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Here's just a small list of my hobbies, projects and interests.  I'll probably expand upon this page sometime in the near future, but I think I need a little more help on thinking (Nothing new there) about what to write.

Amanda  I'm afraid she'll likely kill me for writing and even thinking this but what the hell, it's true right.  This page is supposed to cover all of my interests and well, I have to confess she is one of my biggest lately.  My girlfriend Amanda, give me another couple of weeks and I'll have some pictures of her and all my mates up here, probably in my Photo Album .


Car / Automobile Design As most of my friends will already likely know, I'm a big fan of automotive design and manufacture.  Having just completed a GCSE graphics project on a new young persons car of the future.  I am about to begin work on my A-Level Design and Technology project.  Which, not surprisingly will be loosely based on the same GCSE car project.  Differing slightly because of the extra amount of detail needed at this higher level of exam, I will use an updated and enhanced design brief of my own design and specification.


Technology and other 'Stuff'  Sorry but that's as much detail you're going to get out of me, the only other things I can really think of just now that interest me have always been technology (Things like computers, IT and stuff) and some other stuff;  stuff that I can't really be bothered to explain or expand upon, so I won't bother, sorry.



This page was last updated on 12/18/00.