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(-: !! Matt's Virtual World !! :-)

LOOK!! Another weird person decided to stumble across this lovely page filled with absolutely useless information. Don't you feel special? I hope you do. You should feel special, because its not always such that weird people come across my webpage. So now that your here, why? That's a really good question. Some days I even try to figure out why I made it. But the fact is, your here. So what do you do know? Well, you could after reading this long and lovely diseratation decide to turn away and run (hit the back button on your browser) or you can stay and enjoy the fun. If you decide to stay around, feel free to come in and look around, and make sure that you sign the guestbook. I like to know who's been visiting my website. Well, I think I need to stop babbling, go check out something, I recommend the pictures of PNH plays. Please, matt, shutup now. I think I will. Obviously you haven't left yet, I am proud of you for sticking around and enjoying the fun. So, if your sick of seeing me babble on and on and on, I think now is the time to shove a sock in it matt. Remember I'm not weird, you just think I'm weird. But in my opinion I am normal. Every normal person just babbles on about nothing for hours and hours and hours, or in this world, lines and lines and lines. lines lines lines......doesn't that remind you of that play words words words by david ives. That was an interesting play, can 3 monkeys really type Hamlet? The answer to that age old question is still in the works, but I think my chimpanzees out back are through about half of the first act right now. Then all they have to do is translate it from monkeyish to english. Please use the pictures around this to navigate my site.

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