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News: 30th March 04:
Site update: Stuff page expanded.

Hi People
Matt here, your intrepid travelling friend/relative/otherwise unheard of person.
As you can see, inspiration hasn't attacked me design wise and I'm re-using an outline from the old Volcomstalker days. So if you thought you'd be clever and point this out to me me, well, ha! Too late, arsehole. Beaten to the punch once again by me.
If you didn't know what that above outburst was about, then, well... sorry.
Anyway, this site is a means of showing you all my lovely photos, stories and crude observations of China and surrounds.
Without any further apóo, let's get straight on with the fun.
    ABOUT ME: Sexy
    My name is Matt/Matthew/Mattch/Matto Strain, a strapping young lad from the Middle East (of Australia). My birthday is the 12th of April 1985, and I like free T-shirts and salty treats.
    As bit of a lark one day, I decided to spend the arse end of my 18th year (as well as a large portion of my 19th) teaching English in The People's Republic of China. I got here ('here' being more specifically Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong) on the 4th of Febuary and I plan on leaving sometime mid-January.
    This website is a digital archive of my hopefully whacky exploits.

    China is a really big country located to the left of Japan on most maps. It's just below Mongolia, borders with North Korea, and from some places in China you can throw a rock at Hong Kong. China is pretty much the palm of Asia, with Cambodia and Myanmar and places like that the fingers. Thailand is in fact the lower thumb knuckle.
    China's home to many people, trees, and stone statues of lions outside banks. In fact if you were born tomorrow it's likely that you'd be Chinese. One out of every six people in the world are Chinese, I guess.
    More facts about China:
    *China has more people than sheep
    *Brad Pitt is banned from entering China
    *Even though (basically) everyone in China speaks Mandarin, there's a shitload of other regional dialects that are in use (about 70).
    *'The Simpsons' never really took off here - it's not even in syndication.

Check out everything else (to the left), have fun. Click on all the photos for a bigger version of the pic.
The site's far from done yet. Check back later for more stuff.