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Welcome to my home page. Please feel free to use the navigation links on the left hand side or at the top of this page to look around.

Feedback would be appreciated but preferably of the constructive type, rather than just a torrent of abuse and piss take from those that know me! You can e-mail me using the details in the 'Contact Me' section.  Feed back on any areas of the site, whether it be style, bugs, or content would be appreciated.  Please bear in mind that this is a developing site so those pages with limited content are changing rapidly so please check back here again to see any changes.

An area I am currently interested in is security while surfing and emailing.   Because of this, I have set myself up to be able to send and receive PGP encrypted emails.  Click here to download my public key in ASCII format or go to or to download my public key, (under the name of Matthew Lake).  I am also in the process of building a list of anonymous proxies which I use, these will be posted for download shortly.  There is a small section of links to do with security in my Links section.   Please check them out and I would recommend downloading some of the products, (especially Zone Alarm as a minimum).  It will soon show you how vulnerable to hackers you are.

In case all of this is too taxing or boring for you, click here for a quick game of poker or click here to visit my sponsors page.  Please check out some of these as they help to sustain free websites and fund their growth, (many have free registration for their services/products anyway, so you've really got nothing to lose).

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Don't want to grow up?  Still like playing with gadets and toys and just wish the missus would understand?  She doesn't seem to understand the craving?   Click below and satisfy you're craving, (what's more, the old dragon will never have to know!)





Last Updated 20/08/2001