending this to about 30 GCHS alumni and also to Dick and Joyce. 
I, foolish tho I am, expect these classmates to forward this star story 
to those for whopm only they have email addresses.  It's a great story and 
mayby Jim 57 Glick will send it to his 9 email classmates.  Maybe Ron 52 
Thomas will send it to Jim 52 Hagy who will send it to Jeri 55 Hagy. 
Maybe Don 60 Kurth will send it to his sister Charlotte 54 Kurth and Eileen 
55 Kurth if she has an email address.  These, of course, are all maybe's. 

f.  If anyhone wants to look through their old RUB's and tell us which 
one the original POW story is in please do so because I don't feel like 
doing that.  If you know the date of the story I can go back to the Star 
office and get another copy from their "archive" files...Matt 
Sat, 26 May 2001, DAILY ENTRIES

Subject:  Ready to Fly   8:30 am Sat 26 May 2001

1.  I opted for the $99 fare across the country with Southwest Arlines.  The 
only problem is that they don't fly to Spokane for that fair.   And you take 
the flight you can get.  So I arrive in SEATAC at 10:55 pm tonight.  Then the 
first flight I can get to Spokane is at 9:30 am Sunday Morning.  I'm used to 
setting in Airports so here is some more practice coming on.

2.  A week ago yesterday I used up my 40 free hours with Netzero so can't 
get on the internet from my home computer until I start my next 40 free hours 
next month.  This time I will keep better track.  The three hours a week I use 
at the public libraries help.  I managed to learn a few things such as how to 
wrtite this in Wordpad at home and copy it to a diskette.  Then I learned how 
to access the diskette at the library and send this message in an email.

3.  The don't have wordpad at the Largo library, but I wrote a message in 
Microsoft Word.  Then I learned that you couldn't copy the message.  
Therefore I could not paste it in an outgoing email message.  I see the 
problem you people who write in  microsoft word have with this.  But I 
developed another way of doing it.  I sent an email message to myself and I 
just attached the microsoft word message to this message.  Then when I 
opened the message I was able to highlight the message and copy it and then 
I sent another message and just pasted the copied message into the text of 
the message and I didn't have an attachment anymore.  Some people never 
open any attachments that they receive and there is a good and valid reason 
for that.

4.  I'm looking forward to visitint the "Mural in a Day" painting at Toppinish, 
Washington, on Saturday, 2 June 2001.  Brother Bob and I will probably 
leave Grand Coulee at 6 am for the three hour drive to Toppinish.  You that 
can make it join us there to see them do the mural.  They get about 10 to 20 
artist and paint, paint, paint until it is done.  They do the mural in a day the 
first saturday in June and this is about the 12th one that they have done.  
They paint on the side of building so Toppinish has over 60 murals 
decorating the town.  It's a great tourist attraction.  I probably won't call 
anyone from there since you can visit there and visit with me yourself.

5.  I guess I am ready to travel.  My pickup at my home is at 2:30 pm today 
and the plane leaves here at 4:50 pm and after changing planes for an hour in 
Las Vegas it arrived in Seattle at 10:55 pm.  Going back I go from Seattle 
through Memphis to Tampa arriving at 10:30 pm.  It takes me about an hour 
and a half to get my bags, catch the multiride called, "The Limo" and get 
home.  You get off as they get to your place so you don't know when you 
get home, but it cost about 1/3 of what a taxi would cost.

6.  So I am all packed and set and I guess I will go to the Seminole Library 
from 10 am to noon today and then have lunch and then come home and wait 
for my ride to the airport.

7.  This will be a challege to see if I can load this from this disketter into my 
hotmail and send it to almost everyone I know.  You won't hear from me 
again until I reach Grand Coulee sometime around Noon tomorrow...Matt

8:57 am Sat 26 May 2001 [written at home on wordpad]

9.  I looked at the results of this in word;pad and see that it is about a page 
and a half so I have half a page to write some more stuff.  Then I can print 
the page and mail it to those who don't have an email account.  I don't do 
this very ofter and mail them a letter in the hopes that they will email a 
message to me.  That way I know they have email and I get there address.  
[That is probably the very reason that some don't email me a message]  So 
email me: {I have more accounts but use this one}

10.  I hear that one reason the Post Office is loosing money is that so many 
people are using email these days.  I know I am.  I don't mail very many 
letters any more when email is so much easier to do.  I don't know how many 
email messages you can send in a day, but I send so many that Hotmail ever 
so ofter tells me that I have used my quota for the last 24 hours and I have to 
wait a day to send more messages.  

11.  What is so nice about this is that messages are easy to send and also 
easy to delete so receivers can do as they wish.  However, if you are just in 
the mood to delete all the messages, then tell me and I will stop sending 
messages to you.  If you tell me to send only important messages to you then 
I will delete you from my distribution list because all the messages I send are 

12.  Okay for you without an email and won't get one here are the other infos:

33778-2506 PHONE (727) 581-8972  [I won't get any mail or phone calls 
until 13 Jun 2001, but there is not much there except advertisements anyway]

13.  Well, we shall see how this goes at the Library and at the Post Office.  I 
have had the same address since 23 June 1993 but because of the growth 
here I get new ZIP Codes and a new Area Code.  The Post Office address I 
had from 1985 until 1992 was a mistake because some people still try to use 
that address and get their mail returned to sender.

Sat, 24 March 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
It is the ending of brother Bob's birthday party, but I won't
be able to get to sleep until the band stops playing so I got
on the computer at 11 pm and it is now 11"36 pm.  I thought the
band was supposed to stop at 11 pm.

So I scanned the Morman Tabernacle Choir picture so it now works
on page for the 21st of March.  I have more to say about them,
but there is plenty there to read about.

So I am happy that I think I have all the pictures I want on this
page and now to write more about them when I get back to Florida
and have some more liesure time...Matt  11:39 PM.

P.S.  My first cousin Linda Pachosa came to Bob's Party and this
is the first time I have seen her in 27 years.  We saw each other
at the Spokane World's Fair in July 1974 and have never been in
the same place at the same time since then.  She tried to walk
up to me nonchalantly, but I recognized her right away.
Wed 21 March 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Subject:  More Things to write about later.

If I ever get around to it I want to write more about:
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Temple Square
The Capitol and State Street

Here are some pictures of two of them (choir added later):

Now all I have to do is get around to it....
Mon 19 March 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Subject:  Things I want to write about.

1.  Temple Square

2.  Judy Taylor Studio

3.  Presidental Grave Sites

4.  SLC Olympics 2002

FRI 16 March 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Subject: Matt's Comment on Sat, 16 Mar 2001

1. Guess I will start adding some stuff here again as I relearn how to do it again...Matt
SUN, 7 January 2001, DAILY ENTRIES
Subject: Matt's Travel on Sat, 6 Jan 2001

1. Let's see, I was on a Tour Link Bus with 38 other people that went to see Solomon's Castle and Rosa Fiorelli Winery. Their links are next with a few other URL I found. I haven't looked at the links yet, but added a few comments in the following paragraphs.

2. Howard S. Soloman Castle">">

Rosa Fiorelli Winery, Inc.

Other Florida Wineries

Tour Link USA Travel Agent

Want to buy some land?

3. Howard started in 1972 and has five children with he and his wife. Their 13 year old son has his own room in the castle. Howard's daughter and son-in-law run the restaurant on one granddaughter is a waitress there. It took Howard 300 hours to complete the elephant. He built the Boat in the Moat from 1990 until 1994.

4. Antonio and Rosa have three children. Their Son and one daughter are serving in the military in Hawall and Europe. The other daughter is married with one child. Antonio and Rosa plan on opening a restaurant at their vineyard within two years.

5.It was a very interesting trip visiting these two place and you should try it sometime...Matt3:14 PM 01/07/2001.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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