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The Villow is a place of terror, sister city of Restille a place of peace.

Legend has it that an evil sorcerer named Coulzest corrupted the city a thousand years ago leaving naught but undead.

You have been chosen by the elders of your villages to represent the best of your kind, as called for by the high council. The high council exists to keep the peace between your city, Restille, and its sister city, The Villow. You know about The Villow. A city that you have heard about since childhood, through campfire tales and spook stories. It is enhabited by all manner of evil things, from Bandits to Zombies, Ghouls, ghosts, and Vampires. For years the city has preyed upon Restille, every day citizens disappear, and are never seen again.

A militia was formed and the gates between your city and The Villow, have been sealed and guards put on 24 hour duty protecting them and you. Now a request has been made of the high council, and they have answered the call. Flyers have been put up, requesting families to gather their strongest sons and daughters, and send them before the council to be sent into The Villow, to tackle the threat head on.

This is where you began your journey into The Villow.


1. Roll for ability scores- roll 4d6-six times drop the lowest one die in each set, place as you like.

2. Choose a character class-Fighter, Cleric, Thief (human only), Magic-User, Dwarf, Elf, Mystic, Halfling.

3. Adjust ability scores appropriately for class/race. May adjust prime requist by adding one point to it for every 2 points minused from another stat.

4. Roll for hit points- Fighter 1d8, Cleric 1d6, Magic-User 1d4, Thief 1d4, Dwarf 1d8, Elf 1d6, Halfling 1d6, Mystic 1d6.

5. Roll for Money-Roll 3d6x10 for starting GP.

6. Buy Equipment-

7. Determine other numbers and rolls-

 Armor Class:
           No Armor                            9
           Leather                             7
           Scalemail                           6
           Chainmail                           5
           Bandedmail                          4
           Platemail                           3
           Full Suit                           0
           Shield                              -1

THAC0 table:
AC:                   9     8     7     6     5     4     3     2     1     0     -1      -2      -3      -4     -5
Attack Roll           10    11    12    13    14    15    16   17     18    19    20      20       20      20    20  

Abilty Score Bonuses:
Score:                 Adjustment:
  2-3                          -3
  4-5                          -2
  6-8                          -1
  9-12                       None
 13-15                        +1
 16-17                        +2
  18                          +3

9. Choose Character Alignment-Lawful, Chaotic, Nuetral (Only three)

10. Select name, personality, and background.

In addition every character starts with;

Low Boots
Knife w/sheath


Prime Requisite: Strength.

Hit Dice: d8

Race: Human

Special: All fighter weapons mastery available.

Armor: All armor plus shields.

Weapons: All weapons.


Prime Requisite: Wisdom.

Hit Dice: d6

Race: Human

Special: Cast Clerical spells after 2nd level, Turn Undead. OD&D Clerics do not automatically get spells at first level. Dont fret though, you will reach second level in no time and be able to utilize your gifts soon enough. They do get the special skill of Turning Undead. Use the table below.

Clerics level  1     2    3    4
Skeleton       7     T    T    D
Zombie         9     7    T    T
Ghoul         11     9    7    T
Wight          -    11    9    7
Wraith         -     -   11    9
Mummy          -     -    -    11
When checking for turning the player rolls 2d6 and must roll over the amount listed in the table. Then the DM will roll to see how many HD of creatures you turn.

NOTE: T=Automatically able to turn, DM only needs to figure out how many HD worth of them are turned. D=Automatically destroyed, DM again determines how many HD worth of Creatures destroyed.

Armor: All armor plus shields.

Weapons: Only non pointed or sharp weapons.


Prime Requisite: Intelligence.

Hit Dice: d4

Race: Human

Special: Cast Magical Spells.

Armor: No Armor, No Shields.

Weapons: Only Dagger, Knife, Staff, Sling, Net, Blowgun, Holy Water, Flaming Oil, and Whip.


Prime Requisite: Dexterity.

Hit Dice: d4

Race: Human

Special: Thieves Skills, Open Locks, Find Traps, Remove Traps, Climb Walls, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Pick Pockets, and Hear Noise.

Armor: Any armor heavier than leather will hinder use of skills.

Weapons: Any Missile weapons, any one handed weapons.


Prime Requisite: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom.

Hit Dice: d6

Race: Human

Special: AC increases, increased movement, and Martial Arts.

Armor: No armor, no Shields, No protective devices (magical or not).

Weapons: All weapons.


Prime Requisite: Strength >9

Hit dice: 1d8/lvl up to 9th lvl. 10th lvl and beyond only 3 hp/lvl and Con does not apply.

Defenses: -4 when attacked by Ogres, trolls, Ogre Magi, Giants, or titans.

At 1,400,000 xp the dwarf takes 1/2 damage from any spell or spell-like effect.

Detection: Can Detect stoneworks 1 in 3 on 6.



Prime Requisite: Strength and Dex

Hit Dice: 1d6/lvl up to 8th lvl. 9th lvl 3hps/lvl and con does not apply.

Defenses: -2 AC when attacked by Large creatures, +1 bonus to attack rolls with any missile weapon, +1 bonus to initiative.

At 300,000 xp the halfling takes 1/2 damage from spell or spell-like effect.

At 2,100,000 xp he takes 1/2 damage from dragon breath attacks and 1/4 if save is made.

Woodland Abilities: Outdoors, halflings have the ability to hide. 90%. They can hide in buildings as well at 33%. He must stay in the same spot and not move while hiding.



Prime Requisite: Strength and Intelligence.

Hit Dice: 1d6/lvl up to 9th level. 10th lvl they get 1 hp and no CON bonus.

Defenses: At 1,600,000 elves become resistant to dragon breath 1/2 damage, or 1/4 damage if save is successful.


Detection: All elves can find secret or hidden doors.

Immunity: Ghoul Paralysis.

Spells: All elves can use spells.


Acording to the book...everyone of average intelligence (9-12) gets two languages to start. Anyone with INT over gets additional. So, choose extra languages from these: Common, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Goblin, Orc, Gnoll, Faerie, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lizard, Ogre,and Troll.


+Lord Morath- High God over all, patron of Guardians, Warriors and Justice

+Lady Grenatine-Lady of magic, luck, astronomy, music, knowledge, and happiness. Patron of lovers, singers, magic-users.

+Lord Ferestal-God of the seasons, plants, animals, patron of hunters, gatherers, and farmers.

+Lord Klaydor-God of the elements, patorn to smiths, crafters, miners.

+Lady Freatha-Goddess of the dead, lady of cold, night and fortune. Patron of Thieves, merchants, warriors.


Axe, Battle-                    7 gp    1d8
Axe, Hand/Throwing-             4 gp    1d6
Bow, Short-                    25 gp    1d6
Bow, Long-                     40 gp    1d6
Crossbow, Lt-                  30 gp    1d6
Crossbow, Hvy-                 50 gp    2d4
Blackjack/Sap-                  5 gp    1d2
Club-                           3 gp    1d4
Hammer, Throwing-               4 gp    1d4
Hammer, War-                    5 gp    1d6
Mace-                           5 gp    1d6
Staff-                          5 gp    1d6
Normal Dagger-                  3 gp    1d4
Silver Dagger-                 30 gp    1d4 can be used to strike special creatures
Halberd-                        7 gp    1d10
Javelin-                        1 gp    1d6
Lance-                         10 gp    1d10
Pike-                           3 gp    1d10
Polearm-                        7 gp    1d10
Poleaxe-                        5 gp    1d10
Spear-                          3 gp    1d6
Trident-                        5 gp    1d6
Shield, Horned-                20 gp    1d2
Shield, Knife-                 70 gp    1d4+1
Shield, Sword-                185 gp    1d4+2
Shield, Tusked-               275 gp    1d4+1
Short Sword-                    7 gp    1d6
Normal Sword-                  10 gp     1d8
Bastard, One Hand-             15 gp    1d6+1
Bastard, Two Hand-             15 gp    1d8+1
Two handed Sword-              15 gp    1d10
Blowgun, up to 2'-              3 gp    Special
Blowgun, 2'+-                   6 gp    Special
Bola-                           5 gp    1d2
Cestus-                         5 gp    1d3
Net-                            1 gp    Special
Sling-                          2 gp    1d4
Whip-                           4 gp    1d2

Armor AC Leather- 7 20 gp Scalemail- 6 30 gp Chainmail- 5 40 gp Bandedmail- 4 50 gp Platemail- 3 60 gp Full-plate- 0 250 gp

Gear Backpack 5 gp Belt 2 sp Boots, Plain 1 gp Boots, riding 5 gp Cloak, short 5 sp Cloak, Long 1 gp Clothes, plain 5 sp Clothes, mid-class 5 gp Clothes, fine 20 gp Clothes, upper-class 50+ gp Garlic 5 gp Grappling Hook 25 gp Hammer 2 gp Hat/Cap 2 sp Holy Symbol 25 gp Holy Water 25 gp Iron Spikes(12) 1 gp Lantern 10 gp Mirror 5 gp Oil 2 gp Pole (wood, 10' long) 1 gp Pouch, Belt 5 sp Quiver 1 gp Rations, Iron (1 person/1 week) 15 gp Rope (50') 1 gp Sack, Small 1 gp Sack, Large 2 gp Shoes 5 sp Stakes and Mallet 3 gp Tinder, Flint and Steel 3 gp Tent 2 gp Thieves Tools 25 gp Torch (6) 1 gp Water/Wineskin 1 gp Wine (1 qt) 1 gp Wolvesbane (1 bunch) 10 gp

Animals Horse, Draft 40 gp Horse, Riding 75 gp Horse, War 250 gp Mule 30 gp Pony 35 gp Camel 100 gp Dog 5 gp Cat 1 gp

Tack and Harness Saddle and Tack 25 gp Saddlebags 5 gp Cart 100 gp Wagon 200 gp

Ammunition Blowgun Darts (5) 1 gp Arrows (20) 5 gp Silver tipped arrow (1) 5 gp Quarrel (30) 10 gp Silver tipped Quarrel (1) 5 gp Sling Stone (30) 1 gp Silver Sling Pellet (1) 5 gp

Spells: Magic-users and Elves regain their magic in the same way. (Cleric's See further down same page). This is how magic works in my campaigns; Each magic user/elf is assigned four (4) spells that are written in their spellbooks, books that have the capacity for six (6) spells total, after that you must purchase a new book (200 gp each book!). These first four spells are already written on your character sheets. And must be kept as prized possessions, no trading spells with other magic-users, no wizard in his right mind would trade spells anyway! At first level you may only memorize one (1) first level spell at a time, and therefore only cast one (1) first level spell at a time. That is according to the book rules. Here is where my rules differ; It only takes two (2) hours to memorize a new spell after you have already spent one, not a whole nights rest as the books says. However after first level spells each level takes an additional hour to memorize. For instance, once you reach 3rd level you are able to cast 2nd level spells, it will take you three hours to memorize, and third level takes four hours etc...

For Clerics: At second level clerics gain the ability to recieve spells from their God, through meditation and prayer. To learn a spell the cleric meditates, petitions the power he/she serves. The memory and details of the spells appear in the cleric's mind. The cleric may cast the spells at any time thereafter. The Cleric will remember each spell until it is cast, even if it is not used for days or weeks. As a player, all you need to do is choose whatever spells you want your character to have. This can only be done when the cleric has had a good night's sleep and immediately has a full hour when he does not have to do anything strenuous.

For instance, Joral (a cleric of third level) and Mick (a fighter) are out on patrol. Earlier that morning Joral had petitioned his god for the spells, Cure light wounds and light. They come across two orcs. The orcs attack imediately and soon are slain, however, during the attack Mick was struck by one of the orcs and nearly killed. Joral who can cast either of his (2) first level spells casts cure light wounds once curing Mick to his deep appreciation. Later while in the same cave, Joral can cast light. Now both of his spells that he had petitioned for have been used. He cannot cast again until he petitions for more. This differs from Magic-users in that magic users only have certain spells from their book to memorize. While clerics can petition their God for any of the spells known, for each level he/she has access to.

Clear...Crystal??? if not ask! Sorry for previous confusion.

Click here for Spell lists!

Combat I keep track of detailed combat encounters, giving at times gorey description of what went on in each round. I will post each round separately, and it will be titled "Round one BDA" etc. To start combat, please post your actions on the in character board (ie begining) then you must make three rolls. Please make these rolls on the Dice thread (ie roll em' dice). This helps unclutter the actual in character thread.

1. Initiative- roll 1d6, highest result goes first etc...I will modify this as the situation warrents.

2. Attack Roll- Compare your THACO to the opponents AC, subtract the AC from your THACO. The result is the number you must roll equal to or greater than in order to hit on a roll of 1d20. Any modifiers (ie str, dex or magical bonuses) are then added to your die roll.

3. Damage Roll- roll appropriate damage for the type of weapon/spell you use.

Then simply wait until I give end round BDA and start again. If you are casting a spell, healing etc other than combat, please still roll initiative so that I might place your actions in the appropriate order. All ties will take place simultaneously. Please roll initiative every round. Note: you will not see the villians rolls, I will do those secretly and fairly.

Oh! I count natural 20's as double damage and natural 1's as critical misses. On a natural 20, go ahead and double the damage if you wish. On natural 1's wait for the BDA to be posted to find out what horrid thing will happen!

A note on XP!
Just a little note about the way I award xp.

I award certain amounts for each creature in the combat, and then split the xp between each character making contact with that creature that leads to its death. So if a 100 xp creature was struck by four characters regardless of how much damage done, then each charcter would recieve 25 xp. Obviously there are ways to cheat this system, so dont! If caught I will deal with it.

Second I award XP for good role-playing, depending on the feat or action depends on the amount.

Thirdly, I award XP for both the casting and effectiveness of the spell. This will vary, as not all spells are effective or can be measured as so.

Fourth, I award XP for those with special skills, as long as those skills are used properly and in the context of good gaming.

I will award XP after each combat, and you will gain the awards from it as soon as I award it, however, you must role-play the fact that you have recived training once able to do so. Each time I award XP I place that amount directly onto your character sheet. I will automatically do the addition for you and place your current XP in the appropriate space provided. Also I will put the amount awarded in () brackets so that you know how much you recieved for each combat. I dont take into mind the 10% bonuses you may recieve for prerequisits until you have attained each successive level and add the 10% then. So if you reach second level at say 2,000 XP you will automatically get 10% of that immediately, or 200 XP! To put towards your next level. It is simply easier for me to compute it this way! Hope this makes sense, again if you have any questions let me know and I'll be glad to clear them up.


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