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Due to the lack of time and the amount of request, I am sorry to say that the autograph request feature has been temporarily removed. I still have addresses listed in the index section. Sorry for the inconvenience...
Terry Jones with me at the Children's Film Festival in Chicago, 1998

No, this site isn't about mattresses.  It just happens to be my nickname.

If you really need to know, my real name is Matthew (don't ask me how I got the nickname) but please call me Matt.  I live about 40 minutes north of Chicago and about 20 minutes south of the Wisconsin border along Lake Michigan.  I'm originally a UP'er (a Upper Peninsula Michigan resident) but, I have lived all over the US...finally crash landing here in northern Illinois. While I repair my space craft, I will spend a few moments hunting humans for their skulls and backbones for my trophy room...oops, I've already said too much.

I am a kid at heart (with the liver of a drinker - thank God for Heineken) and I have lots of great hobbies that show it:

  • Soccer (I play outdoor for the Libertyville Spirit and indoor for Motorola BAMF)
  • Autograph collecting (actively through the mail for about 4 years)
  • Horror movies (the gorier and scarier, the better)
  • Sci-fi and fantasy books (I have a nice library of books)
  • Comic books (I have over 4000 comics in my collection - check out my new Comic Book Industry Addresses page)
  • Playing on my computer
  • Watching and reading anything about Doctor Who (click here to see my new Doctor Who: The Links page)
  • And the newest project in my life, computer programming (I'm kinda new at the latest tech!)

I got really heavy into autograph collecting about 5 years ago when I went to my first convention and I've been on a on a roll ever since. My first through-the-mail success happened when I was about 13 years old. For a class project, I had to write to a famous person and I decided to write to Roger Moore, who promptly sent me an autographed picture which I still have to this day (it's matted, framed and hanging in my living room.)

I have created this page to celebrate one of my favorite hobbies: autograph collecting.   I will mainly concentrate on collecting through-the-mail, however, I do have some in-person successes.   I especially enjoy crossing over into my other favorite hobbies like collecting signatures from soccer players.

I have tried to design this site for novice and expert collectors with the hopes that it would be informative for both.  With this information, you can start this great hobby today.   Throughout this site you will find lots of links to other web sites and e-mail addresses that I have found very useful.  I hope you'll enjoy this site as much as I have working on it.

Laughter is a staple of life.  Let's have a little fun because life is already full of enough pain.

"Anyone remember laughter?"
-Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin from "The Song Remains the Same"
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