Australia and the Great War, a Brief Look at the New State from 1901-1919
    From its birth as a commonwealth, Australia was seeking validation.  Unlike the United States there was no violent struggle to infuse a new blood, a new nationalism into the sequestered continent.  The new nationhood left many Australians feeling isolated and forgotten; Australians needed a venue to show the world that their country was significant and, most importantly, still connected more with Europe than with their Oriental neighbors.  Australia solidified this sentiment going to war alongside Great Britain in WWI.  This commitment, which was the embodiment of loyalty to the old world, spawned Australian nationalism and gave the country an identity.  It is my goal to briefly show you this transformation.
Encouraging Australians to join the War
1901 to 1914
Map of the Dardanelles
Aussie Magazine 1919
Women Beware of the Hun
Britain can use our Strength
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Department of Veteren's Affairs
Picture Sources
Australian War Memorial
Original Images from Primary Source
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