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Matt's Corral!

Hello! Welcome to my site and hope you enjoy your

stay. I will try to type a brief essay about myself. I'm
32 yrs. old and work at camping supply store. I have work
there for almost a year & enjoy working with the public.
I have lived in southern West Virginia (click here) most
of my life. Something has just recently changed for
I'm now married to a wonderful girl as of October 28th.
Her name is Martha, and if you want to view our Wedd-
ing Album you can click on the link. Below you will also
find a pic of her made with a Cosmopolian CD.
A few of my favorite things are: reading, writing
essays, movies, and music.

This is an update on my life for I have recently moved
to another state. The most important thing in my life
as of now is that we have a wonderful little girl and she
has bought us so much love, joy, & happiness in our lives.
We recently learned another baby will be here in April. Our
lives has moved forward so fast but we are happier more than ever.

Update-New baby daughter born on April 2, 2008...She is beautiful & doing great.
We are now blessed with two daughters.

This is my first website so if you see any mistakes
or have any suggestions, they would be greatly app-
reciated. Thanks for stopping in and Have A Good Day!

We now live in another state, but our home
will always be in West Virginia...So I have
created a small site with some interesting
information about our state.
Click Here!

(pic. created with Photo Island CD)

Since I have a small collection of
wolf pictures & other items, I found
a pic. that is neat. To view you can
click on thumbnail picture below for
a larger version...Thanks, Matt

Photos of Family

Our Photo Gallery! (click on camera)

State Trivia! (click on wagon wheel)

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Always remember a man is not rewarded for having brains but for using them...

Thanks again for visiting & Please sign in to
let me know you were here.

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