And the pictures are in!  In what is the shortest turnaround time between updates in the last months, I present you with the trio summer break in Florida.  New comic in a while...I think.  Take care all.


OK, so I'm averaging about 1 update a month.  I can do better, I know.  At any rate, new comic up.  And, as soon as I finish/develop my roll of film, some pictures.  Plus, the trio's August exploits have presented fodder for many more a comic (as one may guess, from today's Metroid Fusion hijinx-inspired comic).  I guess it just depends on how much time I have/decide to devote to comics.  At any rate, take care everyone.


New comic up today, the end result of plenty of time in Marshfield.  Also a somewhat new take on the comics page, still tinkering with all that.  At any rate, hope everyone is having a great summer.  Take care!

ca. 7/8/03

Toying around with the look of the site for a while.  Wacky and random changes may occur.  Or more likely not.  WIll try to get a new comic up soon.


Bah.  Ok, I've had one hell of a time trying to convert over some of the pictures from my parents' digital camera...they're like a meg a piece and huge to boot, so I decided to reduce their size for convenience/practicality.  Unfortunately, the cd I burned them all onto seems to freeze up my computer.  So...looks like we may not be seeing any of those pics for a while.  I really had intended to do a nice new update: pictures, new recent, trying to fix the template of my blog, I was even toying around with a new site design. ...but no.   I'll really try to get a new comic or two up within the next few weeks...until then, take luck...I mean care.


The well no longer runs dry.  New comic posted today, hopefully more to come soon, and possibly pictures!  Brief update = not much more to say.  Take care evryone!


Well, back in Marshfield for at least a six-week span.  It's nice, really.  Although I'm becoming acutely aware of my divided life between two states.  New comic up today...been promising this one to Rob for quite some time now.  More are probably on their way.  Take care everyone!


Sorry for the delay in delivering the promised update...I decided to take a new approach on comic 7 and color it in Photostyler, which needless to say, was an adventure.  I think it turned out alright.  In addition, you'll note a *NEW FEATURE*, which is really the old poem's page (well, most of it, at least) in disguise, but revamped and with a new entry from the one and only Katee.  That's it for now.  Take care everybody!


Well, this isn't technically an update...I just had some time to kill and tossed up some new pictures.  However, a true update awaits.  As soon as I finish with the new comic (on its way), I'll post up a few more pictures, along with a poem from Katee, and the comic.  So until then...take care!


Well, obviously there's alot going on in the world right now.  My basic take on the issue is this -- the war was a bad idea from the start, but now that it's started, it's best just to finish it.  If we went through and pissed off all of those allies and then just did a half-ass job, we'd lose even more respect/allies.  Plus I support our people out there...I even have a freind or two among them.  Aside from that, life is pretty decent.  Getting into the last quarter or so of the semester, which is good.  Life never ceases to be interesting.  New comic up today, so enjoy.  Take care all.


In the words of Samwise Gamgee, "Well, I'm back."  Great spring break...had a chance to relax, got to the beach, went to a theme park, and most importantly, got out of Tally for a bit.  So what do I have for you all (yes, all approximately 4-5 of you) upon my return?  Well, an updated links page, for one.  However, I just finished off a roll of film so whenever I get that developed there will certainly be many goodies for all of you. Pictures have had a notable slowdown since my digital camera (the big one, not Uwe) went on the fritz.  Hopefully that'll be repaired soon enough though.  Also, as always new comics are always running through my head.  Plus, I'm considering adding in a livejournal/blogger type of place for me to briefly log in and talk about stupid stuff (basically a more in-depth replacement for this section), with a place for people to comment and whatnot.  But I'm not sure.  So anyway, that's it for now, God bless us everyone. (in best Tiny Tim voice).