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Yugo 24/47
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Country--------Yugoslavia Rifle--------Mauser 24/47
Years made -1924 to 1947
Action------ 5 rounds bolt
Ammo--------------- 8mm
Stock refinishing
I'm really happy how fast this got on target at 50yds..I had help from range buddy very nice man and I only had 20 rounds too shoot "HOTSHOT" but since there was no sun I had to bring it out and try it..At 50 yards that is what it does those are all hits.. It shot a little high and to the left with adjusting  the front post I got it to come right. After shooting it the buzzer went off I brought 2 rounds home the other he shot 6 rounds at 100 yds and did very good I was tired from shooting a friend new pistol n my SU-16..
Here is the second time I took her out "Mauser 24/47". I pick up a box of Olympic 8mm.20 rds for around 8 bucks. The 1st couple shots were little high so I aim for the lower part of the black. And look there all group about 2 inches from left to right and about 4 inches from top to bottom. I would have be able to have smaller groups from top to bottom if I Aim lower at the bigiing of the 20 rnds but I'm still very happy with her groups. I"ll take her out once more and do even better since I know she likes to be lower at 50yds. This how I do my scopes so I'm really happy on how she shoots you can see the hit from 50yds on a shoot n see.