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Dear All,

Thank you so much for all of your kind E-mails, cards and words which we have been overwhelmed with since Matís death. Each one of them has helped us to find comfort and strength over the last few days. The number of people who attended Matís funeral on Saturday was a tribute to the popular, all-embracing man that he was, and hearing so many new stories about him has enabled us to celebrate his life with laughter as well as tears. There were many people who couldnít attend on Saturday, and we have shared the readings from the service on the website.

So far we have raised £2,600 for Christa Sishya Ashram. More is expected. What is planned is to set up a Charitable Trust in the name of Mathew Thoppil with the Ashram as the beneficiary. It will be clearly stipulated that the income (interest) from the fund will be used to sponsor the education of deserving children or for the welfare of the children in the orphanage or even for the medical expenses of poor patients. This way it will remain as a permanent tribute to Matís life. Anybody who still wishes to contribute, please make the cheque payable to ĎChrista Sishya Ashramí.

With love

From Julie and Matís family

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